News: August 17, 2011

[Beautiful people]

4/13/2011,the next day of when they finally admitted Fukushima was level 7,Minister of economy,Kaieda and Minister of science revised the rule of subsidy to let the pro-nuc local governments receive more subsidy.

It was revised not to let anyone notice.Today Tokyo Shimbum scooped it finally.

When they build a new plant (1350 thousand KW);44.9 billion yen→48.1 billion yen (3.2 billion yen up)

They also stopped paying subsidy for stopped plants,they will pay based on the past amount of power production of a local governments are given more incentive to keep plants moving and build more plants.

[A heartbreaking report]

[I wish I could have a dog]

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in the clean world.

A prayer of a Fukushima child,”I wish everything would be decontaminated and I could have a puppy.”

[It has begun]

Anencephalic baby birth seems to be increasing.

pippi harada

got a phone call from my sister.She says her friend turned out to be bearing an anencephalic baby
for her 4 month maternity test.In Tokyo.

@hanayuu ママ友さんのご友人も先月無脳症の赤ちゃんを授かり堕胎しました。そのママ友さんは医療関係者なのですが、震災以降無脳症の赤ちゃんが増えてると言っていました。別の看護師さんは、大丈夫だった人が急に切迫流産になる事が増えたと。ため息しか出ません・・・

My friend,who is involved in medical industry turned out to be bearing an anencephalic baby.She decided to get an abortion. She says this case has been increasing since 311. Another nurse stated,abortion threatened has been increasing too though the mother had been totally fine.

The same situation was observed when Chernobyl happened.

Pro-nuc people,and people who still think this is hysteria. This is all your fault. Take responsibility whatever it takes.

[Killer sanitary napkin]

A sanitary napkin maker is still making napkin in Fukushima.

A consumer detected 0.15 uSv/h from it ,when the room was 0.07 uSv/h.

They say,sexual organ is as 30 times sensitive as other parts toward radiation.

The first picture is when they detected 0.15 uSv/h

The second picture is the package of the napkin. I don’t know what brand it is because I haven’t used,but I recommend you to sort out the brand and don’t buy them.

They say,they are sold extra cheap at supermarket.!/gontarakun/status/103695994797035520/photo/1!/gontarakun/status/103697136163631104/photo/1

<Additional info>

Unicharm makes napkin in factories of Fukushima.They only conduct spot checks.
Boycott their products.

@hanayuu 使用していたユニチャームの生理ナプキン、問い合わせセンターに電話したら、福島県東白川郡棚倉町の工場で作られてました。放射能検査は抜き打ちでサンプルのみしか測定なしとのこと。会社の対応も事勿れ主義で、激しい憤りを感じます。絶対、不買運動します!


[For Japanese readers]

Lawyers support you to rob tepco of compensation.
It’s hard to sue them only by yourself,but as a group,you get a power.

[Save children’s food]

A popular food brand,”Ampam man curry”.
They are manufactured in the factories in Fukushima.
Please don’t let children eat it.!/nattochama/status/103791358149541889


In Fukushima,school still have children play outside.

1.09 uSv/h beside a playground.

It’s dusty,and windy.

[Torture for resistance]

An anti-nuc activist sketched the cell where he was put in.
No sound,no toothbrush,lighted up around the clock.No spoon,no fork.No receiving.
The cell is 2m×3m.(really small)

[They can not evacuate to Hokkaido anymore]

Tomari genpatsu unit 3 is re-starting as of 8/17.

[Contamination is spreading further than we have ever thought]

Fukushima local court detected 186,000 Bq/kg from the sludge of the side ditch in their Aizu wakamatsu branch,where is 100km far from Fukushima plants.

According to government’s regulation,they can keep the sludge in a concrete shelter if it’s 8,000 Bq/kg~100,000 Bq/kg,but it’s beyond the limit in this case,so they have no clue what to do with it.

They leave it there and made the area around the off-limits area.The air dose was 0.24 uSv/h.

[Because nuc is safe]

Tepco did not prepare any manual to vent. They did not prepare for the risk of hydrogen explosion either. It turned out they did never do any risk management.

[Plutonium 239/240]

They detected pulutonium 239/240 in Okuma machi ,Fukushima.

Max ; 11.10 Bq/㎡

This is a very important information,so I will post it here before they delete.

I hope someone will translate it.







