Escaped plan 12/23/2011

It’s been a week since I left Japan.
Now it’s honestly much less stressful to live.
No need of taking care about food ,air ,and water.
During this week ,sore throat ,coughing ,pain in my left chest ,runny/stuffy nose ,diarrhea ,fatigue ,headache have been fixed.

Some people say the sore throat and coughing is because of the dry weather ,but that’s a lie.
Here it’s way more dry.

When I came here ,there were still some problems about the internet ,wifi ,and security not to let them detect where I am from IP etc.. but we managed to sort them out.

There is still some problem about bank ,but it will be solved too.

On Monday ,I found a lump on the right side of my neck.
went to a near doc in the town. He said , I got the part of my neck about 3cm above the lump bitten by a bug. My ganglion may have been stimulated by it.
He didn’t even charge me. My nerve might have become sensitive.

At least I’m not dead yet.

went to the city center yesterday. Because I don’t understand any of their language ,it was such an adventure only to take a bus.
I saw a few asian but I’m sure I was almost the only Japanese in the city at that time.had so much fun.
I thought I was walking to the south and south ,but I found myself at the starting point later. I was going

There are so many people who want to escape but hesitating to worry about the job.
I was pretty lucky to be saved by this nicest family.
but if you stay in Japan any longer ,the possible medical cost will be to huge to cover from your salary whatever your job is. What’s more ,you can’t work anymore.
Tepco did not even admit the former leader of Fukushima ,Yoshida got sick from radiation.
Why would they compensate for your medical care ?

You would be lucky if you can die ,just one day.
but cancer is only one of the countless number of the symptoms from radiation.
Death of cancer is the mercy of the angel.
You may think “if you are unlucky ,you get cancer.” but it’s wrong.
The reality is “If you are lucky ,you get cancer.”
Look at Chernobyl.
Hundreds of thousand people suffer from unknown illness ,they became unable to stand still but none of the medical test ,such as blood test or urine test shows any proof of illness.
Their body got old as 50s though they were actually 30s.
All of them died in agony or killed themselves to escape.

Fukushima used MOX. There must be more alpha nuclides around in Tokyo.
The symptoms show quicker than Chernobyl.

Now Japanese are all in the same train.
We know there’s no railway 1km ahead.
Now we are passing on the last bridge.
You don’t know how deep the river is ,but if you miss this chance ,you will no longer have a chance to jump out of the train.
Take it seriously the risk of cesium pollen next spring.

You may think you can avoid it with mask.
I have been suffering from hay fever for longer than 15 years ,but from my experience ,even if I wore a mask ,I can never stop it. It’s only a tiny help.
It comes into your eyes,ears ,and there are a lot of spaces between the mask and your face.

Some people say ,I’m too nervous or it’s wrong to connect everything with radiation.
ok ,so tell me your basis. What makes you think so ?
I have proved the change of the environment solved all the problems of my body.

Some people say ,”I don’t have any health problem in Japan.” you mean we are weak or too paranoid ?
ok ,you may be right.
but remember ,radiation is like bullet.
If you got your foot shot ,you are still alive ,but if you got your heart shot ,you are dead.
It’s just the matter of possibility.I don’t want to gamble my life.
Nothing deserves exposing my life to the risk.




so European !


My language teacher #2.



  1. The photos you have uploaded have still their EXIF data on them! These are data by your camera attached to your images. For example, anyone can see that your photos were taken by a Panasonic DMC-FX35 and many more info. If you take them by a cell phone, the images can even contain your GPS location!

    In order to strip them from any EXIF data, first remove them immediately from your blog. Then Download EXIF Farm ( install it, and right click your photos and select “clean exif/iptc/xmp info” and then re-upload them.

    Cheers from Greece.

  2. Some people just seems to forget that radiation is a silent killer. Now they say “everything is fine” but in 10 years, when they will be sick, they’ll say “it’s all because radiation” even if it isn’t.
    Men are like that, always acting like there is nothing when they don’t see any consequences for themselves then crying they didn’t know when it reach them.

  3. Glad you escaped – the pictures of the city is quaint and beautiful. You are very brave to escape to have escaped. I told my parents to run to at least to Okinawa (they live in Niigata) but they have no ears to listen. They just sent me a package from Japan for Christmas loaded with snacks from Japan. I appreciate it, but don’t know what to do with it. They look so good but can’t give them to my son. Wishing you all the best in your new location, and have Happy Holidays.

    1. Yay, please – carefully – throw them out! Somewhere where no hungry person, or curious child, will see them.

      Thank your parents for the thought, if you like. Or, remind them of the uncomfortable truth. Maybe with enough reminders, they will move somewhere safer.

