News: Interview with a Fukushima citizen

There are still people remaining in Fukushima.

I got to make contact with them and managed to ask a couple of questions.

Because it is a very delicate issue, I could not ask very deep questions, but it was very intriguing.

(Via Twitter)

Me: Nice to meet you. Do you feel anxious to live in Fukushima city?

Ms.G: It might look strange for you, but it is very normal inside of Fukushima city. Everyone lives normally but we always talk about radiation. We actually feel uneasy – very vaguely. However, we end the conversation to say “Tomorrow never knows” all the time.

Me: If your close friends evacuate from Fukushima, how would you feel?

Ms.G: Actually one of my friends has evacuated to Kyoto with her 2 kids. My favorite pasta restaurant shut down and evacuated too. I want them to evacuate if they can. But in my case, my daughter has an infant. Evacuation is impossible financially.

Me: Do you eat local food?

Ms.G: I buy food from local farmers directly. One of my coworkers has young kids, and he says he does never give them local food though. Me, I tell everyone that I don’t care,but actually I feel anxious vaguely.

Me: Has anyone become sick?

Ms.G: As far as I know,everybody’s fine. Just some of them suffer from insomnia since 311.

Me: In 10 years from now, how do you think Fukushima will be ?

Ms.G: 10 years..I don’t think anything would change in Fukushima city, maybe just do decontamination? I actually gave up trusting the local government. They won’t do anything for us.

Me: Do you want the world to know something?

Ms.G: I personally think the technology of decontamination must be studied before they start nuc power. Just now I got an email from my friend. She got divorced. A lot of the families are having a problem about if they should evacuate or not.

Me: So you think decontamination is possible?

Ms.G: I think it’s “necessary”. I do try to decontaminate my surroundings, but it costs too much. Why do we have to do that on our own expense? Geiger counter costs bunch of money just to know how dirty our garden is, and rip off the lawn that we’ve been taking care of for long time. We even must buy high-pressure water sprayers to wash the walls of the house. Nobody pays for us. Don’t know who I should be angry for.

Me: Some people say “fresh” radiation keep falling down so decontamination is useless. Would you try to decontaminate then again?

Ms.G: They say Fukushima city government has finally started to making the plan of decontamination. But I can’t wait for them, so I will do it by myself. I will keep washing the walls, digging the lawn, getting rid of the branches of the trees. We will do everything we could do.

Me: What do you expect the government or local government?

Ms.G: I don’t expect anything from the government, but expect a little from the local government. However, I’m totally disappointed at the current mayor so will try to de-elect as of October. I hope it will change anything even if it’s a little.

Me: Would you like to add any other things?

Ms.G: I would like more people to know divorce rate is spiking up. I guess even Tepco didn’t predict it.

Me: How do you think you can solve the problem?

Ms.G: It’s the home mortgages. A lot of the husbands are hesitating to evacuate because they’ll have to keep paying for the home mortgage with no income. I wish banks would stop loans while they are evacuating so it becomes easier for them to evacuate.

She is a typical type of the citizens to have decided to remain in Fukushima.
For my impression, she often used the term “vaguely”, “money”, and lawn and stuff.

The world is overwhelmed the potential / current impact of the Fukushima disaster, but they still keep stuck with the problem of money, and refuse to accept the brutal reality.

I’m do not mean to speak ill of them but I found them very different. What did you think?

What would you do if you were in her shoes?

You might be in her shoes next year actually.

From Fukushima to Tokyo, mutated creatures are found.

In Tokyo, They caught 3 rats. 2 of the rats have deformed tails and 1 of them has a deformed leg.

Pink katydid was found in Chiba.


In Chigasaki, Kanagwa, they found thousands of fish dead in Chonokawa / Sennokawa for 2.5 Km.

From the research of the local government, there was no chemical material of change of Oxygen amount in water. A passerby found dead at 7AM of 10/2/2011


Radiation does not cause only cancer. It also causes troubles of mentality and intelligence.

