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Strontium 90 was measured in Yokohama, Kouhokuku. (5 mins by car from my apartment.)


In the simplest put, it’s over.

The amount was 195 Bq/kg.

Detected by a university staff teaching engineering, so the measurement is trustworthy.

It has nothing to do with the historical world-wide nuclear test, because it was measured on the roof of and apartment, which was built only 5 years ago.

Now the test result was sent to Yokohama city government.

Yokohama city government is supposed to pretend to re-measure it and say it’s not a harmful amount at all.

The location was randomly chosen. The person who randomly found it is very upset and confused.

It means strontium 90 is already all around in Tokyo area.

Ministry of Education and Science found strontium 79km area on 9/30.

They kept asserting Plutonium and Strontium don’t fly further than 80km because they don’t want them to fly so much.

Professor Nojiri Mihoko (HIGH ENERGY ACCELERATOR RESEARCH ORGANIZATION, KEK) stated, plutonium, uranium, they never fly further than 20km by such a little explosion.

If she is right, Strontium must have taken a cab.

However, Yokohama is 245km away from Fukushima.

Tokyo is closer to Fukushima actually.

Strontium 90 is soluble in water. It is easily taken by plants and it causes leukemia when people eat vegetables or seafood.

To prevent you from having thyroid disease ,you need to take iodine, such as seaweed. (Profoundly bad idea to eat any seafood or sea vegetables from Japan for the next 24,000 years, at least)

In addition to Iodine-131, seaweed from the waters around Japan contains Strontium.

Choose one of two. Thyroid cancer or leukemia?

On 9/30/2011 – Chief of the emergency radiation exposure protection team from National Institute of Radiological Sciences, Sugiura Shinsuke said, “Strontium doesn’t fly to Tokyo. It’s only cesium”

Assistant professor Nakagawa keiichi from UT radiology made a little pocket money to force us to be exposed to plutonium by telling us lie “Plutonium is very heavy, so it doesn’t fly out of the plant area.”

  1. ? 分からない所があるんですけど… 
    Plutonium has a half-life of 24.000 years, right?
    Nakagawa Keiichi said that that he was born 50 years ago, and at that time there was 1.000 times (??) more Plutonium in Japan – did I get right? Where did all that 1.000倍 amount go to? What happened to it, where is it now? In the ground, water??
    Or is it possible that Nakagawa keiichi sensei made a mistake, and he actually meant he was born 50.000 years ago, not 50 years ago? lol

    1. Depends on the group PU isotopes (plutonium), the wikipedia is written by the square root PU – there are as many as 15 isotopes of plutonium.

      PU 238 – 88 years
      PU 239 – 24,100 years
      PU 240 – 6537 lat
      PU 241 – 14 years
      PU 242 – 373,000 years
      PU 244 – 80.8 million years

      Plutonium is a radioactive element very strong, it has 10 grams of iron dust evenly distributed in the surface radius of 15 km causes cancer and cancer only after 10-30 years when the dust has already distributed on the surface within a radius of 15 km.

  2. ところで、Ioriさんは私の主人と福島、放射、汚染、PU、Srなどについて議論してみたら酷い喧嘩になると思う。Nakagawa keiichiなどの意見に同意しているから…

      By the way, I think Iori Mr. Mitarai discuss about my husband and Fukushima, radiation, pollution, PU, S such as become a terrible fight. Agreeing with opinions such as keiichi Nakagawa from…
      However, almost no time reading various information, such as say Japan scientists from the master are English and France to normal conversation or various terms (science, philosophy as well as) but I do not know, but I don’t know, but very busy with the work. Head is real, and there are a lot of knowledge nice and I’m a person who studied in physics, such as neatly as “not to worry about it” and always say to explain a lot of things. So, in my head and mixed information 凄ku I strayed from many months ago and see who is right?”.