  4. Wait, so you moved to France now? The country with the third highest number of nuclear power plants in the world?

  5. Do you miss Japan, Mochizuki?
    Japan was one of the few places in the world I would have liked to have visited, up until they contaminated it with radiation.

    1. I want to kiss the ground of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
      I don’t think I miss Japan ,at least for now, It’s a symbol of my depressive endless life though there WERE actually happy times.
      but it’s not worthwhile of getting back. Now saying hello to the neighbor is more fun for

  6. When you are really in need to hide you should not post
    and Pictures from Churches, Places and Roads!

    My Balcony reported 0.08uSv/h, 5min Check
    and 3m above the Ground!

    I hope you can relax a bit
    and discover that your Life have more to give!

  7. Enjoy the holidays season, not just Christmas (well, there are at least two different days to celebrate Christmas in some places in eastern Europe 🙂 but also New Year’s. In most places, people party a lot for New Year’s. So make sure to take a day off from your worries and just enjoy yourself. You’ll definitely live longer!

  8. Seems my rainbow posting didn’t get through but the good wishes arrived.
    Glad to hear you’re getting better and stumble across the one and other joy. 🙂

  9. Cancer, novel, respiratory and intestinal diseases, deformities, reproduction problems, all predicted in otherworldly Messages, as well as MUCH SUFFERING TO COME. If only people had been officially informed on the dangers of radiation and how to protect !! (see blog)

  10. Hi Mochizuchi

    Your experience of health state is very valuable. Good link about dryness too. Do you know you can overcome radiotoxicity now quite close to 100%? With a little help of detox for long time and regeneration inherent to life, IT IS POSSIBLE in your situation, away… Do not hesitate or wonder if…

    Did you notice how quick it goes ?

    It is now exact time to take high doses of omega rich oils. Best is you buy three different small bottles of organic oil. Your choice will be best. Because recovery through these oils a few days after exposure to radiation is the right and best time regarding to researches I’ve read. Three full tea spoons ,three times a day, I would take. (Sorry for being professional rather than funny sometimes.)

    I hope others get the message too.

    For the wild world, nature and Mother Earth I hope quick stop of human nuclear activity. And don’t know why it’s still ongoing!!!!

    Merry Christmas ,
    may this birthtime enlighten all of us,
    may it be the birth of extraordinary solutions !

  11. Health Ideas

    If some other expatriated Japanese does not see these type of symptoms flee away soon, fasting one day could be helpful and very efficient. Can be done with vegetable or grape juice and chloride of magnesium ( a tip of knife in a glass of water in the morning, 2 dollars, find in drugstores, three weeks). Start again one day fasting seven days after again (eat light meals the day before fasting, otherwise it is not always very pleasant… headache…).

    For children, chloride of magnesium also, pectine (find in supermarket, also mixed in water, 2 to 5 grammes/day, three weeks per month during three months) eating normally added with probiotics and calcium each two day.

    In the same time, supply with omega rich oils strongly one week on two for three months.

    Acquire knowledge on radiation detox, don’t worry, combinable, quite easy, cheap, available… large scale researches proven.

    Much Love

  12. It’s worse than a hostile occupation. When e.g. a South African went abroad and fought against Apartheid or a French person left France to fight against the German occupation they would know if they were successful they could return to their home country and live there again “happily ever after”. If their country had been bombed or destroyed, ok, they would look forward to rebuild it – but it would be habitable and would welcome them once the oppressor was gone. However, you cannot fight radiation in that way. It is an occupant that’s going to stay and, depending on the half life, for thousands of years. It will creep into the food chain, it will change your genetics and, maybe worst of all, the negative effects may still be prominent in disabilities and disfigurations or still births due to changes in chromosomes still passed on from parents to children when the radiation has already long abated! No human occupation army has ever successfully held onto any country for so long a time!

    1. Sometimes, especially in the last twenty years, foreign occupation brings radiation with it. Since 1991 and the first war in Iraq, many layers of DU shells have been deposited by the US army and the allies in Iraq. Even in the 1990s, there were news about deformed children. The number of DU shells increased in the 2000s.

      Women in Fallujah, where a “mini” atomic bomb was dropped in 2004 have been warned not to have children.

      DU shells have also been used in Serbia, Bosnia, Kosovo, Lebanon, Afghanistan and the Gaza strip. They are highly radioactive and they will be poisoning the ground for tens of thousands of years.

      So, an occupying army these days actually brings radiation with it.

      If you don’t believe me, google “DU shells.” If you don’t care about the health of Iraqi civilians, remember that it affects the soldiers too — particularly the reproductive organs.

  13. What a way to start a new year! Talk about a fresh chapter in your book of life. I’m so glad you are already starting to feel healthier. You must feel so free! The world is yours…because you know you are free. I’m excited to think what you can do next… I guess you are thinking on this too! I hope you will keep this blog going though, it is so helpful to so many people.

