50,000 tones of radioactive wastes are over 8000 Bq/Kg



Radioactive waste which they measured more than 8,000 Bq/kg are accumulated about 50,000 tones in 13 prefectures, Ministry of the Environment announced on 3/30/2012.
Currently Japanese government is planning to discard it at controlled landfill site, but a lot of the local governments are rejecting to have it. Government is also planning to build final disposal site at public land.

Those 13 prefectures are Hokkaido, Akita, Iwate, Miyagi, Fukushima, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma, Saitama, Chiba, Kanagawa, Niigata and Tokyo. It’s in the forms of incineration ash, sewage sludge, hay, barnyard manure, leaf mold.

For local governments which are not forward to using the incineration facility or controlled landfill site for the highly radioactive waste, government is planning to make temporary incineration facility and choose the place for the final disposal site by September of 2012, build one by March of 2015.

About the highly radioactive waste produced in Fukushima, the ones of 8,000~100,000 Bq/Kg are to be sent to the controlled landfill site in Tomioka machi, the ones of over 100,000 Bq/Kg are to be sent to interim storage facility to stock contaminated soil from decontamination etc.







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  1. Dear Mr. Mochizuki,

    How can we find out about the about of effluent from chimneys that will occur from burning of radioactive waste? This is THE big question. Also, has the burning of these wastes already started in Tokyo etc.?

    MEXT is now publishing data on fallout and the Tokyo region has had considerable amounts, but is this from the dust in Fukushima or incinerators?

    Many years ago I interviewed Mr. Sato of Greenpeace Japan and he was very critical of the incineration industry in general, as they depend on wastefulness of modern society.

    Anything you can add to this would be useful in our research.

    Thank you,

    Concrete man

    1. That’s now everyone’s question. MEXT says they can filter it out 100% but there is no data, even no official ones. Only insiders of those filter makers leak the filters don’t work at all. Now we are all trying to find the source out.

  2. hello my friend pretty soon you will be known around the world as the trusted speaker of truth a man who risks his own welfare for the knowledge ofthe people of his country and the world and the mass news media will hang their heads in shame as they should we should be all helping and holding japans hand and stopping the insanity of nuclear it is a crime against humanity they need to focus on a way to treat the particles to neutralize them they know this, you cant burry it burn it send it into space dilute it w water it dosnt go away and it kills things forever and ever they knew this and did it anyway unfortuneatly it is too late they too will be brought to see reality the polititians the media and the people of the world are all learning the truth they cannot black out the truth our world is being polluted by the people that dont care about humanity or the planet we live on the cat is out of the bag people cannot ignore what is happening anymore education is power not nuclear maybe they thought we would all get too sick to fight it, it really dosent matter now , radiation is the greediest of all , it takes every thing away the only thing that can heal this is the earth herself and mother nature is pissed peace and pray for the children and creatures of japan and the world

  3. Iori san,

    Do we know how much debris has already been burned in Tokyo in the 23 wards, or has this not started yet? If it has started we could compare radiation numbers of some sort. The MEXT site has always put radiation in tokyo at .05. But then I saw a site that it had recently spiked (not sure what site is measuring this), although that would not make sense if effluent from incinerators is spreading radiation evenly and gradually. I have a hard time believing the fliters from the incinerators can stop the radiation and those filters will become very radioactive, don’t they need special workers to handle them? This is insane!


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