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[What did you try to mean,camera guy ?]

All around in the Japanese forum,a lot of people have been trying to figure out what the camera guy was trying to mean.

The tracing video.

Real time version 1/2

Real time version 2/2

It seems like he spells something in the air,from right to left,so we might need to read it as mirror writing,and he seems to be spelling Kanji characters.

However,nobody has ever figure it out yet.

As Tepco,and Obara Shinichi,who sneaked into the Fukushima plant say,nuc workers are supposed to have their company name and ID written on the front and back of their protecting clothes,however he does not even have anything written on the clothes.

So far,nothing has been figured out.We are looking forward to hearing something from you.

[Three nuc workers had direct exposure]

On the day when the camera guy was trying to send us some message,three nuc workers had direct exposure.
They had beta ray when they were replacing sludge filters in water purifying system.
Two workers are in 20s,one worker is in 30s. Though their counters were beeping,they ignored and kept working until they get the work done.

Radiation control manager was not with them.

The worker in 30s had 1.1 mSv in total,the total dose amount is not announced about the two workers in 20s.
It reveals their actual custom that they ignore the radiation counter.

[It can’t be announced because it’s dangerous]

Koganei in Ibaraki city government detected their local agricultual products.

As the result,they detected over 500 bq/kg from broccoli ,which is their “safety limit”.

However,they declare that they can not publish the data because it’s over 500 bq/kg.

It’s concealed.

Also,in their data sheet,the origin of rice and cabbage are “from Japan”. We can not tell where it is in Japan.

This is how their radiation check is totally useless.

[Tweet of an actual Fukushima worker]

Happy20790 ハッピー

Happy20790 ハッピー

Happy20790 ハッピー

(This person does not mention the dead worker for some reason.)

Another typhoon is coming for this weekend,I’m so worried about the contaminated water. Last time it came,I was staying beside the plant for the night time shift.When I looked around in the morning,the tank to stock contaminated water was floating ,I was so shocked. I’m scared about what to see in Monday morning..

The pit called trench is almost full too. If rain pours hard,it will be over flown. We must have decontaminated considerable amount of water but it didn’t decrease at all..

I wonder if water underground might be flowing into the plant somehow.. The radiation level is actually higher than we assumed,so workers are severely exposed.

Now the polluted water is pumped out with a hose pipe,but the surface of it is about 100 mSv/h.. Now we manage it by inputting a lot of the workers but I’m worried about what is going on in the future..

[Contamination is coming into the Tokyo area]

They detected 700 bq/kg from fertilizer with wood chips.
It was made between late April to late May.

[2 years old child in Tokyo has internal exposure]

世田谷区在住2歳娘の尿検査。先日話題になった千葉県のお子さんと同じ所で計測。結果 ヨウ素不検出、セシウム134 0.48Bq/kg セシウム137 0.52Bq/kg 。グラフにK40という核種も検出され数値は50KeVを超えています。@komatsunotsuma



Unfortunately,they detected cesium even from the urine of a two years old girl in Setagaya Tokyo.

Her parents were very careful about radiation control. They took her to Fukuoka,where is west Japan for three times between April to the beginning of May.They stayed in Fukuoka for two months in total.

They drank imported water,had fish/meat from Kyushu or overseas,veges from western Japan or overseas.

The girl had urinary test.

Cesium 134 = 0.48 Bq/kg
Cesium 137 = 0.52 Bq/kg

Needless to say,little children are way more sensitive to radiation than adults.

Pray for her future.

[Petition/obligation to stop Monju]

Pro-nuc mafia is trying to re-start fast breeding reactor Monju.It’s more risky because the cooling material can explode when it leaks out.Additionally,it has never worked properly since the beginning.

There is ZERO merit to re-start and infinite risk to start it.

Here is the form.Though it’s for the former pm,Kan,please don’t care about it and sign on it.

[Gov avoids checking sea food]

Emeritus professor of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology says,it’s important to check wide-ranging fish to know the scale of sea pollution,but gov tries to avoid checking those types of fish intentionally.They don’t even check Tuna,which is the most popular kind of fish for Japanese.

Pollution will be condensed in flatfish or Japanese seaperch about in September. Also,sea shells are risky too.

[Your donation hasn’t reach disaster victims]

Even only from EU,Japan red cross collected about 4 billion EURO.However,Japan red cross abandoned distributing the money by themselves,they gave all the money to each local government.

Still billions of donated money has not reached anyone.

Especially people who spontaneously evacuated are not given the right to receive the money though they need the money most.

I personally recommend you not to use Japan red cross anymore. They are not saint or anything never.

[Ausie beef for themselves,cesium beef for elementary school students]

@hanayuu 【拡散希望】横浜市庁舎・食堂でオージービーフ使用の件ですが、今、直接食堂に電話をして確認しました 『震災前後関係なく ずっとオージービーフ使用』との事です。録音させて頂きました オージービーフ使用の理由は安全な物を提供する為 ますます酷い話になってきました

Hayashi Fumiko ,the mayor of Yokohama asserts it’s all “harmful rumor”. She never tries to stop feeding elementary school students with cesium beef,and the students are banned to bring their own lunch box to the school.

However,in the cafeteria of the city hall,they serve beef from Australia to “serve safe food”.

The person who tweeted this recorded this conversation so I could ask this person to send me over the voice record anytime. I’m in Yokohama,I can ask them even tomorrow too.but even without asking,I can picture they do that.

She also decided to to invest 18 million yen into the new bath system to the dorm of the city officers.

[Tweet of a Chiba citizen]


My friend’s daughter is 6 years old. She had a lot of nosebleed in August,so my friend took her to a hospital. She turned out to have thyroid disorder.


In Okinawa,it’S banned to sell mold leaf from Tochigi.However,3 companies bought them and sold 3509 packs of them. (Max 630 Bq/kg)

[Tweet of an Iwate citizen]

@Kazumi_x: 盛岡市内の保育園で2.80μSv/hが計測された。その他にも0.3μSv/h以上の場所がかなりある。岩手県、宮城県は危機感の共有が遅れている。拡散を!

They detected 2.80 uSv/h at a nursery school in Morioka.There were other hot spots like 0.30 uSv/h.

[Everything was lie]

Tepco admitted that there were 94 errors in their historical announcement about the radiation level of inside of the plant and around the plant.
The worst “mistake” was the radiation level of the soil under sea. They published it was only 1.5 Bq/kg but it was actually 1,200 Bq/kg. (1/800)

[A Fukushima high school student received dosemeter]

Fukushima local gov is trying the huge human body test by using their own citizens. They stop people to evacuate and distribute dosemeter.

A High school student in Nihonmatsu received a dosemeter from the city government.
They will check how he will be sick based on the dose that he has been exposed to.

[Too childish]

Japan Atomic Energy Agency “corrected” articles the pages related to nuclear on wikipedia.
They mainly “corrected” pages like Nuclear, Hamaoka genpatsu, Tokai earthquake etc.

-Their log on wikipedia >


-Their net work information>

IPアドレス割当国 日本 ( jp )
市外局番 該当なし
接続回線 該当なし
都道府県 該当なし

Network Information: [ネットワーク情報]
a. [IPネットワークアドレス]
b. [ネットワーク名] JAERINET
f. [組織名] 独立行政法人日本原子力研究開発機構
g. [Organization] Japan Atomic Energy Agency
m. [管理者連絡窓口] EK3903JP
n. [技術連絡担当者] TK360JP
p. [ネームサーバ]
p. [ネームサーバ]
p. [ネームサーバ] ***LAME***

-Their location>

Please feel free to spam them.

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