Column of the Day: Escape plan 9/24

Today I got a chance to attend at a symposium about export of nuclear plant from Japan to India.

A lot of the local farmers are acting against the plan.

Also,middle class people in city area are acting against the plan too.

Indian government is being hard on their own people to attract more investment from other countries.

“Police” even shoot at the demonstration. The situation sounded even worse than Japan.

I tend to comprehend the world situation in the paradigm of Alvin Toffler.

He’s famous for bringing the concept of the “waves” to describe the improvement of the civilization. According to him,

First wave = farming

Second wave = Industry

Third wave = Information technology

Nuclear plant looks like a symbol of the second wave.

Centralization and seek for the economy of mass production.

The situation of India sounded like the conflict of the first wave vs the second wave,and the second wave vs the third wave.

Whatever they do,the third wave wiil overcome. This is inevitable.

Me,you,reading this on the web,we are the third wave.

It’s the last struggling of the second wave.

No matter what they try,energy source will become more multifaceted and independent.

Anyway,now I’m facing the problem of the job hunting in France.

I think it will be a real hard challenge to get a job in there. I don’t even speak French yet. but I mustn’t be too dependent on my potential host family. and the economy of France will be more difficult next year. so I think earning money outside of France could be an option.

Currently,this blog makes me some money monthly. I want to make it bigger and enterprise with it like

Also,as a money source,I’m asking for a chance to export safe food to Japan.

If anyone is involved in some project like this,I’d love to hear from you.

and of course I can teach Japanese. I wish you could teach me French too. I’d be happier if you pay me if I can teach you well.

I will also translate English↔Japanese.

If anyone has any idea about that,I’d be happy if you enlighten me as always.

Thank you for reading this.

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