    2. [google translate ;-)] エンジニアは、命令に従うために大企業に雇われている。企業が法的に株主に代わって、利益を最大化する義務を負っている。エンジニアは上司からの命令に従う、と利益を最大化するように設計されたものを言う、または危機の際に損失を最小限にするときにそう誰もが驚くするべきではありません。言葉は意図的な嘘かもしれないと述べたが、ただ”法的に”法人の法律は彼らが何を必要とする何をやって、企業とその従業員がされています。いいえはこの非常識なシステムが亡命を破壊しているのも不思議ではありません。

      Engineers are hired by big corporations to obey orders. The corporations are legally obliged to maximize profits, on behalf of shareholders. So nobody should be surprised when engineers obey orders from the boss, and say things designed to maximize profits, or to minimize losses during a crisis. The words said may be a deliberate lie, but the corporation and its employees are just “legally” doing what corporation’s law requires them to do. No wonder this insane system is destroying the asylum.

      1. So very well said. I ask myself constantly how can we wrest power from the power hungry, and restore our relationship with nature and each other to one of balance and kindness.
        No more speedboats for the few when so many need lifeboats.
        Power to the Peaceful
        My prayers to your communities during all these difficulties.

        1. Occupy the planet – where ever you are – join the worldwide protest – Occupy Japan and occupy your small communities. People are standing up to Plutocracy that pays no respect to this planet and the living people who have the first in right to life here.

  3. Why wouldn’t they fly when sand particles, insects, etc. can get carried away by wind?

    Plutonium heavy atomic mass does not mean a few milligrams of plutonium(IV) oxide cannot travel hundreds of miles. Actually we all have some minute quantities of plutonium in our bodies after all the atmospheric nuclear tests conducted sometimes thousands of miles away.

    If my 101 chemistry memories serve me well, 2.76mg of Pu02 would still contain about 10^18 molecules of the stuff (1 billion x 1 billion) – that’s about the weight of a grain of sand.

    Of course, Tokyo is contaminated, maybe from the very start. How much more proof do you need? You better run like hell – but where to? Ah!

    1. Exactly. If it’s broken up into minute particles it could fly across the ocean and depending on who you listen to some of it already has…

      1. Any typhoon since the accident will carry surprisingly large particles, and debris containing particles, very long distances.

  4. It’s great that you are reporting on Fukushima. But you really need to follow the basic 5 Ws of journalism by reporting : Who, What, When, Where, Why and with source-referencing links. Otherwise skeptical fact-demanding readers encounter true stories you’re reporting but can think they’re just rumors.

    1. Your statement is patronizing at worst and naively vacuous at best.

      How about the NYT’s misreporting on the War on Iraq or being silent on W’s stolen elections? Those are some Ws too, but the brave journalists just went along parroting the government.

      Besides, every good journalists knows that you sometimes have to protect your sources by not revealing them.

  5. I find it interesting how some people seem to view this kind of investigating and discussion as “fear mongering”. They do not want people to get concerned or upset. But in the future when the resulting disease and deaths come, will they be there to comfort each other? As soon as documented cases appear you can be sure these very people will flee but by then it will be too late. Ignorant, stubborn people.

  6. I’m amazed at how many liars there are in Japan. I don’t mean that as an insult. We have a lot of liars here too, but the truth in Japan is much more heavily suppressed and coated over by lies that I’m shocked. It’s like just sitting here and watching millions of people go slowly to their deaths…

    1. I absolutely agree – this is so similar to the holocaust exept the Japanese public do not know they are in a concentration camp. I too have been shocked by japan’s behaviour this year. I have lost almost all respect. The people were essentially dead even before fukushima – no voice, no choice, no will to stand up for ANYTHING, in fact they say – “the nail that sticks out gets hammered”.

      The weak will perish, and the japanese public are the weakest in the world.

  7. Heavy particles like Plutonium do not fly indeed for more than 20 Km but they certainly take a cab to go to Yokohama or even Osaka. The cabs are the clouds, since these particles raise with the steam and do indeed get stock to the clouds falling again with the water as many miles away from departure coordinates as the wind decides to take them. I am in Osaka and have been following the winds and clouds visiting from Fukushima area to decide when I do not want to get a drop of water on my skin. I guess living in Tokyo you have very little time to predict and I think that experts should be doing this and warning people of radioactive rains which are happening almost every day.

