Fukushima local government stopped urine test to measure internal exposure

Even though urine testing has been one of the most major way of measuring internal exposure, Fukushima local government decided to abandon the way.

They have been “studying” about urine testing with the National Institute of Radiological Sciences but they reached the conclusion that it is not as accurate as WBC (whole body counting).

WBC requires a facility which costs more than 10,000,000 JPY and can test only 40 people a day.

They therefore have been trying to improve urine testing since June.

The National Institute of Radiological Sciences explained to the Fukushima local government that urine testing needs 1.6 liters of urine to get as accurate result as WBC, also it takes a “long time”.

Anyway, if you would like to have urine test this institution offers you the service.




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