Column of the Day: Ark

The situation is getting worse and worse. People are spending days as if nothing was going on,
but I do hear more people cough than average for summer. It’s very humid and hot. It is strange to have sore throat in this season.

and I am one of them. I have sore throat.

We are getting to confirm Mr.Happy,a nuc worker at Fukushima was a manipulator.

There are more information to tell us steam is splashing on and off between unit 2 and 3.

Also,unit 5 and 6 are having some problem too.

One whistle-blower even says,he can not understand why it’s not reported by mass media.

Steam can obviously be observed by Fukuichi camera,though Mr.Happy declares there is not such a thing going on.

More and more low dose symptoms are reported and agricultural products from 100 regions in North Japan and Kanto area have never been checked until the end of July.

and now some of my friends strongly recommend me to evacuate to US. I know I must do sooner or later,but I can’t help thinking about bottle neck.

What should I do with my pets ? (little turtles.)
What should I do with my job ?
What should I do with my furniture ? etc

Those things will turn out to be such trivial things in the near future.I know that. but now that looks like a huge wall to me.

I actually feel bad for people to stay in Japan and Fukushima. I think children should evacuate instead of me.
and my “samurai” pride stops me to reply on someone else.

I might be able to keep this blog updated even if I go to US though.

“It isn’t the strongest of the species that survive,
nor the most intelligent but the ones most responsive to change.”

“Easier said than done.”

I must make up my mind before it’s too late.

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