Tokyo elementary school conceals contamination situation

Elementary schools in Tokyo are concealing the actual contamination situation to parents and decontaminate secretly.

Arakawa ku in Tokyo refused to conduct radiation measurement for 8 months from 311 to early November to say it’s all safe.

They finally measured radiation level in the early November and measured 6.46 μSv/h in an elementary school.

From other places, they also measured high level of radiation such as 3.04 μSv/h from sand pit or 2.57 μSv/h from gutter etc..

Children were let play in extremely radioactive place and touch highly contaminated sand and soil for 8 months.

Additionally, Arakawa local government published the data only on the web and decontaminated secretly.

At the place where they measured 4.45μSv/h, the school staff removed all the soil but the radiation level didn’t get decreased. In the end, they had to pave the place with concrete, but it was all done secretly, parents were not informed of.


Tokyo elementary school conceals contamination









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6 Responses to “Tokyo elementary school conceals contamination situation”

  1. american says:

    This is perfectly congruent with public school behavior. They have been covering up risks and parental options on immunization for decades in the US.

  2. May says:

    What kind of country, and what kind of educators do such irresponsible harm to their own children? Only Japan!! Japan always brags about its uniqueness and specialness, so congratulations, Japan, you can add this to your brag list!

  3. Concrete man says:

    Just incredible. In central Tokyo the elemetary school I know of also did not measure very much, but no parents seemed to care, not even the “PTA” was concerned about radioactive school grounds. I did my own tests and found a range of on ground readings from .1 as high as .25 near or on the school grounds at various places and times.
    Only a month ago did the school send out a paper to parents and it did not even measure our school, only some schools in the ward. They did not measure soil for radiation, but we can guess it has cesium, given that the Radiation Defense Project measured on average 2,000 bq/sq meter last year at several locations in eastern Tokyo.
    Arnie Gunderson found 7,000 bq/sq meter in central Tokyo soil.

    Many months ago one of the PTA told me wife that we should not complain about the school grounds if it is radioactive because we should support the people in Fukushima. And this woman is supposed to be very intelligent! True story, you can’t make this stuff up folks.

  4. Concrete man says:

    Sorry, I meant bq per sq kilogram, not meter of soil.

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