Japanese media reported the number of the death to be one in tenth

Following up this article..[ABC] Fukushima radiation may kill 1,300

Kyodo news [Link] reported the number of the people who may be killed by radiation to be one in tenth as it was reported by ABC.

Kyodo reported to be 130, where ABC reported it to be 1,300. Both are about the report done by Stanford University in the US.

It is not explained what caused the difference.


↓ Kyodo

Japanese media reported the number of the death to be one in tenth



Japanese media reported the number of the death to be one in tenth 2


  1. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Un média japonais divise par 10 le nombre de morts.
    Par Mochizuki, le 23 juillet 2012.

    Kyodo news [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kyodo_News] a publié un nombre de gens pouvant être tués de la radioactivité divisé par dix par rapport à ce qu’en publiait ABC.

    Kyodo disait 130 quand ABC disait 1 300. Les deux présentaient le même rapport de l’université américaine de Stanford.

    Rien n’explique ce qui a provoqué une telle différence.

    ↓ Kyodo
    (copie d’écran)

    ↓ ABC
    (copie d’écran)

    Source : http://www.47news.jp/CN/201207/CN2012071901001961.html

  2. It is extremely unfortunate that media cannot agree on future radiation death numbers. But even more disturbing is that those numbers will prove false, and should never have published in the first place. Many, perhaps many thousands will die as a direct result of the nuclear fallout. The exposure levels were incredible and even Tokyo suffered. I wish it were not so.

  3. Better go to the source than later partial commentary.

    Inded, in fact, both figures (with many other ones) are “true” in the report…as a best estimate.
    130: “raw” best estimate between 15 and 1100 of cancer related mortalities.
    1300: the upper estimate when taking some few other points into consideration.

    Extract of Stanford paper executive summary:
    “We estimate an additional 130 (15–1100) cancer-related mortalities and 180 (24–1800) cancer-related morbidities incorporating uncertainties associated with the exposure–dose and dose–response models used in the study.
    We also discuss the LNT model’s uncertainty at low doses. Sensitivities to emission rates, gas to particulate I-131 partitioning, and the mandatory evacuation radius around the plant are also explored, and may increase upper bound mortalities and morbidities in the ranges above to 1300 and 2500, respectively. Radiation exposure to workers at the plant is projected to result in 2 to 12 morbidities. An additional ~600 mortalities have been reported due to non-radiological causes such as mandatory evacuations”

    But reality and the Stanford paper are a bit more subtle and, in particular highlight the huge uncertainties due to the combined approximations of such model and low dose exact impact largely (quantitatively) unknown.

  4. Actually, numbers ABC reports are a fallacy. Much less than what will actually occur. Nobel winning physicist, John Gofman, calculated numbers for U.S. Federal Government long before Three Mile Island. They didn’t like his numbers so buried his findings. NRC and Nuke Industry don’t want you to know what is really going on. Fukushima is prime example of why we say, NO NUKES! Here’s link to Gofman’s response to media/government/nuke industry blackout he published just after 3 Mile Island: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/CNR/PP/

  5. The #s are an extreme underestimate. They still say only a few thousand people died from Chernobyl but we know the reality is millions have been crippled or killed.

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