Fire or light at Fukushima plants

From 21:00 ~ 22:00 3/17/2012, something looking like fire was captured by Fukushima live camera.

It’s beside reactor 2 or 3. No information is given out.

Fire or light at Fukushima plants


Fire or light at Fukushima plants2


Fire or light at Fukushima plants3


Fire or light at Fukushima plants4


Fire or light at Fukushima plants5


Fire or light at Fukushima plants6


Fire or light at Fukushima plants7





  1. how about super heated steam so hot it is beyond red hot and is white hot. can it get that hot before it breaks the hydrogen bond?

  2. In the left of these pictures, at ground level, there are 3 “lights” parallel that seem to come through a grate, just to the right of the tower. These “lights” can be seen almost every night and many nights accompany fires flashing across the ground to the right of these “lights” to the base of the tower to its right. Many times fire appears to move back and forth from the lighted 3-light grate to the base of the tower, as if it were coming up from a crack. At more rare times, fires come up as these still pictures display further away from the grate.

    Then, if you search through fuku1long, suddenly these “lights” inside the grate are extinguished, more as if there is an electric light inside the grate than there would be in a fire. The light simply vanishes, like turning out a light, not a fire dying down from lack of fuel.

    Look closely at the position of these lights and try to picture them on a daytime picture from the camera. They all occur at the very top of the weed-covered hill in that direction you can see in the day pictures. It is unfortunate we cannot see over that hill towards R3/R4.

    All this has been observed by me for many months, not just now. It’s not a new phenomenon, just underreported.

  3. Has anyone plotted where this might be? For example on Google Earth/Google Maps.

    I’d like to see it at it’s original speed but it looks to me like fire rather than electric lighting.

  4. These look more like emergency lighting with a spotlight being used as if looking for something. I have seen the very same type of thing in the city when police far away are looking for something or someone.

    However, a couple of the flashes appear to be fire, as the other poster mentioned, as if shooting up from the ground. These are not however in front of R3 or R4 but over on the side by the common spent fuel pool, or further back as suggested in the area near the southwestern corner where the embankment starts.

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