[Express] Something’s going on underground -”After the M7.3, well water became muddy in Ibaraki”

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Today’s M7.3 caused unexpected result. It made the well water muddy at home and the water of bathtub became brown. The strainer of the hot-water-heater was stuck. For how long does it last ? How’s your home ?

My home is in Ibaraki, sorry for being confusing. ・・・


Français :

[Express] Il se passe quelque chose en sous-sol -”Après le M7,3, l’eau courante est devenue boueuse à Ibaraki”

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— 吉原 均さん (@Flower_island) 12月 7, 2012
Le M7,3 d’aujourd’hui a eu des résultats inattendus. Il a rendu boueuse l’eau courante à la maison et l’eau de la baignoire est devenue marron. Le filtre de l’eau chaude du chauffe-eau en était bouché. Ça s’arrête au bout de combien de temps ? C’est comment chez vous ?

@honumo 茨城です。紛らわしくてすみません。単身赴任で神奈川にいますが、自宅は茨城です。週末帰宅してお風呂に入ってびっくりだったのです。
— 吉原 均さん (@Flower_island) 12月 7, 2012
Ma maison est dans Ibaraki, désolée pour la confusion. ・・・





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2 Responses to “[Express] Something’s going on underground -”After the M7.3, well water became muddy in Ibaraki””

  1. Dave says:

    Similar volcanic activity as when Osaka bay turned yellow.
    Means either pipe is ruptured or…magma and sulfer activity.
    Wonder if Fuji will erupt?
    When you smell rotten eggs, that’s when you start packing suitcase.

  2. Doru says:

    Water acts as a hydraulic Brake or shock absorbant between the cracks during an earthquake as seen in videos . The pressure can be so huge it liqufies the earth along the water contact creating a hot mud .

    But there is a road between eartquakes and the planet heating which is caused by volcanoes and cracks on the ocean floors releasing magma at 1,200 Celsius , 24/7 around the world and at both Poles .

    Proof ? Ask the Navy to release the thermo-maps and you’ll see those ‘burners’ all over the world . Hence the Kyoto BS is a Conspiracy and you are the TAX Target .

    When that tectonic heating stops Earth goes into a Glaciacion .

    And last , the tectonic heating is due to the stress and agitation of the Earth magma due to Gravitational Variations encountered by Earth/Sun orbit around the centre of our galaxy . Proof : right now we are entering the Orion Arm of our galaxy , a much higher concentration of stars hence gravity forces .

    If you have doubts about the gravity as the cause of those powerful actions remember that the entire massive solar system is slinging around the centre of our galaxy that is lightyears away on strings that we can’t see , gravity .

    For the next few THAUSAND years Earth will cross the gravity-dense Orion Arm that will stir the magma to surface causing our planet to became again suitable to grow bananas at both … Poles … but this time , Radioactive …
    All makes sense … but do you have a copy of the UPN theory that explains the foundation ?

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