  8. I follow winds everyday and simulations of fallout based on them. They are so often on Tokyo that I don’t report them anymore – about 50% of the time. I’m in the western part and it is OK most of the time, thanks to the terrain configuration, i.e. mountains.

  9. It’s not only Japan. All countries who extract uranium are bound to see the people longevity go back to 50 years old. Already happening in some parts of said countries, but it’s still blurred in national averages, we only see cancer rates rising. It’s another of those predicted peaks.

  10. You can’t do proper journalism in times of war. You can only cross-reference rumors, apply some kind of fuzzy logic to decide the probability of truth and make personal conclusions. If journalists did their job, we wouldn’t be on this blog.

  11. You have cause to be concerned. Radiation, whether it is Strontium or Cesium is radiation. It should not be that high! Whoever took the reading on their roof should also take a reading inside, because if the reading inside is just as high as the outside, then it is not safe to live there. The gamma radiation is penetrating the building. If the reading is lower inside, then there is a better chance, because the radiation outside is alpha/beta and cannot enter the building. So one reading is not enough. This should be monitored not only outside, but inside, and even all the food that is eaten from now on. Be careful with taking seaweed, because seaweed also may be radioactive. It needs to be tested first with a radiation detector before ingesting. Thank you for posting this very useful information.

    1. Thank you for your comment too. I managed to find out the person who measured strontium. It’s suspected that the person also measured plutonium in the sample too ,but because it’s such a sensitive matter,they keep re-testing to confirm.

  12. The true state of this event can be determined quite easily. The TEPCO officials understated the severity of the problem from the start most likely in order to get their money out of the shares they owned in the company.
    All you have to do is pick 15 senior names and find out where they are now. If they have moved to Canada or the USA you know that all is lost and they know it. Is the Emperor in Japan or Paris? All of your questions will be answered by asking these 2 questions.
    My heart aches for Japan. A beautiful country with wonderful people.
    Toronto Canada

    1. Thanks for your message. Ironically,Imperial Palace is one of the worst hot spots and whether it has something to do with it or not,emperor is sick and resting from public jobs.
      and they say the former president of Tepco ,Shimizu is now in Canada or somewhere but I’m not sure.
      Maybe most of the politician don’t understand the risk,which is the problem.
      Unconfirmed info,but just after 311, documents were distributed inside of Tepco,which say,30 million people are assumed to die of cancer in this decade,we all need to evacuate,there is no solution etc.. It’s pretty likely.

  13. I am the radiation riddler,
    since radiation is bio-accumulative & there is less radiation in the food now then there will be tomorrow, isn’t it wiser to eat & store food now, rather than wait to when there will be more radiation in the food?

  14. You that survive will be relocating to the vacant Chinese cities. As the Chinese begin building in the US they will begin to flow over here on boats like our water from the Great Lakes is flowing to China in barges. Wake up people! UN Agenda 21 is in full throttle. That is why the UN will not stop the removal of the Palestinians, Muslims, Christians, Mexicans, Greeks, Americans, Hindus, Georgians, Russians, Chinese, or Japanese. Ohhhh, can you please…, pass me…, the wasabi…?

    It’s getting “nuklar”hot while nuclear winter will be unleashed under the cover of “Snow and Ice” instead of “Shock and Awe”! The bunkers are ready and the criminals are running for cover. Your TEPCO man Shimizu (Shitonyou) is underground and so is your Emperor; sick or not. Follow the money under the ground. They will blame the Sun, holy ozone (oh yes I did), and weakened magnetosphere. It is why they share the technology with us each time and provide the script during viewing; it will become the evidence for the means.

