News: August 13, 2011

[No check]

A car came from Fukushima to Yokohama. Authorities checked the car,and declared it’s safe.
The driver washed it inside and outside for a couple of times in Yokohama.

However,today they detected 1.76uSv/h on the bonnet.

0.92uSv/h inside of the car.

Nobody checks anything. Don’t trust their check.

[A little old data]

Fukushima turned out to be polluted much worse than Chernobyl.

Chernobyl ; 1.48~3.70 million Bq/㎡ (Max,Cesium 134+137)
Fukushima ; 3.00~30.00 million Bq/㎡ (Max,Cesium 134+137)

[Still too suspicious]

They checked about 1,000 Fukushima children and half of them turned out to have their thyroid exposed.

I guess it’s way more than half.

[can’t kill enough]

Yokohama city gov served cesium lunch at 243 schools.(0.48uSv according to their calculation)

Maybe they don’t intend to stop serving it.

[Pointless system]

Their majestic water purifying system got another trouble.
Because of the heat,a hose was unpluged to leak 6t of the chemical material.

[destruction of evidence]

As to that Kyushu power company manipulated public opinion,they tried to abandon some evidence just before the police investigation.
The evidence material contents the names of city council involved in the crime.They stopped abandoning because of whistle-blowing.

[Nightmare for mycophile]

They detected 4,600 Bq/kg cesium from wild mushroom (nameko and lioncloth fungi) of Fukushima.

[Whistle-blow of an actual rice farmer in Fukushima]

1) I detected about 7,700 Bq/㎡ at my rice field.
2) Obviously rice harvested from the field will be contaminated.
3) Authorities will not check them properly.
4) They will even mix contaminated rice and less contaminated rice to sell.

∴Don’t buy rice.

[shower of radiation]

Hosono nuclear power minister stated,radioactive waste in Fukushima will be distributed to other prefectures.

[Evidence for our future court]

“Expert” from Tokyo university.
We don’t need any safety limit. Now matter how much you drink tap water,eat vegetables,it does never affect your health. Please don’t believe “harmful rumor” and be reassured.

[Horizon of the stupidity]

Fukushima schools had swimming class to kill children this summer.
I stated that’s too insane,but some pro-nuc moron criticized me,
“You should evaluate the efforts of the teachers to decontaminate the pool and the pool became clean actually.”
I was “Fallout will polluted it again and where will they throw the water away?.”
Pro-nuc moron was “You are too paranoid.”

and now,600 schools are troubled because they can’t throw the water away.
The bottom of the pools look black because of radioactive fallout,and the surface of water is covered with algae.
30% of the water will flow into sewage system,and the rest will flow into agricultural facility.but neither of them don’t want to accept the contaminated water.

The important part is,children were forced to swim in the pool.

Pro-nuc morons are accomplices

[For Japanese readers]

Our fellow made a useful kit to spam all the related authorities to stop Tomaru genpatsu in Hokkaido.A lot of the children have already evacuated from Fukushima to Hokkaido,so if they re-start Tomaru genpatsu,it means kids will lose their home again.
Copy and paste the receivers’ address and content of the emails.
Please spread this info and spam them down.

[Tokyo is shrinking]

More and more people move from Tokyo to weatern Japan.
Tokyo→Osaka ; 14.5% up
Tokyo→Nagoya ; 5.9% up
Tokyo→Fukuoka ; 25.4% up

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Work hard,so someone evaluates your effort and you will be promoted.
This was a damn fantasy.

Auditing officer of Fuji sankei group,Kashima general construction group,SMBC and other major companies have been former presidents of Tepco.
They “audited” those company to give benefit for Tepco.

Stop working hard. You are only making them richer.

[Japanese prime minister Kan stopped eating beef]

Japanese prime minister Kan is famous for being a beef lover.but recently,he doesn’t eat beef at all though he still likes chicken or fish.
They declared cesium beef is safe,so it’s unexplainable for him to stop eating beef.


42 countries banned or became strict to import Japanese agricultural products.

[Crime of the government]

Hamamatsu shi ,Shizuoka buried cesium ash (282 bq/kg) of sewage sludge without permission of the central government.

[List of host family for Fukushima children]

A lot of families are willing to accept mothers and children from Fukushima.
Host families are everywhere in Japan,even out of Japan.

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