Breaking News: Broken human

(Ojizō-sama – guardian of the souls of mizuko, the souls of stillborn, miscarried or aborted fetuses)

Low dose symptoms are becoming more obvious and more.

A medical worker in Miyagi claims,there have been too many cases of unusual parturition.
From her experience,it’s unimaginable.

①、Late March @Ishinomaki 3 weeks immature birth
②、Early April @Ishinomaki 3 weeks immature birth
③、May @Sendai  No problem found in routine examination → macrocephaly
④、May @Chiba 3 weeks immature birth
⑤、May @Chiba 4 weeks immature birth.Severe handicap
⑥、June @Sendai 3 months immature birth.600g 3 surgeries. NICU of the major hospital in Sendai is full.
⑦、July @Tokyo 3 weeks immature birth
⑧、August @South Miyagi 7 weeks threatened premature delivery.

also,it’s affecting infant too.

2 years old child near Fukushima plant had acute lymphatic leukemia.
Doctor diagnosed the child had his DNA severely damaged 2 weeks before.!/EscKaminosekiNP/status/105988298404667393

It has been assumed since 311.However,when it’s actually coming in front of my eyes,I have no words to express my feelings.


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