What must be done for melt out

Currently, at least 3 reactors are having melt out.

Even Mr.Koide from Kyoyo University, who has been the most insightful advisory of us says, there is no major risk of explosion as long as the fuel rods are underground.

Tepco announced they started building the impermeable wall on the sea side of reactor 1~4 on 10/28/2011. They say it takes 2 years to build.

However, in Chernobyl, the biggest concern was the explosion underground after melt out.

They put tons of human robots to settle it down.

They assumed if melted fuel touches the underground water vein, it would cause hydrovolcanic explosion so the entire area of Europe would be uninhabited.

Soviet union was also afraid of the contamination of river.

They ended up putting 800,000 people to settle it down and they suffer from severe health damage.

In Japan, everything is concealed and nobody seems concerned about hydrovolcanic explosion and water contamination though it is likely to be going on already.

Though Fukushima had container vessel, now that all of them were destroyed,the situation is similar to Chernobyl.

Roughly estimating,Chernobyl needed 800,000 people.

In Fukushima, reactors 1~6 are in crisis, which means 800,000×6=4,800,000 people are needed to dedicate their lives.

The video below is very insightful.

It explains what Soviet did to avoid hydrovolcanic explosion.

600 pilots died.

10,000 coal miners were put (all in 20s or 30s) into digging the hole under the reactor, and at least 2500 of them died before 40s.

In short, we must pay 6 times more price for Fukushima.

Yes, nuclear is cheap, and environmentally friendly.

  1. This article has several flaws. Chernobyl the main risk they were worried about was it hitting the water pool under the reactor. They managed to sacrifice some people to empty the pool. Then they froze the ground under the pool so it would hopefully not hit the groundwater. Under Fukushima we are led to believe that it’s bedrock under it, I’m not sure about that. Finally the human costs you make are inaccurate.

    We need some information on the meltouts, we know it happened but the only information we get is the temperature of the remaining material in the reactors, if there is any.

  2. Junior Professor Koide sometimes shares the view of the TEPCO and the Japanese government over the severity of Fukushima Accident, apparently.
    Therefore, Koide also shares the view with them that the Fukushima’s total radiation release is still smaller than that of Chenobyl.
    However, with respect, I have to doubt Koide is also biased about the Fukushima’s severity unfortunately.

    An American friend of mine watched American TV reports including those on the CNN about the Fukushima disaster since it started. He knows that the US government has been sending their “best scientists” to Japan to assess Fukushima Accident’s severity, too.

    He was so worried about my safety that he told me to evacuate Japan. But I had to stay in Japan because of my family issues including my pets.
    Many people of the Fukushima “exclusion zone” had to abandon their dogs, cats, cows and horses to die from hunger.
    By the way, as long as there is the means for you to evacuate (new home, new job, etc), Mochizuki san should use them. You can survive and contribute to the Japanese people of future by doing something new, too.

    The American scientists who visited Japan knew since early days that the Fukushima disaster was far more serious than what the Japanese scientists were saying/thinking.
    It is understandable that the Japanese scientists/engineers wanted to deny the severity of Fukushima though.
    But they should not lie to the Japanese public.
    They should face the reality before it is too late.

    About one month ago, I came across with a Youtube clip from the US. A popular American radio-show host Alex Jones (a “conspiracy theorist”?) spoke in the clip “Fukushima 50X Worse Than Chernobyl!” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-9nM3tVeIs). The clip was uploaded on September 28th.

    The clip meant to mean the radiation release from Fukushima was already 50 times worse than that of Chernobyl.
    The popular American host referred to the American scientists who were actually visiting Japan to collect the data on the ground.

    Most of the radiation release of Fukushima may have gone into the Pacific Ocean, I agree. Yeah, the Japanese territory may have been “spared” in a way, I admit.

    However, it does not mean that the severity of Fukushima Accident is better than Chenorbyl.
    The Japanese scientists have to face the reality and the truth before they try to downplay the severity of Fukushima.
    Because of their amateurism, Japan is running out of time now.

    Time doesn’t wait for the corrupt Japanese politicians and bureaucrats. Most of the Japanese scientists have been wasting time, too, appearing on Japanese TV as “experts” to deceive the Japanese public.

