[Column] 3 reasons why we must stop loving Japan

There were some reasons why I left Japan. One of the biggest reasons was the spreading radiation, but another reason was the rising fascism.
I did not talk about that much because nobody expected Japan to become right-wing again. Everyone thought Japan was the most peaceful country. However, I have been warning the rising fascism of Japan since the very day zero.
Next Sunday, Japan is going to have an election, and LDP is thought to come back to power.
Here I’m going to explain 3 terrible changes expected to happen.

1. The Imperial Sovereignty and military
LDP is trying to change the constitution and they made the draft of constitutional amendment on 4/27/2012. [Link]
In article 1, they defined the sovereignty to belong to the emperor though it contradicts the preamble to state the sovereignty of the people. In the current constitution, emperor is supposed to be “the symbol” of the people, not the sovereign.
How does it matter ? It’s “who owns the military”.

LDP is planning to build Japanese military. [Link]
In the old constitution, “Constitution of the Empire of Japan” until WW2, supreme command authority belonged to the emperor, he had the right to order the military.
He actually doesn’t order. It is the government to order from behind the emperor. By shifting the sovereignty from the people to the emperor, the government can control the military however they like.

2. Affirmation of bondage
In article 18 of the current constitution, it is stated below,
Article 18. No person shall be held in bondage of any kind. Involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime, is prohibited.
In the draft of constitutional amendment of LDP, the part of “No person shall be held in bondage of any kind.” is removed. Instead, the replacement of this article18 is very vague and lax.
第十八条 何人も、その意に反すると否とにかかわらず、社会的又は経済的関係において身体を拘束されない。
Article 18. Nobody is physically restricted in the social and economical relationship whether it’s against the person’s will or not.

The definition of “social and economical relationship” is not stated. It suggests the possibility of conscription for military and Fukushima decommissioning. (cf. [Column] What is going to happen for the next stage of Fukushima accident ?)

3. Enabling act
In their draft, a provision in a law that confers on cabinet the power to implement or enforce the law under the declaration of emergency is stated, which reminds us of the Nazis. (Wikipedia. Enabling act of 1933)

In article 98, they define what the “emergency” is.
第九十八条 内閣総理大臣は、我が国に対する外部からの武力攻撃、内乱等による社会秩序の混乱、地震等による大規模な自然災害その他の法律で定める緊急事態において、特に必要があると認めるときは、法律の定めるところにより、閣議にかけて、緊急事態の宣言を発することができる。
Article 98. in case of armed attack to Japan, confusion of the social order due to civil strife etc, large natural disaster such as earthquake and other emergency stipulated by the law, the prime minister can declare the emergency with a Cabinet meeting when it’s necessary.
and in article 99, they address the enabling clause.
第九十九条 緊急事態の宣言が発せられたときは、法律の定めるところにより、内閣は法律と同一の効力を有する政令を制定することができるほか、内閣総理大臣は財政上必要な支出その他の処分を行い、地方自治体の長に対して必要な指示をすることができる。
Article 99. Under the declaration of emergency, as it’s stipulated by law, Cabinet can establish cabinet orders, which is as valid as laws, and prime minister can determine necessary expense etc, give orders to municipalities.

They already have an “armed attack” from North Korea. (cf. [Column] Japan expecting a Christmas present from North Korea)
These are also 3 reasons why I left Japan other than radiation.
Fukushima Diary will be the internet resistance. It will fight the fascism until either of them falls down.



Français :

[Édito] 3 raisons pour lesquelles nous devons arrêter d’aimer le Japon

Il y a eu plusieurs raisons pour me faire quitter le Japon. Une des principales était la diffusion de la radioactivité mais une autre était la montée du fascisme.
Je n’en ai pas beaucoup parlé parce que personne ne s’attendait à ce que le Japon vire à nouveau à droite. Tout le monde pensait que le Japon était le pays le plus pacifique. Toutefois, j’ai prévenu de la montée du fascisme nippon depuis le tout premier jour.
Dimanche prochain, le Japon va voter et le LPD est préssenti revenir au pouvoir.
Ici, je vais montrer les 3 terribles changements à en attendre.

1. La souveraineté impériale et l’armée
Le LDP essaye de changer la constitution et ils ont fait un brouillon d’amendement constitutionnel le 27 avril 2012. [Lien]
Dans l’article 1, ils ont défini la souveraineté comme appartenant à l’empereur bien que ce soit en contradiction avec le préambule disant qu’elle appartient au peuple. Dans la constitution actuelle, l’empereur est supposé être “le symbole” du peuple, pas le souverain.
Quelle importance  ? C’est “celui qui tient l’armée”.

Le LDP programme de monter une armée japonaise. [Lien]
Dans l’ancienne constitution, “Constitution de l’Empire du Japon” jusqu’à la 2e guerre mondiale, l’autorité suprême de commandement appartenait à l’empereur, il avait le droit de commander l’armée.
Il ne la commande pas actuellement. C’est le gouvernement qui la commande devant l’empereur. En faisant glisser la souverainenté du peuple à l’empereur, le gouvernement peut néanmoins contrôler l’armée à sa guise.

2. Affirmation de l’esclavage
Dans l’article 18 de l’actuelle constitution, il est écrit ceci :
Article 18. Personne ne peut être maintenu en esclavage de quelque façon que ce soit. Toute servitude non volontaire, exception faite des châtiments de crimes, sont interdites.
Dans le brouillon d’amendement constitutionnel du LPD, la partie  “Personne ne doit être maintenu en esclavage de quelque façon que ce soit.” est retirée. Le remplacement de cet article 18 est très vague et laxiste.
第十八条 何人も、その意に反すると否とにかかわらず、社会的又は経済的関係において身体を拘束されない。
Article 18. Personne n’est physiquement restreint dans ses relations sociales et économiques, que ce soit contre la volonté de la personne ou non.

