Decontamination produces 1.5 tones of contaminated soil per a household

FNN reported that decontamination produces 1.5 tones of the contaminated soil from a household in a new residential area, Minamimukaidai of Fukushima city.

They dig the ground until the atmospheric dose becomes lower than 1mSv/y in the garden. Most of the contaminated soil is kept in their own gardens, but some of them are kept in the temporary storage area.

↓ The temporary storage area of Onami area of Fukushima city. 8,000 tones of contaminated soil are produced from 470 households.

Decontamination produces 1.5 tones of contaminated soil at a household, kept in the garden for 3 years, interim storage for 30 years

According to the government’s plan, contaminated soil produced by decontamination are kept at those temporary storage facility or gardens for 3 years, and they will be moved and kept in the interim storage facility for 30 years. The final disposal site will be out of Fukushima prefecture.



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Français :

La décontamination produit 1,5 tonnes de sol contaminé par maison

FNN a rapporté que la décontamination produit 1,5 tonnes de sol contaminé par maison de zone résidentielle, à Minamimukaidai dans la ville de Fukushima.

Ils creusent le sol jusqu’à ce que la dose aérienne descende sous 1 mSv/an dans les jardins. La plupart des sols contaminés sont laissés dans ces mêmes jardins mais certains sont stockés à l’aire d’entreposage provisoire.

↓ La zone de stockage provisoire de la zone d’Onami dans la ville de Fukushima. 8 000 tonnes de sol contaminé sont produites par 470 maisons.

La décontamination produit 1,5 tonnes de sol contaminé par maison

Selon le plan du gouvernement, les sols contaminés issus de la décontamination sont gardés dans ces aires provisoires de stockage ou dans les jardins pendant 3 ans,  ils en seront enlevés ensuite pour être mis dans la zone de stockage provisoire pendant 30 ans. Le site de dépôt final sera situé en dehors de la préfecture de Fukushima.



Article lié [Purge] Le conseil municipal demande à M. Idogawa, maire de Futabamachi, de démissionner pour pouvoir monter un centre de stockage temporaire [Lien]





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2 Responses to “Decontamination produces 1.5 tones of contaminated soil per a household”

  1. Dan says:

    Must be really good quality bags to sit out in the weather being irradiated for three years and then withstand being handled again to be moved to another facility and then moved on yet again thirty years later.
    Wouldn’t it be easier to incorporate the contaminated soil into pre stressed concrete panels, build a penal facility on an island somewhere and incarcerated the worlds worst villains there?
    Look at the advantages: A nice income from other countries for accommodation of their most vile and contemptible murderers, rapists and serial parking offenders at her majesty’s displeasure, a great place to store millions of tons of contaminated soil and debris, the island would grow exponential over time to allow for increased business……and all with a handy turnaround rate of cell space.

  2. TechDud says:

    … and then the rush would be on to fill those prisons.

    At this crossroads in history it would be too easy to trade one damning future for none in ignorance.

    “the island would grow exponential over time to allow for increased business…”[/quote]
    Well, that is until it becomes difficult, then impossible to contain them all. Then kiss any mediocre profit goodbye and add the liability upon that.

    What is it they say? “Not In My BackYard” (NIMBY).

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