News: August 20, 2011

[Decontaminate the politics]

It turned out that the estimated the total radiation exposure dose is 508 mSv/y in the mandatory evacuating area.

They finally admitted that decontamination is impossible.

They were lifting mandatory evacuating area. Will they let residents go back to the area..?

[You can’t blame hay anymore]

They detected cesium from more 5 cows in Fukushima.

They didn’t feed hay to those cows.

593 Bq/kg ~ 786 Bq/kg

They were sent to Yokohama,but distribution center kept them frozen.

Radioactive beef testing results – Japan

[Japanese gov is the worstest gov in the world]

Even Aljazeera reported what is happening in Fukushima. They clearly reported child’s exposure is serious,decontamination costs 800 trillion yen (impossible) and gov’s concealment made the situation even worse.

[It’s everywhere]

There was news about cesium mushroom in Tokushima yesterday,but mushroom from other places are also contaminated.

Corp Toto conducted radiation check independently.According to the result,mushroom from Nagano,Aomori,Niigata are also contaminated.

You can think most of the mushroom has already been polluted in Japan wherever it is from.

Radioactive mushroom testing results – Japan


[Death curry]

Owly Images

From the “rumor” of that ampam man curry is contaminated ,someone checked radiation of curry sold at supermarket.

As a result,curry only emits beta ray. From all the experience,the person determined it’s radioactive Potassium-40 contaminated in curry.

(Potassium-40 (40K) is a radioactive isotope of potassium which has a very long half-life of 1.248×109 years or 1,248,000,000 years or 1.248 TRILLION years source)

[Not a joke level]

In Chernobyl,they made the area a mandatory evacuating area if they detect 1.48 million Bq/kg,but they detected 4.01 million Bq/kg from the side of the street in Sugamo,Tokyo.

[Obvious result]

Cancer rate will jump up in a couple of decades from now.

Fallout will spread to North America,and too all over the world.


Eggplant and Cherry from Miyagi.

[More details about the acute leukemia person]

More details of the person who died of acute leukemia came.
He was called Kazu,dedicated himself to save as many animals as possible
in 30km area. He even went into 5km area.

He was updating his blog almost everyday,but he told us he got sick on 7/31.
The next day,they diagnosed he has acute leukemia.

One week later,he died.

Here is the picture of the pup he saved.

[Nothing to surprise]

As to the issue of re-starting Genkai nuc plants,Kyushu power company was blamed for manipulating the public opinion.However,it turned out that it was because of the order of The Agency for Natural Resources and Energy in the Ministry of Economy.

[For Japanese readers]

A semi-academic report about the relationship between radiation and cancer risk in Belarus.
The point is,cancer risk increased more than expected.
This is what will happen to us.

Incidence of Belarus Cancer after Chernobyl

[School as Auschwitz]

1) Because fukushima beef don’t sell at retailers,Fukushima beef became cheaper.
2) They determine the budget for School lunch first,so the cheaper they purchase food,the more they get profit.
3) They kept buying Fukushima beef for school lunch.
4) They conceal info in order to “keep the private information of farmers.”.

[Evil reluctance]

2,800 Bq/kg from leaf mold of Tochigi.

They have already sold 153 packs of it,(18L/pack) 124 packs were sold for school.

[Killer tap water]

Though they keep declaring tap water is safe,mud from the filter in the dam turned out to contain cesium in Gunma.

Max; 15,400 Bq/kg

[die of cancer or die of starving]

Tokyo shimbun estimated,if we keep eating food made in Japan,the total internal exposure will be 1 mSv only from crops. (from crops alone)!/basilsauce/status/104752201632718849

[Save yourself,please]

West Coast fish to be tested for Fukushima radiation

[For Japanese readers]

Fukushima students had a meeting with gov.
After the meeting,one of the kids said ,”We don’t want to have cancer,so we came here.but they didn’t listen to me.”

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