Breaking news “Stray family from Japan”

Today someone asked me to look for a family,group,or any kinds of organization to accept

evacuated families from Japan.

She is a mother with 5 years old boy.

On 3/11,she was at her home in Kamakura.

Hearing that Fukushima plants lost its cooling system,she ran for the west.

On the way ,she heard the news that Fukushima plants blasted,so she decided to

fly to Okinawa.

She was staying there for a month,but to know contamination has spread to all over the north hemisphere, she went to NZ and stayed there for 3 months.

and she moved to AU and spent 10 days there.

Now she is looking for a job in Asia.

I totally admire her courage and love to protect her own children.

However,I really am sorry for her having to get through all the hard long way.

We share the point of view,government is not trustworthy at all.
and wherever you go in Japan,you end up having contaminated food.

We think evacuation is the only way to survive.

She says,millions of the family need shelter out of Japan.

Taking it into consideration that their children are still little,they hope to stay in one place for long.

I’m looking for a way to get out of Japan myself,so I really know the problems are

1) Job
2) Secured home

However,there are a lot of the families to want to evacuate from Japan for whatever the cost is.

If you are able to help us,I would love you to take a contact with me.

You can leave a message below,or I’m @Angama_Market on Twitter. Message me please.

I was thinking of leaving Japan,but mothers and kids are much higher priority.

I’m not important.Please help them first.


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