    As long as the Japanese “experts” continue their delusional escape from reality, the American scientists can not cooperate fully with the Japanese side to resolve the Fukushima disaster.
    It is the Americans who have the advantage in the nuclear engineering, not the Japanese, unfortunately. The Japanese “experts” have to admit it first.

    I suspect the number stated (“50X (times)” worse) is a very realistic assessment by the American scientists who visited Japan for the research missions.
    No Japanese scientist has the right to reject the American assessment or to deceive the Japanese public.
    They should not try to downplay the severity of Fukushima any more today.

    At least, the American scientists did visit Japan to gather data on the ground here.
    Then, what about the Japanese scientists and “experts”? Most of them were just sitting in their office or in front of Japanese TV cameras instead, weren’t they? 🙂
    True scientists are the very hard working people and they themselves traveled to Japan from across the Pacific Ocean, unlike the Japanese “experts”.

    These arrogant Japanese guys should listen to the American experts first before it is too late.
    The Japanese “experts” will also die because of radiation (like other ordinary Japanese people) if they keep on telling lies the way they did until now.

    1. Pops,

      With all due respect I can’t imagine why you would have any faith in US scientists, and with that being said, I believe I understand at least a part of the reason for your false hope, you watch CNN and thus believe the lie that America is (a) legitimate or (b) interested in helping people.

      1. If your using CNN and Alex Jones as your measures of US knowledge or information on Fukushima your using an automatic failure. Neither are respected and Alex Jones isn’t “popular” by any stretch beyond a very small cult like following.

        Was the disaster downplayed in Japan? Yes. How much worse than Chernobyl remains to be seen. Unless someone has some inside knowledge the US isn’t being allowed into the plant or to have a direct hand in the plant issues.

        50x worse that Chernobyl is probably not possible since there isn’t 50x the fuel material at Fukushima.

        1. Just because you don’t have 50 times the material doesn’t mean it can’t be 100 times worse. Chernobyl didn’t release all it had. Neither has Fukishima. I did watch the Australian version of 60 minutes try to approach the plant. They couldn’t get any where near because of the radiation they were detecting in their car.
          This is a mess and the plant doesn’t have to bigger to make a bigger mess.
          Reactors are not built with the safest design in mind. If they were you could hit them with a 50′ tsunami and they would still not melt down.
          What’s worse is all over the world we have these flimsy reactors with used materials stored in pools that are not designed to store fuel for this long. Reactor 4 should be the wake up call to get this waste put away.
          The next reactor may be hit by a nuclear weapon. They should be designed not to melt down after that. But What then?

        2. Nancy says:
          October 31, 2011 at 10:12 pm

          50x worse that Chernobyl is probably not possible since there isn’t 50x the fuel material at Fukushima.

          Not sure what you are using for data but we have the equivelant to 20 exposed cores. Keep in mind reactor 4 was down for inspection and ALL of its core was being held in the spent rod pool. That is old news. Please revisit the data.

        3. Nancy,

          You are in delusion about Alex Jones. He has a bigger audience than O’Reilly, reaching close 15 million daily. He has youtube documentaries with 150 million hits. He called 911 BEFORE it happened.

          Alex stands for the Constitution. That doesn’t make him a Sasquatch cult member with sexual mutilation rituals where the administering shaman cleans the bloody wound by sucking it.

          Alex has a lot more credibility than ilk like WMD Judy “kneepads” Epstein/Miller the award winning journalist with the NY Slimes.

          He has great guests. And thank god he is not lame stream media.
          You have something against the Constitution?

    2. I wouldn’t trust those American experts as far as I could throw them. I contacted the NCR, TEPCO, the Japanese Embassy and more after the “Event” and told them to use liquid nitrogen to cool the reactors and they chose seawater instead. I told them that liquid nitrogen was used in Three Mile Island and Chernobyl, that it would cool the water cooling the core and that the nitrogen gas released would inhibit explosions by displacing the oxygen. I even told them about nitrogen generation plants, even portable ones, and the industrial quantities used in the food industry to freeze foods and the tanker trucks that would be available to transport it to prevent a meltdown and explosions.

      They chose to magnify the disaster instead of squelch it.

      This disaster is intentional – we look at the losses while they look at the gains. Like how much money you can save on social security by culling the population and how much money you can make by treating fallout induced cancers which no one will be held liable for.

