“Foreign dosemeters are banned to sell”

A Japanese citizen tweeted a shop said they are no longer allowed to sell foreign dosemeters.





My geiger counter got out of order, went to the shop to repair. They said, they can no loger sell foreign geiger counters from the order of Japanese government. Government says, foreign geiger counters are not accurate, may cause panic. I wonder what they will do for the geiger counters that have already been bought by normal people. They also said it was ordered backstage. I’m scared of Japan, feel like I’m being killed quietly.






I wonder the shop is under surveillance because they seem to have a strong pipe with foreign makers. Just after 311, geiger counters were out of stock all over Japan but only that shop had stock. I’m sorry because I wanted to buy a better one made in “a” country. I don’t want to disturb the shop, so will delete this tweet soon.

<End> (Back up tweet)


After 311, a lot of the dose meters were donated by variety of countries, but still over 40,000 of them are missing.

To measure beta and alpha ray, we need to buy foreign brands.







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13 Responses to ““Foreign dosemeters are banned to sell””

  1. CaptD says:

    This should be very easy for some those living in Japan to verify!

    If this is now happening then it would be HUGE news for both the Japanese people and the rest of US monitoring what is going on from outside Japan!

    Please consider making some calls and let US know if this is “fluke” or is it now offical policy in Japan!

    Thanks in advance…

  2. Iverson says:

    There was a report last year of a company that makes
    geiger counters in Japan turning down a request from
    the Japanese government to supply it with dosimeters.
    The government wanted the dosimeters built to their
    specifications which the company felt would result
    in lower readings than what was really being recorded.
    Looks like they want to ban accurate foreign dosimeters
    and replace them with altered and inaccurate Japanese made
    dosimeters that always read lower than what is really there.

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  4. Naoya Yamaguchi says:

    If this is true, I wonder if foreign embassies can import them use diplomatic immunity channels. This is a very grave development.

  5. Coligy says:

    Do you sometimes spend more than a minute verifying things ?

    If a tweet tells you that Tepco triggerered the tsunami with an american quake masheen to create a breeding plant in daiichi to produce super mutant soldiers for Blackwater would you publish it as is ?

    you are getting closer everyday to Alec Jones style madness and will soon be shouting “wake up sheeple” to strangers in the subway.

    It’s one thing to voice concern and expose governement incompetence… with the proper backing facts and checked testimony.

    It’s another one to milk paranoia an push every brainfart or bull overheard at the coffee machine as frontpage news.

    The ban on the sale of foreign geiger counters news has come and gone several times already. Honestly, after having to deal with warranty services in japan for imported products, I’m pretty sure the guy in the shop made that excuse on the spot to weasel out of any customer support duty.

  6. Aizen says:

    It’s a shame…this governement is full of criminals. Japan is a fascist country. I’m so sad. It’s not the country I knew anymore. Everything is broken.

  7. american says:

    When a government does something like this, its dictate violates God given rights, and should no longer be followed. In order to help defend one’ life and the life of their family in this situation, accurate, useful, working, radiation meters are necessary. When a government attempts to deny this, and especially when it is guilty of so much other harmful behavior toward citizens, such a dictate should be taken as a grain of salt; that is, ignored, worked around, and defeated as necessary.

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  9. Anonymous says:

    Not sure about the facts on this one. I went to the Japan customs site; foreign geiger counters are NOT listed as items that cannot be brought into the country. Seems like you don’t even need to declare it if your total imports are under the personal limit.

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