When Fukushima exploded, some people told me I had radio phobia and that most of the people died of suicide in Chernobyl. Stress is much more harmful than radiation.

However, it is explained that radiation causes mental or personality disorders.


[Radiation] exposure symptoms are published in technical papers only when statistically [valid results are] shown; [that’s why they] make such a big deal about technical papers.

In medicine, a mild case of mental disorder is not accounted if the medical care is not required even though the disorder is recognized. The brain experiences the mental impairment caused by thyroid dysfunction frequently, but the case can often go unnoticed and unaccounted. However, that doesn’t mean it’s non-existent. The statistics is valid if a fully symptomatic thyroid cancer which no doctor would misdiagnose and its cause is pinpointed to radiation exposure. Live or die, existent or non-existent, etc., if the symptoms didn’t meet the evaluation criteria, it’d lack the statistical validity. How would a mild joint deformity be accounted statistically? It is one of radiation exposure disorders.

If a hormonal secretion decreased due to an exposure, it would follow that sexual characteristics become less apparent and, along with body height and weight, lower the past statistics. If one waited until then and tried to cure the illuness, there would be no going back. Simultaneously, the mental ability decreases, along with random antiblastic synapses, [the patients’] characters become abnormal. If they appeared young, would it be normal?

The Bq/kg of Cs distributed in the organs of children died of the exposure is published. It’s clear that Cs remains in thyroid in a high concentration when I goes away and intervenes with thyroid functions. Rather, Cs in muscles is low. High in adrenal. Again, hormones. That radiation causes cellular deaths and therefore a death, that ICRP model, is not useful as it’s only works in cases such as atomic bomb explosion.

Mental ability is not the only thing that becomes compromised. [An increase in] secondary infections to start with, and many things can happen. Here, talking about Tokyo now. It’s evident that platelets are decreasing as blues are frequent. The reason lymphocytes are increasing is because antibody production is being compromised, and at the same time lymphocytes are dying after phagocytosis of microscopic particles, and as a result, there is an increased number of people with swollen lymph nodes caused by a large mass of dead lymphocytes. This is supported by an increase in infectious diseases against which antibiotics are not effective and by a sharp increase in obstinate inflammations of mucous membranes. One numeric value that is a result of diabetic testing allows an inference of the shortened life cycle of erythrocytes. Even erythrocytes without cell nuclei, its membrane-binding proteins go through changes due to exposure. Without awareness, surely, the effects of radiation is apparent. Frighteningly, a brain does not notice its own abnormality.

Consider this, the researches took places as there were patients with symptoms, by searching for the cure, by searching for the cause during the time of Koch [Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch] and Kitazato Shibazaburou without previous publications or clinical researches. Doctors who question whether there are published studies are in actuality exposing that s/he doesn’t know what it means to be a doctor. There are signs [that suggest the cause of symptoms] everywhere.


Symptome radioaktiver Strahlung werden in Fachzeitschriften nur publiziert, wenn sie statistisch nachgewiesen sind; deswegen wird so ein „big deal“ um die Fachzeitschriften gemacht

In der Medizin wird ein schwächerer Fall einer geistigen Störung nicht berücksichtigt, wenn eine medizinische Behandlung nicht erforderlich ist, auch wenn die Störung erkannt wurde. Das Gehirn erfährt oft geistige Beeinträchtigungen durch eine Schilddrüsendysfunktion, aber die Fälle werden oft nicht bemerkt und nicht gezählt. Das bedeutet jedoch nicht, dass sie nicht existieren. Die Statistik wird als valide betrachtet, wenn ein Schilddrüsenkrebs mit allen Symptomen, die kein Arzt fehldiagnostizieren könnte und wenn es sich genau nachweisen lässt, dass die Ursache radioaktive Strahlung ist. Leben oder Sterben, existierend oder nicht existierend etc., wenn die Symptome und die Evaluationskritierien nicht übereinstimmen, mangelt es an statistischer Validität. Wie kann man eine schwache Missbildung statistisch berücksichtigen? Es ist eine Störung aufgrund radioaktiver Strahlung.

