[Ajisai revolution] Noda rejected to talk to protestors


Following up to this article..[Ajisai revolution] Police is already setting up steel barricades

Ms. Abe, Social Democratic Party member of the House of Representatives asked Noda, current Japanese prime minister to talk to the protestors directly. It was in House of Representatives Committee on the Budget of 7/12/2012.

Noda rejected this offer to say, there are other protests for other purposes around official residence too. I have not come out of official residence to talk to them directly.




  1. From an e-mail message to NHK World / Radio Japan AND PM NODA(!)

    ‘…On top of that the fact that PM Noda is responding inadequately to those protesting the restarting of nuclear reactors in Japan does not bode well at all. While I am pleased that the Japanese people are finally saying that, “Enough is too much,” I don’t look forward to any civil unrest but as The Dearest and Best, President John F. Kennedy so aptly put it, “When peaceful revolution becomes impossible, violent revolution becomes inevitable.”

  2. FUKUSHIMA DIARY FR – [Ajisai revolution] Noda refuse de parler avec les manifestants.
    Par Mochizuki, le 12 juillet 2012.

    Mme. Abe, membre du Social Democratic Party de la Chambre des Représentants a demandé à M. Noda, le premier ministre japonais actuel, de parler directement aux manifestants. C’était au cours de la séance du de la Chambre des Représentants sur le budget qui s’est tenue le 12 juillet 2012.

    Noda a rejeté l’offre en disant qu’il y a aussi d’autres manifestations autour de la résidence officielle sur d’autres sujets. “Je n’ai pas à sortir de la résidence pour aller leur parler directement”.


    Source : http://www.jiji.com/jc/zc?k=201207/2012071200944

  3. No accountability. No conscience. I got mine, I’m old, tough shit for you. Hope there is not too much rain today.

  4. My understanding is that the government of Japan – and thus, the people of Japan – is the major shareholder in Tepco now, and the Prime Minister is the CEO. It’s not a protest in Tokyo, it’s a shareholders’ meeting, and they want to talk to the CEO!

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