NHK manipulates the report of JP PM Noda’s press conference



The video is perfectly organized.
12/16/2011 ,JP PM Noda declared cold shutdown for some reason.

At the press conference ,they arranged set-up questions of corrupted reporters and NHK only reported that part.

Just after NHK stopped reporting it ,a free journalist Jinbo Tetsuo asked the PM.
“Now that fuel is out of the container vessels ,how can you declare cold shutdown ?”

JP PM Noda answered ,because the temperature of entire vessels is stably under 100C ,which is a lie actually ,and he did not leave any comment about the melting-earth fuel ,which is the biggest matter.

This most important question was successfully ignored.
This is what you see on TV.





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6 Responses to “NHK manipulates the report of JP PM Noda’s press conference”

  1. JT says:

    Shows how vicious the criminals are.

    Every one involved should be rounded up and jailed for perjury and manslaughter.

    • dbray says:

      no… everyone involved should be forced to watch their family being shot in front of them, then, after have irreversable sterility operations performed on them, stripped of all income, thrown out of their housing, driven and dropped off at Yoyogi Park with 1000 yen in their pockets, and left there.

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  3. Joan says:

    Japan is making a disgrace of their country with the lies coming out about Fukushima Daiichi, and the US has partial blame. We supplied General Electric designing of a reactor to be installed at a ridiculous location prone to earthquakes & tsunamis. Then Tepco adds to the ridiculousness when tragedy happens. The citizens of the forbidden zone are the losers in this fiasco.

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  5. Truth says:

    NHK is the State progranda arm, no matter what they claim. It is evident the news made by them is propaganda and usually nationalistic and fabricated. What I cannot see the merits of hiding the truth from the people. They are indeed tax bandits which Japanese citizens can do without.

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