Tokyo people as guinea pigs

Japanese government seems to think they can reduce radiation by burning.

Since morning of 12/13/2011, the Ohta incineration plant has been incinerating radioactive debris from Onagawa nuclear plant. The debris is made of wood, plastic and cloth etc.. They have been incinerated from the morning of 12/13 to 12/14 evening, for 34 hours in total. The total amount to be incinerated was 60 tons.

NHK reports it was to check how much radiation is emitted by incinerating but they also say that the debris was checked in Onagawa cho and was found to be safe, which does not make any sense.

The result will not be published until mid January. They are trying to reduce the radiation level of the debris by incinerating until it becomes lower than 8,000 Bq/Kg, but it means the excessive amount of radiation will evaporate into the air. If they become lower than 8,000 Bq/Kg, they will use it for landfill in Tokyo bay or for material of concrete. They have already made a plan to accept 100,000 tons on the assumption of that they can make the citizens understand “right”.




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