Breaking news “Stray family from Japan”

Today someone asked me to look for a family,group,or any kinds of organization to accept

evacuated families from Japan.

She is a mother with 5 years old boy.

On 3/11,she was at her home in Kamakura.

Hearing that Fukushima plants lost its cooling system,she ran for the west.

On the way ,she heard the news that Fukushima plants blasted,so she decided to

fly to Okinawa.

She was staying there for a month,but to know contamination has spread to all over the north hemisphere, she went to NZ and stayed there for 3 months.

and she moved to AU and spent 10 days there.

Now she is looking for a job in Asia.

I totally admire her courage and love to protect her own children.

However,I really am sorry for her having to get through all the hard long way.

We share the point of view,government is not trustworthy at all.
and wherever you go in Japan,you end up having contaminated food.

We think evacuation is the only way to survive.

She says,millions of the family need shelter out of Japan.

Taking it into consideration that their children are still little,they hope to stay in one place for long.

I’m looking for a way to get out of Japan myself,so I really know the problems are

1) Job
2) Secured home

However,there are a lot of the families to want to evacuate from Japan for whatever the cost is.

If you are able to help us,I would love you to take a contact with me.

You can leave a message below,or I’m @Angama_Market on Twitter. Message me please.

I was thinking of leaving Japan,but mothers and kids are much higher priority.

I’m not important.Please help them first.


  1. um…. Although not in the best financial position right now I would happily do what I could for a Japanese family who needed a safe place to go until this is all figured out. I reside with my wife and two step daughters who are 8 and 12. We live in a quiet little town in the western mountains of Maine in the United States. Look up postal code 04224 on yahoo maps.

    It may get cozy and a little cramped but it has to be a better alternative to a shelter or being totally destitute. My family and myself will do whatever we have to do to accommodate a family or person in need.

  2. How long are they looking to stay for? Do they know any other languages? What kind of living space do they need? Do they have much money to pay for a living space?

  3. IN FRANCE :

    > Yahoo Group Accommodation Fukushima, managed by Gerard Mannig:
    You can also join the Facebook group devoted to this initiative:
    To provide accommodation, send your offer to:

    > The network of Philippe Denis, councilor of a small commune : philippe.denis38 @


    Couchsurfing group “Japan Housing Crisis”

    >Japanese Hahako network for parents with children or pregnant women:
    This network includes offers of accommodation for those wishing to evacuate the affected areas, temporarily or long term. Accommodation can be offered in Japan or abroad. The site is written in Japanese, but you can make an offer in English on this page:

    > The Japanese network to Mama Mama, for accommodation in all provinces of Japan and abroad:


    The Sidney Stay Rainbow Project, an initiative set up by a Japanese living in Australia


    > German project OPEN YOUR HEART OPEN YOUR HOME:

    Hope it helps !

  4. I have a question and a comment.
    How many families in Japan need to leave the country to protect their children from the radiation?

    The radiation fallout has affected all corners of the earth. I know it is here in Canada. I do not know how harmful the levels are here. It seems that there has been a ban on news about this nuclear catastrophe. I wonder if the nuclear companies hold shares in a majority of news sites internationally because you hear so very little about it.

  5. This is what I was told:
    GE, the maker of the reactors media arm owns the following:
    NBCUniversal (49% ownership)
    NBC – National Broadcasting Company
    NBC Network Television stations
    WNBC 4 …– New York
    KNBC 4 – Los Angeles
    WMAQ 5 – Chicago
    WCAU 10 – Philadelphia
    KNTV 11 – San Jose/San Francisco
    KXAS 5 – Dallas/Fort Worth²
    WRC 4 – Washington
    WTVJ 6 – Miami
    KNSD 39 (cable 7) – San Diego²
    WVIT 30 – Hartford
    NBC Entertainment
    NBC News
    NBC Sports
    NBC Studios
    NBCUniversal Sports & Olympics
    NBCUniversal Television Group
    Universal Media Studios
    NBC Universal Television Distribution
    NBC Universal International Television
    EMKA, Ltd.
    NBC Universal Digital Media
    NBC Universal Cable
    A&E Television Networks (co-owned with The Hearst Corporation and Disney/ABC):
    The Biography Channel
    Crime & Investigation Network
    The History Channel
    The History Channel en Español
    History Channel International
    Military History Channel
    Chiller (horror-themed cable channel, launched March 1, 2007) [1]
    CNBC World
    MSNBC (co-owned with Microsoft)
    NBC WeatherPlus
    USA Network
    Universal HD
    The Weather Channel
    NBCUniversal Global Networks
    NBCUniversal Global Networks
    LAPTV (Latin America) – co-owned with Paramount Pictures (Viacom), MGM and 20th Century Fox (News Corporation);
    Telecine (Brazil) – co-owned with Globosat Canais, Paramount Pictures, DreamWorks, MGM and 20th Century Fox;
    Universal Channel Latin America (except Brazil
    Universal Channel Brazil (co-owned with Globosat Canais);
    Sci Fi Channel (Latin America)
    NBCUniversal Global Networks España.
    KVEA/KWHY – Los Angeles
    WNJU – New York
    WSCV – Miami
    KTMD – Houston
    WSNS – Chicago
    KXTX – Dallas/Fort Worth
    KVDA – San Antonio
    KSTS – San Jose/San Francisco
    KTAZ – Phoenix
    KBLR – Las Vegas
    KNSO – Fresno
    KDEN – Longmont, Colorado
    WNEU – Boston/Merrimack
    KHRR – Tucson
    WKAQ – Puerto Rico
    Universal Studios (co-owned with Vivendi)
    Universal Pictures
    Focus Features
    Working Title Films
    Universal Studios Licensing
    Universal Animation Studios
    Universal Interactive
    Universal Pictures International
    Universal Studios Home Entertainment
    Universal Home Entertainment Productions
    United International Pictures (co-owned with Paramount Pictures/Viacom);
    Universal Operations Group
    Universal Production Studios
    Universal Parks & Resorts
    qubo – Qubo Venture,LLC¹
    ¹Minority interest
    ²Stations which LIN Television owns a minority interest (24%) i

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