  14. Hello again & Happy Holidays to you!-I left a rather long response to your posts the other day describing the final nights in your homeland and the journey to your new home & the size of my correspondence to you makes it understandable that it might not have been put up,lol,sorry ’bout that-I’m a bit heavy-handed on the keyboard at times 🙂 I hope this reply finds you well and things continue looking up for you where you are at now. As far as “where you actually are” now goes-while I wouldn’t exactly be paranoid if I were you as Japan was far more dangerous for several reasons than anyplace else,but remaining incognito as far as the local people besides your new “hosts” is probably a good idea for now,but for practical reasons-not fear of pro-nuke goons,etc.LOL! After all,you’ve got NOTHING to hide and should be proud of the example you set for the other Japanese people to follow!The idiots in the Govt. & TEPCO & the like are looking worse with every passing day & their BS is starting to be exposed to the more stubborn & overzealous “patriotic” citizens with every passing day with signs of the disinformation campaign crumbling via their daily admissions of their guilt in an attempt to minimize their liabilty & things they will be held accountable for by as early as the 1 year anniversary of the catastrophe!Hang in there & keep up the good work,it’s too bad though that the absolute worst has to happen before the main body of the public victims wakes up & the world starts paying attention!!In closing I’ll again wish you the best & if you ever have troubles in Germany or neighboring countries I have a “good friend” who can take care of “troubles” anywhere in the EU or USA with ease for you or your hosts…have a great holiday weekend & a great new life!! 🙂

  15. That’s great that you are bouncing back!! You should always listen to your body!! It told you—and you listened!! Now it’s returning the favor! =) Detox methods work, as noted in many resources and blog comments, but the best thing you can do is to eliminate or reduce your exposure in the first place. You are doing the right thing there…

  16. You had pain in your heart area? That has to be cesium that locks into major muscles? Just keep on detoxing–wow.

    1. Thanks. Since I left Japan, I don’t have the pain. I’m scared when I think about what would happen to me if I stay there for any longer.

      1. Hey Mochizuki!

        We both evacuated Japan more or less at the same time. I feel incredible free going out here to the streets and knowing that if go to a restaurant I don’t need to worry vegetables and food. It feels incredible not to be in Japan anymore! I think there are coming years that are going to be terrible for Japan, because the burning of the radioactive debris around Japan. I can not believe why the Japanese people can be manipulated so easy! they believe/accept everything what the government is saying…


  17. Hey Mochizuki!

    Nice that you are in Europe. I also left Japan at the end of November. The Japanese government is so corrupt, I can’t believe it. There is no safe place in Japan after 3/11. I think Tokyo is the border to be “safe” but they are distributing all the food around Japan and they say that 500 Bq/Kg is safe to eat, even for children. WTF is wrong with the Japanese people? do they belive that?? why?? everyone in Japan is acting as “nothing happened” everyone eating food as “there is nothing to woory about” WTF is wrong!!! It is cesium 137 and 134!! I couldn’t believe it. Now I feel free knowing that food is not coming from Fukushima. So free that I can go to the supermarket and not see the label where is the food coming from. I had too much stress that I couldn’t handle it any more. Avoid Japan people…is not safe anymore.


  18. Hello,
    While brousing I found your blog. And I would like to make some comments.
    First, I live in Tokyo, and I evacuated To HKG on March just after the disaster for 3 weeks before coming back.

    Indeed, like you say, the media are not reflecting the truth for sure, and people are kind of blind and depht to reality.

    BUT, yes there is a but…. what can we do?
    I agree to any kind of criticism but only if a solution is provided, even a bad one. At least it contributes to the effort of finding solution.

    I asked my self : how to evacuate more than 30 million japanese after the nuclear disaster? It seemed inpossible.
    Was 30, 50 or 80 km protection zone enough? Maybe maybe not. Than a 100 km maybe. If Govt would have said 100, everybody would have argued the same way: 100 kn is not enough it should have been 130km… and so on and so forth.

    I live now in Tokyo, and life is EXACTLY as before. No pain, no heart issue, nothing different. I just take some care on the shops where I buy my food to be sure it is produced fare away from Fukushima area.

    And then what? Would you recommend the local population to stop eating, drinking, breathing?? So what is your proposal?

    To me a solution is to step away from nuclear energy, but this can not be done overnight and it will take years to switch from 1 energy source to another. Yet it is what is needed, and some countries are already showing the path.

    Change of govt handling issues in generela. Yes, but this is in the hands of the voting people.

    Food:open more the local market to foreign products. Yes and it is already the case more and more. Did you know that imported basic products are in general cheaper than localaly produced goods (rice for instan, or meat). But local citizen fear foreign products. WHY?

