Breaking News: 60,000 people stood up against nuclear

An anti-nuc demonstration was held in Tokyo,from Meiji koen.

50,000 people were assumed to attend but at least 60,000 people are in the demonstration for now.

From an unconfirmed report,over 100,000 people are in the demonstration at this moment.

This time,a lot of lawyers attended at the demonstration,also, they have learnt to take videos of police,so police could not touch the demonstration.

Demonstration was on the live stream at 6 different locations.

Even major media,such as Kyodo and Tokyo shimbum reported the demonstration.

The feature of this demonstration is the variety of the attendance.

From young family with babies and old people attended at the demonstration.

A 94 years old man attended with a wheel chair.

Reports from the scene:

sayakaiurani SAYAKA


“During WWW2,I was scared of the government like all the other people.We didn’t want to look like renegades against the nation,so a lot of Japanese went to the battle field and died.Now alternative war has started.Nuc is the weapon.We must never start it again.
During the WWW2,I deeply regretted.I don’t want to repeat that again,that’s why I’m here.”


Mr.S (Our temporary reporter)

“My own estimate was somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000. The police tried to delay the marchers so long that they would just go home. Hours standing in the hot sun trying to start the march. Some people did give up but most did not. And this time, the big difference from 11 June was that nearly all the ordinary people out in Aoyama, Omotesando and Shibuya were supporting the marchers. Waving and smiling and chanting in support. The next one we need 500,000.

Well, the police used their normal tactics: delay and disburse, and make the marchers march in a tiny lane on the left-hand side. They made us wait in the park between one and four hours. When we fianlly got onto the road, there were private cars dirving up and down taking up three out of four lanes on the back streets (not main roads) around Jingu Gaien. So it took us about two and a half hours to get to Aoyama Dori. And we were probably in the first third of marchers, so some people waited much longer. Anyway, there were tens of thousands of ordinary families and young and old people. People from all over Japan came for this rally. People sick of all the lies and criminal acts by the nucleocracy that owns and runs Japan. The media pretends it’s all over but more people are realizing the hell has only just begun. Very few non-marchers in the city for shopping or whatever were giving us strange looks. Nearly everyone smiled and waved their support. The organisers can be proud, and the participants. This is just the beginning.”(added 7:10  9/20/2011)



















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