Unconfirmed Reports: August 20, 2011

[Saitama is serious]


“Misatoshi in Saitama is severely contaminated. My cousin lives there,he says he’s been sick.I told him to evacuate but rejected.He stopped accepting the reality.Saitama will be the worse place for living-body test than Fukushima.

[Death merchandise]

motohashi kazumi™
RT @Tomynyo ほんとどうしようもない知事だ @portal311 東京大田市場(青果)へ福島の知事が福島の安全野菜を勧めに乗り込んだそうですよ @Tomynyo bit.ly/mRNfCB 福島県8/18発表 果実 tl.gd/ch2vcf

Radiation check of ministry of farm is very inaccurate compared to the test of private institution.They hide crucial results by showing ND instead.

However,Fukushima mayor came to one of the biggest agricultural market in Tokyo and tried to sell their “safe” food.

[Nobody saves you]

@KinositaKouta ある知人が最近、親戚に言われたと今、電話がきた。親戚は国会の事務局に長年いる人「今の政府の言う事を信用するな。数値は本当じゃない。都内でも十五歳以下の生存は保障しない。海外か遠くに逃げろ。静岡くらいまでは危ない」元総理とも懇意にしている親戚の話

“A council member to work at diet called his family member.He has a connection to former pm too.He says,Don’t trust what the gov tells you.Data is manipulated.Even in Tokyo,they don’t intend to guarantee the life of juvenile under 15.Run overseas or as far as you can,hopefully further than Shizuoka prefecture.”

[Acute death]

minami rika
@72yamato @tokaiama @hanayuu 突然死は、本当にこのところ多いのですが、放射能かとどうかということですか?私の知り合いの所長も、三陸の瓦礫処理をしてて、マスクもしてなかったのもあり突然かなりひどい肺炎になり、先月月亡くなりました。52歳でした。死亡は現実

“Sudden death is not a rare case recently.My acquaintance was a chief of the team to clean up the robble in Sanriku,but had a severe pneumonia all of a sudden,and died last month.52 years old.”

Low dose exposure damages your immune system.

[Tweet of a person in medical industry of Sendai]

Recently,people sent to the hospital because of heat stroke have extremely low level of lymphocyte count.Usually it’s 25%~45% but they have only 1%~2%. Platelet count is also pretty low.(lowest in the standard range)

[Low dose symptom]


“My son has been sick and been weak so much.Whatever doctor said,objectively,there was a possibility of low dose symptoms,so we decided to evacuate.then,he turned to be so much fine.can’t believe he was sick before.”

[Bird can’t fly]

@getterrovo 仙台でも飛べない雀見ましたよ。家の中外よりかなり低めですね。実際に目で見るのって違いますよね。

“saw a sparrow can’t fly in Sendai. Outside,radiation level is high.”



“At a near supermarket,Fukushima veges are cheap and expanding the share more and more.Kanto veges are appreciating almost as double as before.Restaurants or convenience stores might be supplied with cheap Fukushima veges.”

[Crows dead on the street]

@blue_rainforest カラスの死骸を目にする機会が増えました。見かけないですか?カラスは本来道路脇に落っこちてたりしないものだと思います。

“I recently see crows dead on the street.I think it’s very rare.”

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