Breaking News: They detected radioactive Iodine from the thyroid of half of the Fukushima children

Today,Dr.Tashiro from Hiroshima university published the data to show about half of the children in Fukushima have their thyroid exposed to radioactive Iodine.

They tested 1149 children in Fukushima ,and they detected radioactive Iodine from about half of the sample.

Dr.Tashio said,they may have thyroid cancer if they are internally exposed to more than 100mSv.

but in the data,even the highest level is only 35mSv,so it is hard to assume they will have a thyroid cancer.

However,they will continue monitoring the children.

However again,I personally have a couple of the questions.

1) What is the basis of “100mSv”

2) From their historical deception,it is highly likely that actual data is even worse than that.

3) Why don’t they let the children evacuate right now.

4) Half life time of Iodine is about 8 days. I wonder why they still detect Iodine.(sorry,I’m amateur.)

5) Why did they delete all the thyroid test data from the website of Nuclear Safety Commission.

Maybe I don’t need to watch the movie “Chernobyl heart”,because I am actually seeing it going on.

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