Mutated vegetables

Having the harvesting season, more and more mutated plants are found.

↑ From Sankei newspaper, Ibaraki 12/17/2011.

The man who runs his Soba shop grew these “carrots”.

He is “happy” to find them. He thinks it looks like paper, scissors, rock.

He has no question to serve them at his shop.

↑ Location unknow. Ms.Miwae (79) grew this from her farm. It’s 40cm long. The bottom is split into 5 parts.

She says she has been growing plants for decades but she has never seen a Japanese radish like this.

↑ In Kyushu. (The location is in the picture below.) They grew a tangerine colored half orange and half green. It was harvested in late November. This is a kind of mutation called chimera.






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19 Responses to “Mutated vegetables”

  1. amy rigg says:

    that is very mutant -

  2. john says:

    awesome article

  3. Ken says:

    How likely is Kyuushu to have been affected by the Fukushima reactor pollutants?

    Any amount works? I wonder if we will see similar in California.

    • dbray says:

      very unlikely from reports I’ve seen so far, that Kyushu would have any radioactive wind blowing towards it… prevailing wind actually blows in the opposite direction (towards the west coast of N. America)

  4. Nick says:

    WOW, What is it going to take for the Japanese people to wake up and realize that what is happening to the plants is doing much worse to them !!!

  5. lippy says:

    what a wonderfull world this could be

  6. Vivek says:

    Fascinating. SO it’s all happening right before our eyes. But in slow motion, so that no-one panics.

    It can and will be healed, but Japan needs to SNAP out of it’s US controlled socially engineered prison.

    C’mon Japan, let’s have some divine wind eh? Call up the old gods and goddesses of the earth. This is nothing.

    Massive change is upon you, might as well embrace it?


  7. LibertyTreeBud says:

    We’re looking at our future.

  8. Snoggle News says:

    This is very sad news. I pray for the people in Japan and home somebody will have the courage to speak out against a treasonous government.

    And fuck Israel too. There’s plenty of evidence the Israeli Mossad and Stuxnet virus are behind the massive 9.0+ EQ that caused this whole mess…

  9. Tony C says:

    Strange veggies; hope they’re not being consumed.

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  11. Julian Rose says:

    Please seek a solution to contaminated soil (via radioactivity) by contacting ‘homa therapy’ centres in Europe and USA.

    You can write or

    The ancient Ayurvedic treatments are potent cleansers and should be used to counteract the toxic affects of radioactive pollutants.

  12. krle says:

    that first picture looks like resident evil virus,hidius!!

  13. Patty says:

    This is definite evidence of the effects of radiation on the plants.

    It’s a matter of time before the poor people of Japan will be suffering maladies like cancer.

    I pray that they wake up and protect themselves from this onslaught of continual radiation.

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  15. This whole Fukushima disaster is just really sad. If the vegetables are already mutating like this it is only a matter of time before grossly malformed babies start being born, along with normally healthy people starting to fall sick and die from a variety of cancers and leukemia.

    The scaty thing is that the reactor cores are in full meltdown, literally giving us a working example of the much speculated about “China Syndrome”

    Cleaning up this mess should be matter of in ternational priority and urgency, but it really seems like the powers that govern the world really do not care much at all.

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