This is how incineration ash of 16,000 Bq/Kg is deposited

Incineration ash of over 8,000 Bq/Kg is supposed to be carefully shielded by concrete, but it is not actually.

8,000 Bq/Kgを超える焼却灰は適切にコンクリートで固められ、ケースに保管されることになっていますが、実際はそうではないようです。

These pictures are where incineration ash of 16,000 Bq/Kg is “shielded” in Kiryu city Gunma.


This is how incineration ash of 16,000 Bq/Kg is deposited


This is how incineration ash of 16,000 Bq/Kg is deposited 2





  1. Japan is the CONTAMINATION NATION. Iori, thanks for posting this and a previous post about the radioactive content of fly ash, a couple days ago. I follow this issue closely and know that Japan is spreading the debris all over the country (how stupid is that?). But is there any data yet about amount of radioactivity released from chimneys? Arnie Gunderson is saying it is a lot, but he has no data to support this or cites no data. While it may seem obvious that burning the debris is very stupid, I like to see hard data before shooting off my mouth. Certainly the filters and the fly ash are bad enough, maybe they can just dump it all in front of the Prime Minister’s official residence.

  2. Forgot to mention that I called Greenpeace Japan and they are not following this topic. They evaded my softball questions and said they would answer my email questions, but never did. What a totally USELESS organization if there ever was one.

  3. the radioactive particles will gradually sink into the ground water and get into the tap water system.
    This is totally irresponsible!

  4. Revenge on the U.S.for Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the oil embargo that caused Japan to fight back, revenge on China for the battle that preceded Nanking, revenge on the world via the Samson option for not playing according to Japan’s rules? Revenge on Israel? Death before dishonour?

    If you’re not here, you’re somewhere else. I’ve been there. Got kicked out because it was too early, and I was too undecided. I was also looking for something that wasn’t there, but I remember.

    Life is temporary, but existence is forever. In other words, so what?

  5. The new capitalists. First you commit fraud because you personally get rich doing so. Then the when the crap hits the fan, the company takes the hit. You sail away in your yaght. The company, if too big to fail, files for a bailout.

    The biggest fraud of all is the nuclear industry. Why it is “clean” energy! Nobody ever got hurt! Coal is dirty. More miners have died than in the nuclear industry. Nuclear power brings good things to life. Yeah…they are rich and they can head off to their nuclear/biological/chemical state of the art bunker in the Himalyas when Fukushima’s thirty years of waste, one of the largest waste dumps in the world, lights up the sky.

    “The Producers”of nuclear energy will be snug like a bug in a rug when all the worthless eaters and oxygen wasters begin to die from cancer.

    If you don’t think about it, it won’t hurt you! Stay in the matrix. It’s all wonderful. It’s all OK.

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