Death marathon again

Following up this article..“Let’s die together” marathon

Minami soma is going to hold a marathon race again.

It’s on 3/25, elementary school children will run as well.

Pledge card says, “No matter what happens, I will take all the responsibility and will not trouble the promoter.”

Death marathon again2

The pamphlet reads, the atmospheric dose is 0.6~0.7 μSv/h. (In Chernobyl, the limit to abandon a village was 0.5μSv/h.)

Death marathon again3



HCR reports like these below.



In the marathon course, the yearly external dose is 6.11mSv. Including the internal dose, it will be 21mSv. Black substance, which is extremely radioactive and emits alpha ray as well, is found at over 150 points in the course. (16.63μSv/h ~ 10μSv/h)




A lot of the elementary school students and junior high school children will join.

The start / goal is Kashima gulf club. (

Supported by education board of Minamisoma

Please call them to stop it ! →+81-244-22-2111




Minamisoma hometown reconstruction marathon

Eventologist : Hometown reconstruction, Kizuna council (← fictional organization)

The black substance on the course. (16.63μSv/h)





Death marathon again4








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