Column of the Day: Pro-nuc moron is hatching out of the cocoon

Today one of my site got down,another one became super slow.

From the server check,it wasn’t a DDOS attack seemingly but there was some kind of attack for sure.

It reassured me,I am on the right way.

I’m speaking the right thing,so they are bloody struggling.

Even if you pick all the flowers,you can’t stop spring coming.

I made another bot mirror on tumblr.

Nuclear made me cancer. You can never kill me. We will keep breeding until you die.

That bot mirror site went down a couple of hours ago too,but it came back.

I must appreciate the strong server of tumblr.

I post exactly the same thing on the bot mirror.

Sure,it’s less eye catchy because arrangement is done by me.

but you can get the URL of each article,and easy to copy the articles.

That’s the merit of checking the tumblr site.

Believers of free will,unite.

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