Wenn eine Hormonsekretion vermindert ist, aufgrund einer [Strahlen]exposition, dann würde dies zur Folge haben, dass geschlechtliche Charakteristika weniger offensichtlich werden, ebenso Körpergröße und Gewicht, niedriger als vergangene Statistiken. Wenn man bis dann wartete und die Krankheit zu heilen versuchte, würde es kein zurück geben. Gleichzeitig werden die geistigen Fähigkeiten vermindert, ebenso zufälliges Auftreten von wachstumsanatagonistischen Synapsen [antiblastic synapses], der Charakter [des Patienten] entwickelt sich anormal. Wenn sie jung erscheinen, wäre das normal?

Die Bq/kg Cäsium, die in den Organen von Kindern verteilt sind, die aufgrund von Strahlung starben, wurden publiziert. Es ist klar, dass Cäsium in hoher Konzentration in der Schilddrüse verbleibt und wenn Iod verschwindet und in die Schilddrüsenfunktion eingreift. Cäsium in Muskeln ist ziemlich niedrig. Hoch in Adrenalin. Wieder, Hormone. Dass Strahlung Zelltod verursacht und deshalb den Tod, das ICRP-Modell, ist nicht nützlich, da es nur in Fällen wie beispielsweise einer Atombombenexplosion anwendbar ist.

Geistige Fähigkeiten sind nicht das einzige, was beeinträchtigt wird. Beispielsweise kann es zu sekundären Infektionen kommen und viele Dinge können passieren. Hier sprechen wir nun über Tokyo. Es ist offensichtlich, dass Blutkörperchen abnehmen, da Schwermut häufig auftritt. Die Ursache dafür, dass Lymphozyten zunehmen ist die, dass aufgrund der beeinträchtigten Antikörperbildung und gleichzeitig Lymphozyten nach der Phagozytose mikroskopischer Partikel sterben und daher gibt es eine erhöhte Anzahl von Personen mit geschwollenen Lymphknoten, die durch eine Menge toter Lymphozyten verursacht werden. Dies wird unterstützt durch eine Zunahme von Infektionskrankheiten, gegen die Antibiotika nicht wirken und durch einen starken Anstieg hartnäckiger Entzündungen der Schleimhäute. Ein numerischer Wert aus den Ergebnissen einer Diabetestestung erlaubt einen Rückschluss auf einen verkürzten Lebenszyklus der Erythrozythen. Sogar Erythrozythen ohne Zellkern, die Proteine, die sich an die Membran binden, werden durch Strahlung verändert. Ohne dass man sich dessen bewusst ist, sind die Effekte der Strahlung offensichtlich. Erschreckenderweise erkennt das Gehirn seine eigene Anormalitäten nicht.

Wenn wir dies berücksichtigen, so fanden Untersuchungen statt, weil Patienten mit Symptomen da waren, man hat in der Zeit von Koch [Heinrich Hermann Robert Koch] und Kitazato Shibazaburou nach den Ursachen geforscht, ohne vorherige Publikationen oder klinische Studien. Ärzte, die fragen, ob es publizierte Studien über die aktuellen Strahlungsexpositionen gibt, zeigen, dass er/sie nicht weiß, was es bedeutet, ein Arzt zu sein. Es gibt überall Anzeichen [die die Ursache der Symptome nahelegen].

