Two sludge disposal facilities workers had sudden death within 2 weeks.

An emergency citizen’s conference was held on 10/24/2011.

It was a discussion about how to deal with the radioactive debris and sewage sludge from Fukushima.

In this discussion, the fact that two sludge disposal facilities workers died all of a sudden only in two weeks in October was leaked by a worker at a sewage farm in Chiba.

No further information was added, but sewage sludge is known to be very radioactive.

Because it is too high to deal with normally, Japanese government gave up controlling it.

Radioactive waste which is lower than 8,000 Bq/Kg is treated as normal garbage.

Chiba is one of the worst hot “prefectures”.

It is easy to assume the sludge disposal facilities were severely contaminated.

However, none of the related news has been reported, we didn’t even know the situation is so serious.

We hope more workers leak honest info by taking advantage of any chance.


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