Fukushima worker was ordered to shield dosimeter with lead cover to make integral dose look low



Fukushima workers were ordered to shield their dosimeter with lead covers to make the integral dose look lower than actual. The lead cover has a few mm of thickness. Some of the workers admitted they covered the dosimeters with lead cases in the interview with Asahi newspaper.

They are working for one of the subcontract companies called “build-up” [Link].
On 12/1/2011, 10 of the workers were ordered to shield the dosimeters called APD, but 3 of them rejected it. In the evening of 12/2/2011, those workers and 3 managers had a discussion at the hotel, where they used as lodging house. The workers recorded the conversation by mobile phone to publish the fact that they were to shield their dosimeter. The manager (54) who gave them order is denying the contents of recorded conversation. He’s denying that he ordered them to shield or some of the workers actually covered it with lead case.
The company “build-up” is a construction and temporary staffing company under TOKYO ENERGY & SYSTEMS INC [Link], which is a group company of Tepco.
The slogan of “build-up” is Make clients 120% content and make employees 120% happy.










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10 Responses to “Fukushima worker was ordered to shield dosimeter with lead cover to make integral dose look low”

  1. jec says:

    Those poor workers. No wonder the “levels” are low. TEPCO again strikes and shows how little human life means to them. Bottom line..dollars more valuable than low class humans. The recorded conversation..probably noone will hear if TEPCO has its way…and lead shielding..criminal..The manager should be made to stand near the SFP of Reactor 4 to recieve the “safe ” radiation..and be sure to shield their dosimeters..

  2. jec says:

    And here is the company talking about profit..31.43 (yen) Earning Per Share. And here is how they did it:
    “Concerning income, owing to our active implementation works for nuclear and thermal power plants sales exceeded our previously planned target. As well as improving our work efficiency by concentrating our staff members on the short-term construction period with a day and night sift, we wholly cut down overhead costs through the period.”

    And the people who have died..heart attack, luekemia, and future illness..guess “can’t prove it” because of the shielded dosimeters. Those poor men should wear private/hidden dosimeter badges.

  3. anonymous says:

    It should not surprise that a TEPCO group company would behave this way. TEPCO has a reputation for a weak safety culture, secrecy, and fraudulent safety reporting.

    Yet the new president of TEPCO plans to reopen its other nuclear power plants in the future.

    This company should NEVER be allowed to reopen any of its nuclear power plant. It cannot be trusted ever again.

  4. thorn says:

    this shit should hit world wide news its a realy big deal

  5. Mimi Mato says:

    FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – Les travailleurs de Fukushima ont reçu l’ordre de couvrir de plomb leurs dosimètres pour masquer la dose totale réellement reçue.
    Par Mochizuki, le 20 juillet 2012 · 1 Commentaire.

    (schéma de la directive, en japonais)

    Les travailleurs de Fukushima ont reçu l’ordre de couvrir leurs dosimètres avec un étui en plomb pour que la dose totale mesurée ait l’air inférieure à la vraie. l’étui en plomb fait quelques mm d’épaisseur. Au cours d’une interview du journal Asahi, certains travailleurs ont reconnu avoir mis leurs dosimètres dans ces boîtes en plomb.

    Ils travaillent pour l’un des sous-traitants nommé “build-up” [http://www.build-up.co.jp/index.html].

    Le 1er juillet 2012, 10 des travailleurs ont reçu l’ordre de masquer leurs dosimètres appelés APD mais 3 d’entre eux ont refusé.

    Dans la soirée du 2 juillet ces travailleurs ont eu une discussion avec 3 managers dans l’hôtel où ils logent. Ils ont enregistré la conversation sur un téléphone mobile pour publier le fait qu’on leur ordonnait de couvrir leurs dosimètres.

    Le patron qui a donné cet ordre (54 ans) nie le contenu de cette conversation enregistrée. Il nie avoir donné l’ordre et aussi que certains travailleurs aient pu l’exécuter.

    La société “build-up” est une entreprise de BTP qui utilise beaucoup d’intérimaires et qui travaille pour TOKYO ENERGY & SYSTEMS INC [http://www.qtes.co.jp/], laquelle est une société du groupe Tepco.

    Le slogan de “build-up” est “Satisfaire les clients à 120% et rendre les employés heureux à 120%”.




    Source : http://www.asahi.com/national/update/0721/TKY201207200768.html

  6. terry evans says:

    Reuters: Head of Tepco ‘shocked’ people are concerned about No. 4 fuel pool — ‘Baffled’ by criticism of company’s role in Fukushima disaster

    shocked I tell you, shocked, lol
    40 years, behind a desk most likly
    just making the big bucks
    what could go wrong

    The new head of the company at the centre of Japan’s nuclear disaster said on Thursday he was
    of the firm where he has worked nearly 40 years
    hoped to rebuild public trust
    offered no clear idea how to do so.

    wonder why?

    Its already admitted they lied to prevent fear and panic
    why cant people just die quietly
    your upsetting this man

    the lead shield was only used so he wouldnt have to lie about the reading

    He should be in JAIL

  7. Grace says:

    Are working Tepco employees are now legally considered government officials because Tepco was nationalized by the government in June?


    Tepco acted in violation of their own Corporate Ethics and Compliance statutes:


    Diet Law states:
    Article 36. The infliction of torture by any public officer and cruel punishments are absolutely forbidden.

  8. pat b says:

    The workers should drag that manager out to the site and weld him to the reactor building.

  9. kintaman says:

    Stop fear mongering! TEPCO is only doing this to prevent panic. Can’t you see that TEPCO is trying to do a good thing here? Please eat food from Tohoku and go swimming in Fukushima. It is all safe, anyone who says otherwise is a crazy tinfoil hat person.

    • Concerned says:

      @kintaman: I’m assuming your comment was sarcasm… if not, you are so far in denial that I doubt you will ever see the light of day again!

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