Escaped plan 12/23/2011

It’s been a week since I left Japan.
Now it’s honestly much less stressful to live.
No need of taking care about food ,air ,and water.
During this week ,sore throat ,coughing ,pain in my left chest ,runny/stuffy nose ,diarrhea ,fatigue ,headache have been fixed.

Some people say the sore throat and coughing is because of the dry weather ,but that’s a lie.
Here it’s way more dry.

When I came here ,there were still some problems about the internet ,wifi ,and security not to let them detect where I am from IP etc.. but we managed to sort them out.

There is still some problem about bank ,but it will be solved too.

On Monday ,I found a lump on the right side of my neck.
went to a near doc in the town. He said , I got the part of my neck about 3cm above the lump bitten by a bug. My ganglion may have been stimulated by it.
He didn’t even charge me. My nerve might have become sensitive.

At least I’m not dead yet.

went to the city center yesterday. Because I don’t understand any of their language ,it was such an adventure only to take a bus.
I saw a few asian but I’m sure I was almost the only Japanese in the city at that time.had so much fun.
I thought I was walking to the south and south ,but I found myself at the starting point later. I was going

There are so many people who want to escape but hesitating to worry about the job.
I was pretty lucky to be saved by this nicest family.
but if you stay in Japan any longer ,the possible medical cost will be to huge to cover from your salary whatever your job is. What’s more ,you can’t work anymore.
Tepco did not even admit the former leader of Fukushima ,Yoshida got sick from radiation.
Why would they compensate for your medical care ?

You would be lucky if you can die ,just one day.
but cancer is only one of the countless number of the symptoms from radiation.
Death of cancer is the mercy of the angel.
You may think “if you are unlucky ,you get cancer.” but it’s wrong.
The reality is “If you are lucky ,you get cancer.”
Look at Chernobyl.
Hundreds of thousand people suffer from unknown illness ,they became unable to stand still but none of the medical test ,such as blood test or urine test shows any proof of illness.
Their body got old as 50s though they were actually 30s.
All of them died in agony or killed themselves to escape.

Fukushima used MOX. There must be more alpha nuclides around in Tokyo.
The symptoms show quicker than Chernobyl.

Now Japanese are all in the same train.
We know there’s no railway 1km ahead.
Now we are passing on the last bridge.
You don’t know how deep the river is ,but if you miss this chance ,you will no longer have a chance to jump out of the train.
Take it seriously the risk of cesium pollen next spring.

You may think you can avoid it with mask.
I have been suffering from hay fever for longer than 15 years ,but from my experience ,even if I wore a mask ,I can never stop it. It’s only a tiny help.
It comes into your eyes,ears ,and there are a lot of spaces between the mask and your face.

Some people say ,I’m too nervous or it’s wrong to connect everything with radiation.
ok ,so tell me your basis. What makes you think so ?
I have proved the change of the environment solved all the problems of my body.

Some people say ,”I don’t have any health problem in Japan.” you mean we are weak or too paranoid ?
ok ,you may be right.
but remember ,radiation is like bullet.
If you got your foot shot ,you are still alive ,but if you got your heart shot ,you are dead.
It’s just the matter of possibility.I don’t want to gamble my life.
Nothing deserves exposing my life to the risk.




so European !


My language teacher #2.



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