Tornade watch for eastern Japan


Following up this article..Massive low atmospheric pressure is coming toward Fukushima

Rapidly growing low atmospheric pressure and meteorological front is hitting Japan from the west.
Kanto area is now under the pressure at this moment. Strong wind is observed.

Maximum instantaneous wind speed 18:00 4/3/2012
Hachioji Tokyo 38.9 m/s
Hakui city Ishikawa 33.7m/s
Chiba 33.1m/s
Central Tokyo 29.6m/s

Heavy rain is observed as well, from 17:00~18:00, it marked 43mm in Yamanaka lake Yamanashi.

The storm is still going to grow and heading to North for 4/4/2012.
Over 20m/s maximum instantaneous wind speed will be observed in Tokyo and Kinki until around 21:00 4/3/2012, in Chiba and Tokai until around 0:00 4/4/2012.

The height of wave is predicted to over 6m~10m in the pacific ocean side on west ~ north Japan for 4/4/2012.

The growing storm is going to pass the pacific ocean area of Eastern Japan and North Japan from now with lightning and flurry.

Meteorological bureau announced tornade watch at 19:47 for Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba and Ibaraki. JR lines, private lines and metros are partially cancelled and 725 flights were cancelled as well.
5800 houses in Kanagawa, and 6800 houses in Shizuoka are black out.

In Fukushima plants, because it is estimated that wind will blow at faster than 10m/s, cranes were stopped operating to clean debris from reactor3 and 4. Tepco is considering to cancel all the work to do outside as well.

Tornade watch for eastern Japan2


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