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Effects to be confirmed

Students hospitalized for heat stroke in Osaka, 22.1℃

  10 of the 12 years old elementary school students were hospitalized during the measurement of physical fitness in Yao city Osaka. 4 of them were male, the rests were


2170 tones of over 8000 Bq/kg melted slag has no place to go in Tochigi

    Because of radiation, 2630 tones of melted slag has no place to go in Tochigi at the end of February. They measured over 8000 Bq/kg of cesium from

Spent Fuel Pools

NRC’s Operation Center Fukushima Transcript Audio Clips March 16 2011

This is a very important initial evidence about what happend in Fukushima. Day 6. More on here.   Iori Mochizuki


42,700 Bq/Kg from sludge incineration ash in Tochigi

Utsunomiya city government in Tochigi measured 42,700Bq/Kg of cesium from sewage sludge incineration ash on 4/9/2012. They measured 380~4060 Bq/Kg of cesium from sewage sludge.   【宇都宮】市上下水道局は20日、市内の水再生センター5カ所の下水汚泥などの放射性物質の調査結果を発表した。 下河原、川田、清原、河内、上河内水再生センターで9日に試料を採取。下水汚泥からは1キロ当たり389~4060ベクレルの放射性セシウムを検出。焼却施設がある川田水再生センターの焼却灰からは放射性セシウム1キロ当たり4万2700ベクレルが検出された。 Source  


Good bye cherry blossom

  Cherry blossoms reached full bloom in Tomioka machi Fukushima, where the entire area is in evacuation zone. In “Yono mori (Night forest)” area, 500 cherry blossoms are growing on


Only 26 % of People in Japan More Concerned about Food Safety after Disasters

Most of Japanese are not aware of the health risk they are facing. <Quote> [Link]   Tokyo, April 20 (Jiji Press)–Only 26.1 pct of people in Japan are more worried


Silence coming to Fukushima

<Quote> Link By Miguel Llanos, Scientists are focusing on Japan’s Fukushima area after a study published this week found an alarming development at another nuclear disaster site — Chernobyl.