  15. Ghana you ain’t jivin, it’s gotten critical, this is the crux. The only thing I do not understand about the Japanese is why they do not love their descendants enough to cap over Daiichi. It has been months and now it is admitted that the steam pouring out of the ruins is going into clouds and raining out radioactively from Tokyo to Toronto. There is nothing to save at Daiichi and the site should be rapidly buried under a big mountain of volcanic sand. Turn off the goddamn fire hoses and stop flooding the site, get your fuel to vitrify into corium with all that sand and just leave the mountain there under a concrete cap. The willingness of the Japanese to sit back and let this thing spew for months and years is unbelievable, I never expected Japanese to be this stupid but I guess the sheeple are pretty stupid globally now, the US and Israel are really bad but the Europeans also today are pretty stupid. There are four hundred more reactors worldwide to melt and they will probably each destroy and Japan sized area if the present protocol of not dealing with nuclear meltdown is followed. Entombment is the only method known since Chernobyl, the formation of corium or vitrified fuel rod lava is the only natural steady state for stopping criticality. Fire hoses only spread criticalities. Wake up Japan it is getting late for your fate now.

  16. I was wondering how long it would take for the Japanese to realize the dangers of Strontium, the “secret” radioactive isotope. They also ignore it here in the States, to our unremitting peril. Good luck to us all. This phenomenon has made me ever more religious!

  17. Mochizuki-san,

    After the Fukushima tragedy we learned that the display we had chosen three years ago for our Personal Radiation Monitor (PRM) would also support Japanese characters. We rapidly updated our device so that it would provide text menus in Japanese. We also provide our documentation in Japanese. To our knowledge, the PRM-8000 is the only Geiger counter that provides a Japanese user interface.

    I have noticed that resellers in Japan are marking up Geiger counters considerably (by as much as 4X) and I wanted to let you know that we are committed to providing our high quality, feature rich and US made device directly to individuals in Japan at our normal prices and with modest shipping fees. I would appreciate any suggestions on how we can get this information to the people that may find value in it.

    Best Regards,

    Vincent Mazur
    Chief Product Architect

    Mazur Instruments
    Castle Rock, Colorado, USA

  18. On FB, a European guy living in Tokyo was mocking this blog and another as “conspiracy theorists”. It is not only the Japanese would cling to the belief that everything is fine and will be even better soon. Just another example of how we are all the same, Japanese and foreigners, on the average. I know that denial is just a psychological defense mechanism and that these people are not idiot nor mean, but it’s a bit of a desparate condition. May those who have eyes see, may those who have ears hear.

    1. @supportingfire There is no need to cull aynhting if people would just stop breeding. Has anybody noticed a recent rash of “studies” on how a single child is the best option for the kid (time magazine), and no children is the best option for parent’s happiness (BBC). Then there is the gay pride thing.

  19. A single sample of Strontium 90 is insignificant and meaningless scientifcally. I would encourage the person taking the original measurement to take many more in the general area (e.g., 100-200m area) and then report the results.

    1. ‘insignificant’? Tell that to my bones and bone marrow and that it is too insignificant to cause leukemia in 5 years! What kind of ‘science’ says a lethal toxin is ‘insignificant?’ Ridiculous

  20. we know how far sand travels in the wind from deserts in china, to show up all over cars in japan..during that time of the year (kousa). I know i used to have to wash my cars which were covered in the stuff…its not surprising if this stuff will show up anywhere on the surface of this planet by prevailing winds… i will have to wash the plutonium off my cars.

  21. Mochizuki – san

    If you need a contact, I live in Shanghai and speak fluent Chinese. We could send safe food from China to Nagasaki or other points north (I’m getting a counter).

  22. Mochizuki-san,
    My sincere condolences to you and the good people of Japan, concerning the tragedy of Fukushima. It is with a sad heart, that I read this blog. If there is anything I can do to help, please send me an email. Best Regards, Vic

  23. Hello Mochizuki – san

    I live in France. We could send safe food from here to Japan as well. Email me if you’re interested.

  24. When I was a child in the United States in 1960 the Air Force was exploding hydrogen bombs over the Nevada desert. I lived in Gerogia, about 2,000 miles away. After one such winter explosion the jet stream sifted and highly radioactive isotopes were carrried over most of the country.The weather front produced snow.We children were warned not to eat the snow as it was radioactive. The most dangerous isotope in the snow was Strontium 90. The “expert” in Japan who said Strontium is carried more than 50 miles (80km) by the wind is just lieing.

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