In case coolant system stopped in any SFP, Tepco can’t measure temperture

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In the daily press conference of 4/27/2012, Tepco stated they lose the manner to measure the temperature of each SFP from reactor 1 to 3 when circulative cooling system is troubled. 

Only SFP 4 can be reached by human worker so a temporary heating gauge is attached.

According to Tepco, they measure temperature where water comes from skimmer surge tank to primary cooling water pump at each reactor, not inside of the pool. They thus can not measure temperature when circulative cooling system stops. There is no plan to solve this problem.





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6 Responses to “In case coolant system stopped in any SFP, Tepco can’t measure temperture”

  1. Joe Chapman says:

    Interesting. I’m wondering if this may mean that TEPCO aren’t actually recording temperature correctly. If they can only message the effects of the temperature on the coolant system water then surely they aren’t actually measuring the temperature of the fuel itself and therefore the measurements they are publishing are not accurate?

  2. derek gough says:

    I feel so sorry for the people of japan but there again this is going to effect everyone on earth and if the worse case senario happens then it is the end of the northern hemisphere and most likly the rest of the world within weeks or months and yet the main stream media says nothing especially the BBC (the british brain washing corporation).Let us all hope that there will not be another earthquake to upset the reactors that are already teetering on the verge of collapse becauase their only being held up by steel poles.

  3. For God sakes we know the dam things are melted down into the fuckin ground you asshole.

  4. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Fear is clouding judgements. Insufficient reason for not being able to obtain conditions for having a temperature sensor appropriately installed. Sorry folks, I do not believe we are being fed the truth about who is running the show at Fukushima. I believe occupation induced fear has been clouding judgement since Fukushima was built. We know the histories of the criminal cabals. We know of Agenda 21 and eugenics programs. We know that it is not GENIUS which is this criminal cabal’s success. It is regimented bigotry in service to a crown. A crown now in debt 10 times its GDP.

  5. Please sign up for the Natural Solutions Foundation Action eAlert list and receive General Bert Stubblebine’s Fukushima Estimate of Situation — and learn steps people in the threatened Northwrn Hemisphere can take to self-shield.

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