Journalist who visited Fukushima plants had thyroid disease


Following up this article..Japanese journalist suffers from severe diarrhea after visiting Fukushima plant
The Japanese journalist, Iwakami Yasumi is suffering from severe health problem even now such as continuous fever, diarrhea, sore throat etc.. His thyroid test tuned to be positive.
According to Tepco’s dosemeter, it was only 74μSv that he was exposed.

He tweeted like these below..
iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 21:29:30

Because I’m worrying everyone, I shall give an interim report. Wrapping all up, since 2 days after I entered Fukushima plants on 2/20, I had stomachache diarrhea and fever.Doctor diagnosed it as appendicitis. didn’t eat anything for 5 days to get recovered. I thought appendicitis was a temporary disease..
iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 21:37:17

Since then, even though I was having laxatives, diarrhea continued, sometimes had fever. had the forth fever this weekend. reported my continuous health problem to a doctor in March. decided to have tumor markers and colon fiber test. received the result yesterday’s evening.

iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 21:46:32

Polyps found by colon fiber test was benign. It was the third stage of adenoma. This polyps have nothing to do with diarrhea, doctor diagnosed it as “irritable bowel syndrome” caused by “stress“. I have my sore throat and fever today too but it’s diagnosed to be cold. I asked him why I have cold so frequently..
iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 21:51:12

Doctor says, it’s weaken immune system. Why the immune system was weaken? He says it’s “stress” again. I can’t be convinced by the logic that everything is because of stress. My life has been all stressful. I sometimes had cold but it hasn’t been this continuous. I asked the doctor..

iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 21:59:02

He says, my stress has been accumulated and got over the threshold.
but I can’t help thinking if it’s because of the radiation that I had in Fukushima plants. I asked him about that but he was full of denial.

iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 22:02:41

“Radiation has nothing to do with your health problem. Only thyroid can be affected by radiation, which is proven medically.” he had always said that. and then, the test result came back about my thyroid too.
It reads, as the result of tumor marker, thyroid has a problem. needs detailed inspection.


続き7。甲状腺⁇ 意表を突かれて言葉が出ない。そこ⁉ 甲状腺以外の腫瘍マーカー検査項目はすべて正常値。甲状腺の検査項目、サイログロブリンだけが基準値を若干オーバー。「放射線の影響が出るのは甲状腺だけ」と断言していた主治医との間で、気まずい空気が。
iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 22:12:00

That’s what I had not thought about. I was at a loss. All the results of tumor markers are fine. Only thyroglobulin went over the limit. Awkward atmosphere between me and the doctor.


続き8。検査機関から返されてきた検査報告書にも、「甲状腺炎や甲状腺腫の可能性もありますので、甲状腺の画像検査をお受けください」と書かれている。つまり、これは被曝の影響ということだろうか? その問いには主治医は直接答えず、「数値も、若干のオーバーですから、深刻に考えずに」と。
iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 22:18:19

The result sheet says, there is the possibility of thyroiditis or goiter, please have an image inspection of thyroid. Is it because of radiation ? The doctor didn’t say anything and just said, “It’s only a bit over. not huge. Please don’t take it too seriously.”

iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 22:27:08

I don’t want to emphasize the connection between radiation that I had in Fukushima plants and my health problems, I want to think it has nothing to do with radiation. Some part of me was thinking, it can’t be just me to become sick. I wanted to go to Fukushima for report, but…

iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 22:34:20

For now, my health problem is supposed to be from stress and weakened immune system. The connection between radiation and my health is unknown. That’s the diagnose of the doctor.
In my own interviews, I heard a lot of the symptoms such as nosebleed, diarrhea, fever, fatigue, skin disease and heart palpitations from Fukushima people..
iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 22:39:44

I felt like I can understand their helpless feeling finally. What the world is the reason, what should I do to improve my health ?

iwakamiyasumi 2012/04/10 22:53:25

To make sure, my doctor is a nice guy. very kind and explanation is clear. He underestimates the effect of radiation from what he has learnt, not from his personal prejudge. (Maybe) Maybe that’s also true as he says you become weak after 50s.





  1. Sad to hear. For low-dose radiation: drink lots of beer. I’m not joking! Beer helps rid the body of nucleotides. At the same time drink lots of water every day – 2 pitchers a day at least. Take the calcium and magnesium supplements – both once a day. These help block the radionucleotides you maybe have inhaled/ingested. Do the above over a long time – a year or 2 and see if it helps. If the extra water causes more diharrea, eat cheeses daily to firm things up. All of the above may help over the long term. And beer may help ease any pain symptoms you are having. Good luck and keep us posted!

  2. The jounalist should agree to let a foreign doctor test him for cancer sickness/radiation exposure-on live TV.

  3. Advice for Yasumi san or anyone else who is concerned whether their health problems are stress or radiation: two weeks in Hawaii, Australia, or anywhere that you would feel completely at ease about radiation. one week is not enough; after one week you get rested, but two weeks of vacation is needed for better health and elimination of stress. Either way (radiation or stress) I think you should claim the cost from TEPCO; they have caused both the radiation and the stress; they should be required to pay either way.

  4. very sad that Doctors have become the instruments of a system that kills children by irradiating them. I can only feel deep disgust towards this so call “doctor”, who only treats “agreed” problems. He has no self estime, no courage, no knowledge, no shame and no feels no guilt in letting people die, he should not be a doctor.

  5. I am very sorry to hear about IwakamiYasumi’s health problems. The little I have followed of Yasumi’s career during this nuclear disaster, I have found him to be on the correct side of the nuclear issue — that we must not use nuclear until we can be responsible and not take profit motivated shortcuts. I give thanks for the light he has brought to this issue and wish him well. We are all hibakusha now. Blessings for you and your work.

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