      Every nuclear power plant should have a liquid nitrogen generation plant on site as a back up and fail safe. Think any have been purchased or planned for? I bet they haven’t even mentioned it.

      Why don’t I trust them? I worked at the NRC.

  3. And this is the biggest single concern of Fukushima.

    If I understand correctly, if the very, very worst were to happen, it would be the most massive man-made explosion ever, flattening Tokyo and most of Honshu.

    It would be undeniably apocalyptic, as Kan finally admitted to worrying about and what the most aware, most informed of us had exactly on our minds in those early days, and still now. With almost no one else to understand.

    Thanks for the good work, Mochizuki.

    Real, enlightened がんばって!

    1. Actually, Raul, an explosion is a better case scenario than the slow and/or rapid release of radiation over an extended period of time such as we’ve been experiencing with Fukushima.

      There is more free radiation released in a leakage than an explosion.

  4. P.S.

    Ex-Sandia engineer talks about some of the worst things that could happen in Japan


    That, in turn, would cause a “high-pressure melt injection” into the water-filled concrete cavity below the reactor. Because the concrete would likely be unheated, the reaction created by the sudden injection of the reactor’s ultra-hot content would be immense, he said.

    “It’ll be like somebody dropped a bomb, and there’ll be a big cloud of very, very radioactive material above the ground,” Allen said, noting that it would contain uranium and plutonium, as well as the fission products.

    Should these events happen, the best outcome would be if the winds are blowing east and push the radioactive plume over the Pacific Ocean, he said. “It (the radioactivity) will fall out in the ocean and everything will be fine,” he said.

    The worst case, Allen said, would be if winds pushed a radioactive cloud south toward Tokyo and Japan’s highly populated cities. If that were to happen, he said, the consequences would likely be greater than the 1986 accident at Chernobyl, where an entire area of Ukraine had to be evacuated because of the radioactive conditions that increased the risk of developing cancer.

  5. in fukushima problem is that corium will come out and groundwater level is very low ( sea area)

    therefore danger of further explosion exists in at least 3 cases

  6. u know tepco gave up from the beginning, the Chernobyl thing was different for many reasons, you cite a premise they used which was proven later not to be correct. needed X people part is not as inaccurate as the other commenter said it was & that is the point of great interest that you raised & you should purse, how many are needed VS how many projected to “suffer.” etc. So in the end this article is useful & not similar to the ridiculous articles you sometimes throw up here.

    1. I agree John. It is going to be interesting to see how many people it does take to finish this project.

  7. “So ten to 15 years from now maybe we can say the reactors have been dismantled, and in the meantime you wind up contaminating the water,” Gundersen said. “We are already seeing Strontium [at] 250 times the allowable limits in the water table at Fukushima. Contaminated water tables are incredibly difficult to clean. So I think we will have a contaminated aquifer in the area of the Fukushima site for a long, long time to come.”

  8. Not that I am a fan of Alex Johns but he uses data given by sientists and articles printed by specialists, so stop telling bullcrap about him being wrong or onto some kind of agenda because at least he searched high and lows for those, did you?
    No, you didn’t even propose any alternative or correction.
    Use your own mind and search EVERY newspapers, they all contain some truths burried in the mid of them.
    We are not experts but we should use our common senses and understanding of the past, and the truth shall set you free…
    Only stupid people don’t change their mind or think they know it all.Be humble!
    Of course something is very wrong in Fukushima, are they trying to hide some kind of nuclear bomb factory there?I don’t understand, given their normal professionalism and readiness to take on foreign technics and savoir faire and improve on them.
    How dare they not protect and relocate victims?
    Japonese people deserve better treatment, see how much they gave for their country?How they obey and behave?And in return?
    It is clear now that elites do not value human and animal life form, only money.
    MAMMON his their god, the elites prays to him and they join in their drove freemasons extremists cults!
    They are taught we are too many slaves, that time as come to replace us by robots,so they can continue their excess.
    Soon you will see woman will all be sterile and dead by 40, and so the male slave, only in their prime they are of interests.

