Column of the Day: September 18, 2011

As to my previous post Breaking News: detailed analysis of Tokyo soil, Enenews shared the data and focused on the measurement of Americium-241 Link

This post focused on the measurement of Cesium 134 and 137,so the detection of Americium was out of focus.

Our article did not get so much attention for some reason,but the article of Enenews was referred to by variety of the sites including Japanese ones.

I personally was not surprised at the measurement result,but it was a shocking data for some people who want to believe nothing is going on.

They studied physics all night long and tried to point out some fault of the data,such as Americium = 3.7 Bq/unit is a fault,it must be Americium = <3.7 Bq/unit etc..

They might be right,so I added the comment,”the result about Americium might be an error”.

However,because they have no energy left to study English , they kept on bugging my twitter account.

I am sorry for them but I immediately blocked.I have no time for someone’s preppy behavior.

I wasted about 10 minutes because of them,so I would like to have some fun with one of their tweets here.

Account : @getzen86 (ge?   IP

getzen86 狸小路月燕

(Response to my tweet to tell,whether you detect Am or not,you can never live in Japan for more 20 years obviously)
Spreading lies has nothing to do with the issue about being able to live here for 20 years or not. To evaluate the situation correctly,evaluation of the right date in the right way is the highest priority,you manipulated the data.

→First of all,I added the comment,”the detection of Am might be an error” though it was not important for the context.
Plus,Am emits only alpha gamma spectrometer can not detect Am.
Therefore,the data doesn’t show there is no Am detected in Tokyo. It merely means they could not detect Am.

Let’s see other tweets of this person.


For 9040%,my sex drive will go out of control ! need to splash them all out.


For 2960%,my sex drive will go out of control ! need to splash them all out.
(Maybe he ran out of Viagra)


If HUMAN-BEINGS have nosebleed at this level of radioactive contamination,X ray for your lungs must cause you to bleed in your lung.Why does nobody understand this stupidity ?

→He doesn’t seem to understand internal exposure.

If you have some time,I recommend you to look over his tweets.

Thank you for reading this.

Have a good Sunday.

ps; Here are the pictures that he posted on twitter.


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