Solatium will be cut off by the end of August

Screening panel of nuclear disaster compensation announced they are considering to stop solatium (100,000JPY / month) for the citizens living in the former evacuating zone (20~30km) in Fukushima.
They explain, Japanese government lifted the evacuating zone on 9/30/2011, and the infrastructure is being rebuilt. They are planning to cut of the solatium by the end of this august.

The zone includes Minamisoma, Tamura, Kawauchi and Hirono.
They are planning to stop it by the end of august because they are going to make students go to school from September.
Having the regional economy downward and medical treatment is not fully recovered, Prof. Nomi, the chairman of Screening panel of nuclear disaster compensation, talks, the plan might be changed if the infrastructure is not recovered. Citizen could file alternative conflict resolution procedures for every single case.



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