  9. Through endeavour humans have learned to distill information to its most basic expression so most efficiently explaint a certain problem to obtain a solution.
    This gives a language of scientific rationalism that encompases such terminology as:
    for every action there is equal and oppsite reaction. In other languages this same expression of cause and effect is termed karma.
    in biblical lingistic is know as you reap what you sow, and so forth.
    The argument being made here is no matter what colour your skin or what sound the words of your language expressed
    there is inherent for us all a certain truth, what we call physical laws that no matter if we wish it otherwise
    they are rules or limitation that we must abide by at least until the creative mind find a way of breaking the rules.
    within the parameters of this knowledge we can create with extreme accuracy, physical materials or events of our choosing, to be the creators of reality.
    The human mind with the gift of higly complex calculation evolves its efficacy and ability by gaining knowledge of complex origin
    using it as a foundation and building upon it gaining further and more complex abilities.
    That being said, we now know with great accuracy the cause and effect, what we are going to reap and the karmik chain of events as a consenquence of this seed.
    But not just this seed, all intentions ever sown by the human psyche now acumulated and expressed is about to collect.
    the human race went all inn, and the devil had the ace of spades.
    The science is clear, we know how it works. In this day in age it’s elemantry and basic knowledge.
    In the back of our minds we all know what will happen next, but the human psyche and ego does what ever it needs
    to avoid facing the truth, to protect itself from going mad and insane, so it can continue functioning.
    The truth of the matter is to hard to face because the reality if so terrible.
    It shows the absoloute arroganse and ignorance of human kind at its fullest, its very poetic.
    the human psyche becomes desperate and seeks refuge in a new belief inside the mind to allow for survival
    even in face of the most horrible condidtion. It clutches to the belief in hope, just have hope.
    The crushing, depressing and last primitive survival method of the diseased human, hope.
    Instead of doing the right things, with good intention and being carefull, careing and loving.
    Doing all the wrong things and the craziest things imanginable to the point where this stupidity and insanity
    leads down the path of absoloute destruction the splitting of the mind into psychosis called hope, to deal with its
    absoloute vile actions.

    I will not make claims here to what is going to happen next, but i think we all know.
    In energetic terms we define the consequential result of chemical and/or nuclear reactions realesing energy
    like in the case of nuclear power, by the fissioning process to a degree a calculable amount of energy is released.
    by the mathematical equations pertaining to the understanding of nuclear processes we can
    calculate and create pretty accurate meassure of the explossion of a nuclear device.
    Some defining terms here are labeled crittical mass.
    the nescecary amount of material needed to produce a nuclear explossion.
    once initiated the amount of avalable fuel limits the expression of the event.
    still there are unknown and unpredictable elements with nuclear technology
    wich are mysterious and still trying to be understood, like neturon behavior and activity.
    i would also like to bring up the reminder of the first nuclear divice called
    the trinity device, labeled such so as to mock the holy trinity of the father, the son
    and the holy spirit.
    scientist detonating the device did not know if the nuclear fissioning process would ever stop
    or keep going, igniting the atmosphere and setting the planet ablaze destroying every living
    organism on the planet earth, but they went forth anyway. in the name of science.
    And the famous quote from Dr. Robert oppenheimer realising what he had done:
    Now i have become death, the destroyer of worlds.
    an estimated 40 years of nuclear material, about 2000 tons at fukushima.
    With this beeing said ill leave it to you to fill in the blanks
    if you have the imagination and mental ability, if not you will probably
    live blissfully ignorart untill the very end, i envy that ability, must be very serene…

    this just an oppinion and it means nothing, its just a bunch of words i happened to put in this perticular order.

  10. All humans have a dual nature variously known as Masculinity & Femininity, Right & Wrong, For & Against, Proteins & Carbs, Anger & Guilt, Science & Religion, Activity & Lethargy/Inactivity, and not forgetting that biggy, Ego and Emotion. This myriad of couplets/dualities/dichotomies represents one’s Past & Future Thoughts, the commonly assumed thoughts/”mental” being only one side of the picture, one’s futurism. The main point about being Activity/Science/Ego is that it is also Under conscienced whereas Inactivity/Religion/Emotion/Conditioning is Overly conscienced. If true and it is true regardless of whether one believes it, knows about it, or not, that means that when a human is active, he starts exchanging his conscience for his ego. Witnesss therefore, “Scientists” as they take up positions of For & Against. One has too much conscience and the other lacking in conscience and we humans “think” that we know everything just because we are able to think. When it comes to Over & Under, they are merely latencies of one another, another reality denied to those who think that thoughts are the end-all, be-all. Meaning? that Over is Under expressed with Under merely being Over suppressed.