La définition des  “relations sociales et économiques” n’est pas établie. Ceci ouvre la voie aux conscriptions militaires pour le démantèlement de Fukushima. (cf. [Édito] Quelle sera la prochaine étape de l’accident de Fukushima ?)

(ndt : de plus, tous les “esclavages non physiquement établis” (prostitutions, chantages) sont permis …)

3. Acte libératoire
Dans leur brouillon, une disposition de la loi confèrerait au Cabinet (conseil des ministres) le pouvoir de mettre en place ou de renforcer la loi après la déclaration de l’état d’urgence, ce qui rappelle le régime nazi. (Wikipedia. Enabling act of 1933)

Dans l’article 98, ils définissent ce qu’est une “urgence”.
第九十八条 内閣総理大臣は、我が国に対する外部からの武力攻撃、内乱等による社会秩序の混乱、地震等による大規模な自然災害その他の法律で定める緊急事態において、特に必要があると認めるときは、法律の定めるところにより、閣議にかけて、緊急事態の宣言を発することができる。
Article 98. en cas d’attaque armée contre le Japon, de confusion dans l’ordre social à cause de conflits sociaux, etc, de grandes catastrophes comme un séisme ou toute autre urgence telle que stipulée par la loi, le premier ministre peut, lorsque c’est nécessaire, déclarer l’état d’urgence à l’issue d’un conseil des ministres.
et dans l’article 99, ils abordent la clause libératoire :
第九十九条 緊急事態の宣言が発せられたときは、法律の定めるところにより、内閣は法律と同一の効力を有する政令を制定することができるほか、内閣総理大臣は財政上必要な支出その他の処分を行い、地方自治体の長に対して必要な指示をすることができる。
Article 99. Dans le cadre de la déclaration de l’état d’urgence, comme stipulé par la loi, le Cabinet (des ministres) peut émettre des arrêtés-cabinet qui ont force de loi et le premier ministre peut fixer les budgets nécessaires, etc, plus donner des ordres aux municipalités.

Ils ont déjà une “attaque armée” de la part de la Corée du Nord. (cf. [Édito] Le Japon attend un cadeau de noël de la Corée du Nord)

Ce sont aussi 3 raisons expliquant pourquoi j’ai quitté le Japon, en plus de la radioactivité.
Le Fukushima Diary sera la résistance sur internet. Il combattra le fascisme jusqu’à ce qu’ils soient tous abrogés.





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14 Responses to “[Column] 3 reasons why we must stop loving Japan”

  1. Anna says:

    I will study carefully the article.
    My feeling is that some other Governments are coming to fascism much more than Japan.Look how is manipulated public opinion to start wars all over..
    Articles like this are very interesting to understand Japan.

  2. anonymous says:

    Let us not forget that China’s military buildup, its recent aggression against its neighbors, and its ongoing anti-Japan propaganda campaign inside China has helped feed this new nationalism. A peaceful, conciliatory China would make it more difficult for the LDP to gain the Japan public’s support for these policies.

  3. Elena says:

    Spreading radiation and rising fascism were also the main reasons I left the U.S.

  4. onedragon says:

    Maybe the(LDP) Japanese government wants to implement these new policies,but the Japanese people are about as war mongering as 2 kids shooting rubber-bands at each other.

  5. Carl Vilbrandt says:

    It is the same in the USA .. Habeas corpus is a writ (legal action) which requires a person under arrest to be brought before a judge or into court is gone.

    The president of the USA claims the power to take the life of a citizen without recourse to law and legal process, and seeks to sustain that under vague claims of commander-in-chief authority, that claim is in its essence tyrannical.

  6. citizenperth says:

    shared :) …..

  7. Janek says:

    Each election, I see the French politic turn to right and extreme right. The Sarkozy government past some law directly inspired by the Front National, a fascist party in France. I think that a lot of country are radicalising.
    But when I passed in Tachikawa few weeks before, I was surprise to see people in the street protesting again the modification of the constitution. And Japanese people go to manifestation again nuclear even with the risk to be arrested, like recently. I think that their are corrupted power in each country which tend to fascism. But happy, they are still people to fight them, even without a chance (like Cyranno said: “It is more beautiful when it is useless.”).
    I will not condemn Japan, because Japan is a large country, with a lot of different persons. But be sure that if I cross one of this guy who let child eat radioactive food, or want to make war to China or Corea, I will kick him so powerful, that he will become a new satellite! :-D

    • terry evans says:

      very cool
      I will not condemn Japan either

      There is no perfect country
      There is no “safe” country

  8. VyseLegendaire says:

    Japan is on the road to serfdom, USA and Europe are already driven the bus off the cliff.

  9. vasik says:

    There is old saying “soup from same pot can’t taste differently”.
    Our planet so small, there is no much difference where you live.
    More or less, there are same issues everywhere.

    You can make difference only in a way how you live.

  10. Sigh says:

    I think fascism is an inevitable eventuality of peaceful times. Assholes take advantage of people letting their guard down. It’s a vicious cycle. I don’t think humans are capable of completely living in peace. There always has to be a balance.

  11. Thank you so much for this article. Simple, clear, and so true.

    I love the people in Japan who fight, who think and try hard to protect the life. But, unfortunately, monkey and power seemed more important to the world that life and children.

    I feel so sad for those future generation…

  12. Andres Arce says:

    it won’t ‘fall down’.
    Without any money Japan will never be what it was, and they seem to have caught get the worse of our Occident, meaning stupidity and (yes) fascism.

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