5月25日に、東北大学大学院理学研究科 小池武志先生、東北大学サイクロトロン ラジオアイソトープセンター 島田健司先生のご協力をいただいて、大熊町町内11か所の土壌を採取し、サンプルを東北大学、並びに金沢大学に送り、分析をお願いしました。

分析結果について6月24日、大熊町役場 会津若松出張所にて東北大学大学院理学研究科 小池武志先生、金沢大学 山本政儀先生より報告を受けましたので、皆さまにお知らせします。


(1) 大野幼稚園駐車場(野上字諏訪 地内)

(2) 高田公園前畑(大川原字西平 地内)

(3) 大野児童館園庭(下野上字清水 地内)

(4) 役場前児童公園(下野上字大野 地内)

(5) 総合スポーツセンターグランド(夫沢字中央台 地内)

(6) 夫沢字長者原 地内

(7) 夫沢字北台 地内

(8) 夫沢字東台 地内

(9) 小入野字東台 地内

(10) 緑ヶ丘グランド(熊川字緑ヶ丘 地内)

(11) 小良浜集会所前(小良浜字高平 地内)


ヨウ素 (Iodine) 131 (kBq/㎡)
セシウム (Cesium) 134 (kBq/㎡)
セシウム (Cesium) 137 (kBq/㎡)
セシウム (Cesium) 136 (kBq/㎡)
プルトニウム (Plutonium) 239・240 (Bq/㎡)

(1) 諏訪 空間線量(地表面) 22.0
空間線量(地上1m) 16.8
ヨウ素 (Iodine) 131 43
セシウム (Cesium) 134 1600
セシウム (Cesium) 137 1803
セシウム (Cesium) 136 7
プルトニウム (Plutonium) 239/240 未検査

(2) 西平 空間線量(地表面) 12.6
空間線量(地上1m) 9.0
ウ素 (Iodine) 131 32
セシウム (Cesium) 134 623
セシウム (Cesium) 137 711
セシウム (Cesium) 136 3
プルトニウム (Plutonium) 239/240 未検査

(3) 清水
空間線量(地表面) 38.0
空間線量(地上1m) 22.0
ヨウ素 (Iodine) 131 78
セシウム (Cesium) 134 2185
セシウム (Cesium) 137 2520
セシウム (Cesium) 136 11
プルトニウム 239/240 0.19

(4) 大野 空間線量(地表面) 60.0
空間線量(地上1m) 42.0
ヨウ素 (Iodine) 131 100
セシウム (Cesium) 134 4463
セシウム (Cesium) 137 4807
セシウム (Cesium) 136 24
プルトニウム (Plutonium) 239/240 0.26

(5) 中央台
空間線量(地表面) 90.0
空間線量(地上1m) 70.0
ヨウ素 (Iodine) 131 139
セシウム (Cesium) 134 5494
セシウム (Cesium) 137 5945
セシウム (Cesium) 136 29
プルトニウム (Plutonium) 239/240 1.24

(6) 長者原
空間線量(地表面) 19.0
空間線量(地上1m) 14.0
ヨウ素 (Iodine) 131 100
セシウム (Cesium) 134 2092
セシウム (Cesium) 137 2389
セシウム (Cesium) 136 9
プルトニウム (Plutonium) 239/240 5.91

(7) 北台
空間線量(地表面) 140
空間線量(地上1m) 100.0
ヨウ素 (Iodine) 131 197
セシウム (Cesium) 134 4590
セシウム (Cesium) 137 4940
セシウム (Cesium) 136 22
プルトニウム (Plutonium) 239/240 11.10

(8) 東台
空間線量(地表面) 130.0
空間線量(地上1m) 100.0
ヨウ素 (Iodine) 131 124
セシウム (Cesium) 134 2906
セシウム (Cesium) 137 3268
セシウム (Cesium) 136 13
プルトニウム (Plutonium) 239/240 2.77

(9) 東平
空間線量(地表面) 180.0
空間線量(地上1m) 140.0
ヨウ素 (Iodine) 131 653
セシウム (Cesium) 134 27772
セシウム (Cesium) 137 30014
セシウム (Cesium) 136 151
プルトニウム (Plutonium) 239/240 5.02

(10) 緑ケ丘
空間線量(地表面) 100.0
空間線量(地上1m) 80.0
ヨウ素 (Iodine) 131 171
セシウム (Cesium) 134 5101
セシウム (Cesium) 137 5742
セシウム (Cesium) 136 24
プルトニウム (Plutonium) 239/240 11.00

(11) 高平
空間線量(地表面) 40.0
空間線量(地上1m) 30.0
ヨウ素 (Iodine) 131 31
セシウム (Cesium) 134 915
セシウム (Cesium) 137 1051
セシウム (Cesium) 136 4
プルトニウム (Plutonium) 239/240 7.98

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I am the writer of this website. About page remains in 2014. This is because my memory about 311 was clearer than now, 2023, and I think it can have a historical value. Now I'm living in Romania with 3 cats as an independent data scientist.
Actually, nothing has progressed in the plant since 2011. We still don't even know what is going on inside. They must keep cooling the crippled reactors by water, but additionally groundwater keeps flowing into the reactor buildings from the broken parts. This is why highly contaminated water is always produced more than it can circulate. Tepco is planning to officially discharge this water to the Pacific but Tritium is still remaining in it. They dilute this with seawater so that it is legally safe, but scientifically the same amount of radioactive tritium is contained. They say it is safe to discharge, but none of them have drunk it.


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