    The spread of the “Fukushima Disaster” will be only evident when it spreads all over the globe in “2012” and it just might stop the higher-fivers and the “insurance” salesmen dead in their tracks because one couldn’t be bothered with the other only bothering because, “Eyes gottas makes a livin’, buoss”. We are all in it together, including the “Nuclear Power” salesmen and the “Amerika the Braves”. Watch and witness in order to learn and not react in order to be not overly or underly conscienced. Conscience is not about being Over or Under, it is about being conscious of who we are, humans, those partial-animals/partial-humans who know-eet-all but realises nothing real. That is why we can be “voting” for changes that will never change if only because of what, say, Gandhi observed, “We must [individually] be the change we seek”.

    Now, who would like a new car, house, gadget, position-of-power, “democracy”, “communism”, not forgetting a new wife or hasbeen? Really? You overly conscienced or just under the weather. The solution to a problem lies in its root and never, ever, in its consequence. Hands up those who do not know this reality. Really? Are you a “scientist” or merely another brainless but mindful “hallelujah”. The reality is that we won’t change anything even if it means one’s life. Witness therefore, addicts, be it alcoholic, smoke ingestion, “recreactional” and “official” druggists and chemists, politicians, and the myriad of addictions we are mesmerised into with only the ability to finger-point and nothing else. Change? We couldn’t even change our toiletry habits even if it is going to cost us our Progeny, progeny not being “All are equal” in reality other than all being equally stupid, Stupidity being Dumbness expressed whereas Dumbness is merely Stupidity suppressed. Still spitting venom or is that merely the coughing of blood, one being the latency of the other.

    There can be no change unless and until the individual changes for real and what are we all changing for? For Truth and not merely the truth within one’s Fame, Fortune & Immortality, oka Vested Interest, Truth being The Potential. In order that Truth can be realised, Love, oka The Kinetic, is required, Love being the Expression/Flow of Truth otherwise, Truth is merely an Accumulation. When it comes to Love, however, it is not the love which expects and neither is it the love which demands, those latter two jokers being the inhabitants within [one’s] Fame, Fortune & Immortality. When Love then flows, Joy/Bliss, oka Peace & Satisfaction, is realised. As such, are most, if not all, human activites all for Love or are they merely for the love which expects or demand. The latter two when one has yet to realised the slippery dual nature of the ControFreak-cum-AbandonedNutter. Judge yourself first otherwise, without this fundamental platform of Truth, we have zero means of judging others, the joke being that once one has successfully judged oneself, Others will not longer exist because then, Others are also Oneself too. All are in this together, be it “Fukushima” or other even more pressing realities. One reason why The Nuclear Option is not deployable other than The Digital Option which is being deployed everywhere you happened to ‘Fink About Eet. How about the “News” for starters with “Carbon Emissions” for lunch followed by The Chosen Few for dinner. Humans are truly dumb if only because we were, and will be again, stupid too. “Charity Begins At Home” because there is nothing constructive nor destructive that one could wage upon another without having done the same to one self first. Without one single exception.

  11. Be advised – this is not a blog about Alex Jones (who is WHO exactly?) – please stick to the topic at hand.

    Perhaps this Jones individual you refer to has a blog of his own where you can go debate his relative merits?

  12. The analysis seems to be in rough agreement with that of Dr. Helen Caldicott,except her opinion is much more sever actually. Dr. Calidicott has been intensely studying, writing and speaking about the nuclear disaster for at least 35 years. I trust Dr. Caldicott’s analysis.

    By the way, the nuclear reactors produce depleted uranium, which is used for American and NATO weapons. This may be the real reason for nuclear reactors. Way back in the 1970’s good economic analyses were done, and nuclear power was not cost effective. One could only conclude that reactors were primarily for the depleted uranium to be used in war.

    A thoughtful analysis can conclude that humans are not advanced enough for nuclear power. We will experiece many ice ages (and asteriod hits) during the “life” of these deadly materials. Can we protect ourselves from them for the next 100,000 years – I would say not possible. In the foreseeable future the earth as we know it is doomed to horrible mutations and billions of cancer deaths. Human kind are an evolutionary disaster. But we ust keep on trying and a solution may be found.

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