    Why do japanese fear some foreign products? Well, embarassing the answer is. Because we fear what is foreign… YES… remember we are an island and lived happily as it is. Now it has to change, and recent events may help.

    SO, instead of crtiticism, please help to make Japan open to the world, instead of pulling out all the issues like you do.

    Lets see if you post my comment, which will show your honesty. If not, well so long.



  19. Glad to know that you have relocated out of Japan.

    The most important thing is that you now are and feel safer there.

    But we should not judge Japanese people just on the ground that they are going along with their lives in Japan.

    Nobody is happy about what happened last year.

    But just a few have the resources and the right conditions to leave Japan for good.
    A lot of issues must be considered: work, family, language, house, existing loans etc…

    Having friends or relatives in a foreign country is a big help for a fresh start. But not everyone is that lucky and not everyone can “market” their skills in a completely different environment.

    With few money you can ill afford a decent accomodation in a decent neighborhood and maybe you find yourself and your family cash-strapped with a temporary job in an poor and unsafe urban area.
    There are plenty of areas in my home country where you wouldn’t want to walk alone.

    Things that many foreigners appreciate in Japan are the honesty of common people, the trust, the lack of drug offenders, the lack of blood-tainted siringes in public parks, the almost absent micro-criminality in the streets.

    Relocating is of course possible when you have no other choice.
    Thousands of people in African countries flee continuously to the borders to escape wars, famine and death.

    But Japanese and foreign residents are accustomed to a different level of life and unfortunately it would take much more damage and disasters to convince them to leave this level of life behind.

    Besides, the government would not be able to forcibly relocate the millions of people of Tokyo even in the event that the reactor 4 pool crash down.

    Most nuclear experts knows and said already that a crash on the 4th reactor pool is a disaster waiting to happen.
    Radiation will become so high that nobody will be able to tend to the other reactors too, which will add to the disaster effects.

    But government will likely only emit a restraint order to not leaving premises for some days. They will maybe evacuate those in Fukushima in a wider radius from the plant.
    But mostly they will raise tenfold the minimum allowed radiation in food, water and air and life and business (as chopped as they might become) will keep going on.

    It is happening the same thing in the regions hit most by Chernobyl’s disaster. Those poor people did not have the resources to leave and they still live there even if ironically some of their goverment’s limits on food radiation are stricter than the Japanese.

    So…you are one of the lucky ones that got out.

    God may help the rest of us.

    If fleeing is a good personal solution, it will not solve the problem of this country.

    The most important problem to me is that – by a combination of tradition, custom, education and history – the Japanese have relinquished their right to control the policies of their own country.
    Decades of job for life, social safety, a solid (not anymore) economy and an education system that rewarded passiveness and rote learning instead of critical thinking, made most people indifferent to politics while ignoring that politics has never been indifferent to their lives.

    This is valid also for many foreign countries, but here in Japan the effects have been stronger. Many people question the validity of the government’s actions but very few think they can do something about it.

    The only way to regain control of national policy on sensitive issues such as environment, energy and safety is to modify the legal system and introduce the possibility of legislation by popular referendum.
    Only then we will be able to bypass the nuclear industry lobby that has replenished the pockets of our politicians until now and steered policy to their goals.

    Fortunately the attendance to the recent mass demonstrations and conferences on the topic of nuclear energy, shows that public opinion is finally changing and becoming more pro-active.

    The only hope is that every adult in Japan will teach his kids that the PEOPLE is the ultimate source and legitimation of any government.
    Politicians are the people’s servants, not the other way around.

    If this happens, then in a few generations we might finally have a government truly representative of the common people interests and well-being.

    Enjoy your time abroad !

    NB. I would like to add one more comment about not looking at the food labels anymore after going abroad.

    I would not relax the tension so much, as there is still plenty of those toxic substances and hormones that have caused and are still causing cancer to an uncountable number of people in most developed nations since the 50’s.

    And give a look at Europe’s newly approved limits on food radiation. It’s scarier that you might think.

  20. I’m happy to read that you’ve left, I’m sorry for everyone else who doesn’t have a way out, your family and friends. I’m wondering, what steps are you taking to detox yourself? And, whatever you’re doing are you seeing results?

      1. kukukrine says:
        December 23, 2011 at 4:05 pm
        Hi MochizuchiYour experience of health state is very valuable. Good link about dryness too. Do you know you can overcome radiotoxicity now quite close to 100%?

        Mochizuki says there is no way to detox but kuku says you can detox 100%. Who is right? I want to detox.

        1. If it was possible, no one would have died in Chernobyl. Maybe better do it than doing nothing, but can’t expect much.

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