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Settlement report 3/4/2012

Donation : 0.00USD  lol Expense : Taxi 10.00USD, Hotel 46.00USD, Food / water 17.00USD Profit : -73.00USD   Today’s report was hard to make. Shoganai because I couldn’t write so


Settlement report of 3/3/2012

Donation : 163.00USD Expense : 50.00USD Profit : 113.00USD This day I had an interview with a Tunisian association. I was really tired from a long, endless trip, and the


Internal document “SPEEDI result is too serious. can’t be disclosed.”

  Insider document was made to record that 3 administers including Takagi, Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, and administrators of MEXT discussed the SPEEDI result and judged


French journalist prosecuted summary for entering 20km area

  3/2/2012, a French freelance camera man (31) was prosecuted summary for entering 20kmarea to violate the Fundamental Disaster Relief Act with 3 other Japanese citizens. They did not have


Potassium iodide was given to Tepco employees

  ↑ The orange package says Potassium iodide     Potassium iodide was caught in the picture. Tepco made an off site center to settle down Fukushima plants in Ohkuma machi