그 통계, 논문, 그리고 논문을 취할 수있는 유일한 종이이기 때문에, 잘못을 노출, 나는 소음을합니다.
의학, 정보, 의료 의료 과실과 실패의 가벼운 감소가 필요하지만, 사용할 수 없습니다, 통계되지 않습니다.
지능은 두뇌의 갑상선 기능 장애를 감소하는 것은 자주 발생하고 있으며, 감소의 지능을 예고 많은 사람들이 있는데, 통계를 복용 아무 의미가 없습니다. 그럼에도 불구하고, 그것은 아니하지 않습니다. 당신은 명확하게 방사선 소스, 갑상선 암,하지만 거기 어떤 통계를 결정 의사 실수를 식별할 수 있듯이. 죽고 사는, 당신이 질병 기준이 더 통계를 받아도 같은 필요가 없습니다, 통계 取 Remasen.
약간 찌그러진 관절, 무엇 어떻게 통계를 얻으려면? 노출은 또한 변형 공동 질환 중 하나입니다.
호르몬 노출, 높이와 무게 모두에서 낮은 성장의 분비의 감소가 적은 역사 통계보다 경우.
그것을 잠깐 만요, 치료 시도는 원래 되돌릴 수 없습니다. 정보도 동시에 줄일 수있다, 시냅스의 성장을 억제 무작위가, 비정상적인 성격입니다.
그냥 젊은 보이는, 올바른 보여?

Bq CS 란 / kg가 아이들의 장기에 더 이상 노출되지 않습니다 배포가 작성했습니다. 높은 농도의 갑상선에 남아 CS는 갑상선 기능을 방해가 분명 것을, 심지어 나 손실됩니다. 오히려 근육에 고사의 작은 금액입니다.
부신 분비도 종종. 이것은 또한 호르몬이다. 방사선의 죽음에서 세포 죽음의 ICRP (방사능 보호에 관한 국제위원회) 모델은 그냥 것처럼 원자 폭탄은 도움이되지 않습니다.
지능은 유일한 악화될 수 없습니다.
모든 도쿄 이제 어떻게, 그리고 다음, 보조 감염을 포함. 그 사건은 증가 멍에서 볼 낮은 혈소판입니다.
즉, 작은 입자로 백혈구의 식세포 뿐만 아니라 악화 항체 생산 후 백혈구의 수를 증가하는 죽은, 죽은 백혈구의 결과로 더 부은 림프절을 증가합니다.
그것은 감염의 증가는 효과적인 항생제 아니라는 것을 통지하는 것입니다, 우리는 그 내막의 염증에 극적인 증가 내화물을 참조하십시오. 당뇨병의 측정값에서, 그것은 추정되는 적혈구의 수명.

또한 더 붉은 혈액 세포 핵, 노출, 멤브레인 바인딩된 단백질, 그들은 변화하지 않습니다. 도 인식하지 않고, 물론 노출에 의해 영향을받습니다. 그것은 끔찍합니다, 뇌 이상은 뇌의 신경되지 않습니다.

The county which went through, Russia is hesitating to visit Japan as well.

Russian museum cancels exhibition in Gunma over nuke concern

MAEBASHI (Kyodo) — An exhibition of glass artworks from Russia’s State Hermitage Museum that was scheduled to open in eastern Japan has been cancelled over concerns about radiation contaminating the showpieces amid the ongoing nuclear crisis, according to the Japanese museum.

According to the Museum of Modern Art, Gunma, in Takasaki, Gunma Prefecture, the Russian museum asked them to call off the exhibition that was planned to open in December, saying the exhibition site is close to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, which has been crippled since the March 11 magnitude 9.0 earthquake and ensuing tsunami. The Gunma museum is located about 210 kilometers from the plant.

The exhibition has already been held in Hokkaido and Tokyo and is slated to open in Okayama Prefecture in western Japan.

The Gunma museum said it has asked the Hermitage museum to reverse its decision, telling them that the radiation level in the prefecture is as low as in Tokyo but to no avail.

The Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum, the venue for the exhibition in Tokyo, is located about 230 kilometers from the crippled plant.

“We have no other option but to cancel the exhibition, because we cannot borrow the installations. We are very sorry to those who were looking forward to it,” said a Gunma museum official.

(Mainichi Japan) September 28, 2011


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