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The situation is getting worse and worse. People are spending days as if nothing was going on,
but I do hear more people cough than average for summer. It’s very humid and hot. It is strange to have sore throat in this season.

and I am one of them. I have sore throat.

We are getting to confirm Mr.Happy,a nuc worker at Fukushima was a manipulator.

There are more information to tell us steam is splashing on and off between unit 2 and 3.

Also,unit 5 and 6 are having some problem too.

One whistle-blower even says,he can not understand why it’s not reported by mass media.

Steam can obviously be observed by Fukuichi camera,though Mr.Happy declares there is not such a thing going on.

More and more low dose symptoms are reported and agricultural products from 100 regions in North Japan and Kanto area have never been checked until the end of July.

and now some of my friends strongly recommend me to evacuate to US. I know I must do sooner or later,but I can’t help thinking about bottle neck.

What should I do with my pets ? (little turtles.)
What should I do with my job ?
What should I do with my furniture ? etc

Those things will turn out to be such trivial things in the near future.I know that. but now that looks like a huge wall to me.

I actually feel bad for people to stay in Japan and Fukushima. I think children should evacuate instead of me.
and my “samurai” pride stops me to reply on someone else.

I might be able to keep this blog updated even if I go to US though.

“It isn’t the strongest of the species that survive,
nor the most intelligent but the ones most responsive to change.”

“Easier said than done.”

I must make up my mind before it’s too late.

  1. Fog facts are facts that are out in the open, but invisible in the sense that no one acts on them and remain unnoticed by the public.

    So it seems with anecdotal accounts of actual radiation effects on people.

    A researcher who lives in Tokyo, commented to a visiting college friend from Beijing, that in public, just as you are saying, people are spending days as if nothing was going on.

    Fog facts in the steam.

  2. Japan’s government is under-reporting the amount of airborne radiation across the country, said Tom Gill, an anthropology professor at Meiji Gakuin University in Tokyo, citing his studies in Fukushima prefecture since March.

    The “maximum” radiation level given for Fukushima prefecture on Aug. 13 was 2.64 microsieverts per hour in the village of Iitate 40 kilometers northwest of the Dai-Ichi plant, Gill said, according to figures from the Science Ministry published daily in national newspapers.

    That compares with the official reading in the village itself the next day of 14.2 microsieverts per hour, he said, showing a picture he took of the reading on that day. He was speaking at a presentation in Yokohama near Tokyo on Aug. 19.

    The government excludes the highest readings among 20 measuring stations in the village from the data it collates for publication, Gill said.

    Distrust and cynicism of central government is pretty much universal across Fukushima now,” he said.

    … Fog Facts.

  3. Please save yourself! You can still maintain your blog elsewhere. We support you in your desire to move. Do it! Good luck, and God speed.

  4. Japanese should consider Brazil as a relocation country, it already has a large population of Japanese Brazilians (over 1 million), lot of space and there are very few nuclear reactors in southern hemisphere. Japanese are also respected as hardworking people in Brazil. Of the BRIC countries, its not a bad place to be! 🙂

  5. Just found your blog. Thanks for the information. Good luck with your future and think carefully about what is important: changing your home will always leave you with some tears. If people value your work and tell you so, maybe you should listen to their advice.

    God Bless.

  6. You think you faced a wall to move away? I couldn’t leave my girlfriend here because we are close, but I couldn’t take her with me because of immigration laws. So we are getting married, I was thinking about getting married anyway but this definitely sped the decision up. So now I’ve sold my car, furniture and left my job. I’ll be in Australia by October. With necessity comes change. Good luck to you.

  7. Only the most rational Japanese people will save their own lives by escaping Japan before suffering from a deadly illness.
    Deadly radiation is invisible. Deadly radioactive particles are invisible.
    Your colleagues are visible. Your house is visible. Your turtles are visible.
    Your eyes are a deadly trap.
    Samourai philosophy is the same philosophy that lead to the Fukushima nuclear disaster.
    If you want to survive you must stop acting like a Japanese.
    You can read the books of Masao Miyamoto to understand why Japanese society is a pathological mental prison. Such a strong prison that you hesitate to escape.
    While you should already have escaped.
    If you were in the Twin Towers in New-York on 9-11, would you have run down the stairs to escape, or would you have staid at your office like an absurd Japanese samurai waiting to die for nothing ?
    Like you said, your blog will be more useful if you are alive in the US than if you are dead in Japan.
    Go the fuck away ! NOW !

  8. I can house one person- Im in Vietnam Saigon and I can look after one person in a single room- I have a simple flat to share immediately if you can make it here I am an English Teacher and would be happy to teach anyone English So they may get a job here–Please contact me.


  9. Dear,
    I understand you, I am almost in the same situation as yours…hesitating, feeling guilty…fear for loosing the job…
    My friend told me we are acting like the Jewish living in Germany did after Hitler came to power. There started to be rumors, then evidences, of Jewish people being persecuted. Nevertheless, many Jewish stayed and carried on their everyday life, they did not fled to safe places. They stayed thinking that bad things could never happen to them. They were settled, had good jobs…why should they leave and loose all that? They did not realise that it was for saving their life, loosing position and job, for saving their life…you (and I) seem to not realise it too.

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