12 tones of water leaked to the sea containing beta nuclides

12 tones of water leaked to the sea containing beta nuclides

12 tones of highly radioactive water leaked to the sea again. It leaked from the part after desalination unit, but because it can’t filter beta nuclides, Sr-90 and other nuclides have already leaked to the sea.
However, the leaked water contained 16.7E+6Bq/m3 of cesium too.

The flow from desalination unit to the tank increased by 140% at 0:06~0:13 4/5/2012, it automatically stopped.
At 0:50~1:10 4/5/2012, because a nuclear worker tried to restart the facility for 3 times, 3~4 tones of additional water leaked. Around at 2:20 4/5/2012, water leakage was stopped, Tepco reports.

The joint of the pipes was taken off to leak water. Tepco states, they are going to change the joint parts to the ones with bolt, made of polyethylene. The joint parts are made by kanaflex corporation co, used for every joint part of the pipes. There are a few thousands of joints in the site.

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5 Responses to “12 tones of water leaked to the sea containing beta nuclides”

  1. amy says:

    good job my friend cnn finely breakin news on california plant however its a bit too late at least they are trying to keep it shut down keep up the good work

  2. Anonymous387525 says:

    Water (both sea and fresh) is going to be the main vector of contamination.
    Now with the contaminated rain falling on parks and gardens, is there an official government statement about how safe is to do hanami in the mid of hotspots? Are they going to just allow all these uninformed families to do do picnic so close to the soil?

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  5. There's certainly says:

    I want to say, 12 tones of water leaked to the sea containing beta nuclides | Fukushima Diary is a honestly wonderful blogging site. I would like to offer you my personal hi and thanks. Best regards, There’s certainly

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