[Express] “Supermarket gives nickname to deformed strawberry to sell”

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I tweeted about the deformed strawberry harvested in Kasakake town in Gunma. I found the same brand harvested in Tochigi prefecture in Fressay (A supermarket chain) , but some of them are also deformed. The supermarket was saying they were going to give it a nickname in Gunma but in Tochigi, they just mix the deformed ones in a package as if nothing was wrong. I used to see nothing like the deformed ones..


[Express] "Supermarket gives deformed strawberry nickname to sell"



Français :

[Express] “Le supermarché donne un surnom aux fraises déformées en vente”

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J’ai tweeté sur les fraises déformées récoltées à Kasakake dans Gunma. J’ai trouvé la même marque sur des récoltes de la préfecture de Tochigi chez Fressay (une chaîne de supermarchés)  mais quelques unes sont déformées aussi. Le supermarché disait qu’ils allaient leur donner un surnom à Gunma et pas à Tochigi, ils ont simplement mélangé les déformées dans des paquets normaux comme si rien n’allait de travers. Je n’avais jamais rien vu de tel que ces déformations.

[Express] Le supermarché donne un surnom aux fraises déformées en vente

先日呟いた笠懸町で収穫された奇形イチゴ、フレッセイに行ったら栃木産が売ってたけどやっぱり奇形だ、笠懸ではニックネーム付けて売り出すって書いてあったが、栃木産では1パックに数個は入って普通に売ってる。今まで見覚えないよなぁ・・・。 twitter.com/zcpower/status…
— 中年爆走パパさん (@zcpower) 2013年2月16日





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4 Responses to “[Express] “Supermarket gives nickname to deformed strawberry to sell””

  1. JEC says:

    We see strawberries deformed like that in Washington State. Have seen it for years, could it be due to the nuclear test and HanFord WA nuclear plant? Just curious the “deformed” look so similar.

  2. Damcho Dronma says:

    Increase in genetic anomolies, most definitely, should be a concern for the overall radiation in the food supply, atmosphre, water supply. Must TEST to know what radioisotopes are present. Whatever is seen in one species is seen in all species.

    “TABLE 9.12. Some Radiation-Induced Morphological
    Changes in Plants in Heavily Contaminated
    Territories after the Catastrophe (Grodzinsky,
    1999; Gudkov and Vinichuk, 2006)
    Part: Morphological changes

    Leaves: Increase or decrease in size and quantity
    Shape change
    Nervation break
    Leaf plates inosculation
    Fasciations and swellings
    Appearance of necrotic spots
    Loss of leaf plate
    Premature defoliation

    Shoots: Additional vegetative lateral and
    apex shoots
    Impairment of geotopical orientation
    of the shoots
    “Bald” shoots
    Stems Speedup or inhibition of growth
    Phyllotaxis failure (order of leaf placing)
    Color change
    Loss of apical dominance
    Dichotomy and fasciations
    Change of intercepts

    Roots: Speedup or inhibition of growth
    Splitting of main root
    Death of main root
    Trimming of meristem zone
    Absence of lateral roots
    Swellings and twists
    Appearance of aerial roots
    Heliotropism break

    Flowers: Speedup or inhibition of flowering
    Color change
    Increase or decrease of quantity
    Shape change
    Defoliation of flowers and floscules

    page 246 “Chernobyl: Consequences of the Catastrophe for People and the Environment”
    Alexey Yablokov, Vasily Nesterenko and Alexey Nesterenko
    NY Academy of Sciences, Volume 1181, 2009.
    5,000 Slavic language studies reviews, over 1,400 cited.
    hard copy now available at Greko Printing 734-453-0341 $12.50 in USA;
    email print order: orders@grekoprinting.com

  3. Damcho Dronma says:

    See also facebook group Mutation Watch for many examples of signs that we are increasingly living in a dangerously radioactive environment. The accumulation, especially with this unprecedented level of fallout from Fukushima, brings many species’ genetic, random, increase in anamolies… bad for living things.

    As for testing food, geiger counter is NOT enough!

    and take supplements to block absorption of radioisotopes…
    Prof. Chris Busby update on Supplements to block Fukushima radioactivity effects

  4. Names Mean Nothing says:

    Eating all foods is like sticking your hand in a rat hole, maybe something will chew it off and you die from rabbies or, nothing happens…what excitement!

    Population reduction should be renamed – Radioactive Species Eradication”, sounds more technical…Yes!

    Everyone needs to keep playing dumb to everything that goes on, it’s less painful and who gives a fuk anyway!

    The quicker this all goes down, the easier it will be to get rid of this human experiment, I mean, human failure.

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