Column of the Day: Escape plan

Having warned about the spreading contamination ,I did not do so much to protect myself but buying bottled water and eat frozen veges.

Winter is coming. Wind will blow from North.

On 9/14,they detected 133 times much as back ground radiation from the rain in St. Louis.

(He should not have put the counter directly on the plate.)

The plume is expected to hit Tokyo directly in this winter.

I might be alright next spring.

The level of internal exposure might not be harmful at this moment.

However,in the long term,it is impossible to live in this situation.

Even if I can survive,foreign companies are withdrawing from Japan.

Radiation risk will decrease the investment from overseas.

Economy will not bloom in this country never.

There is no merit to stay here,and the risk is too much to take.

so I’m planning to move out of Japan by 11/19/2011.

■ Destination

1) Romania

A friend of mine recommended me to move to. and Euro is cheap. Prices are cheaper than Japan too. Without a job,I could survive for 3 months in I expect to be able to survive in Romania for 9 months till I find a job.

2) Chile

The admin ,Nika recommended me to move to. I have been conned by a Chilean customer before.He owes me about 4000 USD. It’s time to rip him off. I heard the economy is the most developed in Chile among South America.(If I’m wrong,I’m sorry for other countries.) Prices must be cheap too.

So far,I have prepared nothing. so I will keep my escaping diary here.

I’m a civil engineer now,but I’m no longer meant to be a civil engineer where I evacuated to.I’m not interested in the industry at all.

I will go to Romania or Chile with a tourist visa and will seek for a job locally.

■ Bottle neck

1) My turtle boys.

I have two turtle boys. They are assumed to be 20 years old.20cm long. I need to check if I can bring them to Romania or Chile.

2) Leaving this apartment.

I have tons of waste here. It costs to abandon them. Also, I have damaged the room ,so repairing may cost. I’m afraid of the damage.

3) Home

I’d like to arrange where to live before I actually go,so I can send furniture by sea mail,which takes long but cheap.

■ Next steps

1) Check up the websites of the embassy of Romania and Chile.

2) Ask them if I can bring my turtle boys safe.

3) Ask the owner of this apartment about how much it costs to repair.

■ My ambition

I’d love to keep this blog going on,and hopefully,want to make it more profitable so I can concentrate on spreading news about Japan.

If you have any idea,please leave comments here.

Fortunately,I have no property or family to take care of here in Japan,and no loan to pay either.

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