Unconfirmed Reports: August 13, 2011

[Does demonstration work?]

Yoshie A

15,000 people attended at anti nuc demonstration 25 years ago,even mass media reported it,but they still kept building nuc plants.I wonder if demonstration works.



Resigning 3 administrative vice ministers will be paid 60~80 million yen for their retirement fee,
and the former assistant Vice-Minister Nishiyama had his daughter work in Tepco.

[Abandon Fukushima]

@thoton 福島県を廃県して、二百万県民を各都道府県が受け容れる。旧福島県は、「夢島県」として、捨て場のない放射性廃棄物の埋め立て場にする。そのくらいの覚悟が必要だ。

As an ultimate solution,we ‘d need to abandon the whole Fukushima,have other prefectures accept Fukushima citizens,use the land of Fukushima as disposal field of radioactive waste.

[Thyroid cancer will affect someone’s whole life]


Even if you take off thyroid cancer,you can not produce growth hormone so you’ll have to rely on the medicine for the rest of lfe.

[Economical damage]

安全、高級、高品質を売りにしてきた日本の農作物の輸出が、東京電力福島第一原発の事故で激減。主に台湾へ輸出され、額で4割近くを占めるリンゴは震災後の4~6月の輸出額が前年同期比で8割減にまで落ち込みました。日本国内で思う以上に、信頼回復は簡単ではないようです。 #jishin

Japanese agricultural products were recognized as high end products.However,Fukushima accident damaged the brand value critically.As an example,export of apple to Taiwan decreased by 80% of last year.

[Power of evacuation]
北海道にきて、一番ビックリしたことは、震災以来続いていた下痢が、止まったことでした。 たったの1日で!マジ嘘のように収まった!嘘だと思うヤツ、札幌行ってみな。私もまだ信じられない…! やっぱり、自分の体は正直だわ。 東京は駄目だね、家族を避難させて超正解!

三日前、北海道から戻った後、今朝また下痢が始まり、喉の痛みが出、鼻くそが粘着力あるモノに変わりました。 昨日は、一日中外歩きしたからねぇ。 低線量被爆の怖いところは、症状がこれはマズイ!ってなコトにならないのが…結果、どんどん蝕まれていって、気がついた時には遅い。と…

8/9,I went to Hokkaido,where they detect lower level of radiation.I’ve been suffering from diarrhea since 311,but it stopped in just one day. I had my family evacuate to Hokkaido before,but that was the right choice.

8/12,came back Tokyo. Diarrhea has started again. sore throat,runny nose,again.
Low dose symptom is a lot like other trivial symptoms,that’s the problem. When you finally face it,it would be too late already.

[Dead plants 1]

@0419erk @hanayuu 同じことを感じている方がいましたか!我が家の庭のアジサイ等も変な枯れ方をしました。 →つつじの枯れ方がぎょっとするものでした。

Hydrangea in my garden was dead in the unusual way too.

[Dead plants 2]

Azalea beside a street died all of a sudden in Suginami ward too.
7/30,another azalea was found dead in the same way in Bunkyo ward.


[No check]

ベラルーシは1日3万以上の食品サンプルを検査、日本では最も検査体制が充実している茨城県でも1週間10サンプルが限度 onihutari.blog60.fc2.com/blog-entry-65.…厚生労働副大臣・大塚耕平「規制値を超えたものが全く流通していないということを残念ながら我々も確信できる状況ではありません」

In Belarus,they check more than 30 thousand food samples a day,but in Japan,even the fastest prefecture,Ibaraki checks only 10 food samples a week.
Vice-minister of Health stated,”We are not sure if all the food is safe.”

[Rational voice of a Tokyo citizen]


Now it’s getting harder to get safe food around in Tokyo,but it’s not a temporary problem.It will last for 20~30 years at least,and it will get worse and worse.
Considering that,maybe moving out of Tokyo area will be the best option.

[Recently ,sudden cardiac infarct is increasing]

RT @chatran6: @tokaiama 知り合がまだ三十代前半の若さで心筋梗塞で急死した◆親族から連絡があって久し振にその人のHPを開いたら4月~6月にかけて福島や東北の野菜や畜産類を大量に購入して「私ができるのはこんな事位」と被災地応援を声高に唱えてた@chatran6

My acquaintance died of sudden cardiac infarct.He was still early 30s.
I checked his HP,and knew he purchased vegetables from Fukushima and north Japan to say,this is all I could do.

[Stupidity fly high]

BB-45 (機関損傷・母港入渠中)

Kochi local government accepted radioactive rubble from Fukushima and is going to burn them in the middle of the farm.
Radioactive ash will be scattered around in the farm.

[Tweet of a nurse in Sendai]



Patients are increasing to have headache,vomit,and decrease of White blood cells,which we can’t tell why.
In shampoo,bunch of their hair fall off.Doctors say “Why are they decreasing white blood cells..hehehe”
–Doctors don’t take it seriously at all.and they don’t know why,which is kind of obvious.
This nurse personally suspect it is because of the food served at hospital.Patients can not choose.and because their immune system is weaken,they might be sensitive for internal exposure.

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