News: Contamination has become 5 times worse than 3 months ago

According to an NGO,「FoE Japan, there are extremely contaminated hot spots in Fukushima city.

They detected 300,000 Bq/Kg of cesium 134 and 137 in the worst place,and some other places became contaminated 5 times worse than 3 months ago. (9/14)

They also measured 150,000 Bq/kg beside an after-school.

Professor Yamauchi assumes contamination might have been condensed, but they haven’t proved it yet.

It might be more rational to think new cesium fallen off in these 3 months.

They have been trying to decontaminate radiation, but ironically, contamination is getting worse and worse regardless of the new business called decontamination.

If decontamination is possible, people would have gone back to Chernobyl years ago.

We mustn’t be deceived by their new propaganda, “decontamination”.


<Addition 10/8/2011>

Detailed translation.


Elevated Cesium in the Fukushima City limits—some sample points higher than 3months ago-NGO

東京電力福島第1原発事故の影響を調べているNGO「FoE Japan」などが5日、東京都千代田区永田町の参院議員会館で会見し、福島市内で高濃度のセシウムに汚染された地域があることを明らかにした。
NGOs, such as “FoE Japan”, that had been investigating the effects of TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi accident met in Sanin Giin Kaikan in Nagatachou, Chiyodaku, Tokyo on Oct. 5th and uncovered the facts about the areas in the City limits that were contaminated by high concentrations of Cesium.

According to the NGO, the investigation took place on September 14th by contracting Prof. Tomoya Yamauchi of Koube University Graduate School (Radiation Engineering) and soil sampling was taken from 5 areas in Oguraji and Watari, Fukushima City.

The result showed that the highest samples exceeded 300,000 Becquerel of Cs 134 and 137. Compared to the results from 3months ago, some samples’ concentrations were more than 5 times higher. One sample collected by a nursery school building exceeded 150,000 Becquerel.

These areas had been known to contain “hot spots” already from the [past?] investigations done by Prof. Yamauchi, et al. He pointed out “the time passed concentrating Cesium, and in some areas the contamination was getting worse.” He pleaded “removing mud or washing off were not good enough to lower the levels in some places. Firstly, evacuate children and pregnant women, then removing asphalt and concrete, etc. should be considered.”



Erhöhte Cäsiumwerte im Gebiet Fukushima City – eine Proben weisen Werte auf, die höher sind, als vor drei Monaten – NGO

NGOs wie zum Beispiel „FoE Japan“ [Friends of the Earth], die die Effekte von dem Unfall in TEPCOs Fukkushima Daiichi verfolgt haben, haben sich am 5. Oktober in Sanin Giin Kaikan in Nagatachou, Chiyodaku, Tokyo getroffen und Ergebnisse über Bereiche innerhalb der Stadtgrenzen offengelegt, die besagen, dass es hohe Cäsiumkontamination gibt.

Nach den Aussagen der NGO fand die Untersuchung am 14. September durch den dafür beauftragten Prof. Tomoya Yamauchi der Koube University Graduate School (Radiation Engineering) statt und Bodenproben wurden in 5 Gebieten in Oguraji und Watari, Fukushima City genommen.

Die Ergebnisse zeigten, dass die höchsten Werte 300,000 Becquerel Cs 134 und 137 überschritten. Verglichen mit den Ergebnissen von vor 3 Monaten, waren einige Konzentrationen mehr als 5-fach erhöht. Eine Probe, die bei einer Kinderkrippe gesammelt wurde, überstieg 150,000 Becquerel.

Diese Gebiete wurden bereits durch vergangene Untersuchungen von Prof. Yamauchi als „hot spots“ bekannt. Er wies darauf hin, dass „mit dem Verstreichen der Zeit vergeht, die Konzentration an Cäsium höher wurde und die Kontamination schlimmer“. Er forderte, den „Schlamm zu entfernen oder wegzuwaschen genügt an einigen Stellen nicht, um die Werte zu erniedrigen. Zuerst sollte man überlegen, Kinder und Schwangere zu evakuieren, dann den Asphalt und Beton zu entfernen.“.





  1. Anyone with half a brain could have foreseen that the contamination would only get worse. If you have a pot (3 pots in this case) burning on the stove the smoke is going to spread everywhere. This is why you COVER it! They should have been more aggressive to provide some sort of covering over these reactors but now it is too late, the damage is done.

    All the efforts by people to remove contaminated topsoil and cleaning are 100% pointless (no purpose) and only further contaminate the people. It is of no purpose because the contamination keeps coming from the Daiichi site. It is like standing with a hair dryer trying to dry the ground when it is raining. Pointless.

    The handling of this event in EVERY aspect has been a complete failure and only served to show how corrupt, evil and incompetent Japan officials are. Also the people of Japan should be ashamed for how naive they are to believe a corrupt government, corporation and media. I am ashamed of my Japanese heritage.

    1. yea exactly… if u cant use water on a fire u smother it. yet in this case such was needed was boron poured in swiftly and a steel cement containment vessel to be build around the whole surroundings. at this time they could be pumping or containering or whatever to remove most of the spent fuel… im sure with all our great inventing crap someone has to know how to create an afterburner of some sort that could be fuel by these nasty shit chem”s these crackers are playing with… my grandfather told me he would not live to see it but i may.. and that is watching what we know as life on earth go to turmoil chaos dispair and distraut starving dehydrated people everywhere cringing in the filth and rubble our so called leaders are coralling us to… like what the hell nukes and crap… geez we have micro hydro damm”s wind vains solar panels like what the hell…. they could atleast clean up the crap them damb plastic makers made over there… put that shit in theyre fuel cells and burn around in theyre ricers……

  2. It WILL be little different anywhere else,it IS little different anywhere else.

    Denial,Obfuscation etc.

  3. It is natural for people in shock to go through denial. It is also natural for humans who go through serious trauma to require support and care. No one has been through a tripple disaster like this before. First a serious earthquake, minutes later an ENORMOUS tsunami and then the meltdown.
    Of course TEPCO, the governments (and there have been many over the many years TEPCO was able to run the business the way they did) and the people of Japan have all contributed to this situation.
    Please also remember that the nail that sticks up is hit down. It is tradition. A tradition still alive and well. 
    Don’t call these excuses. They are facts of Japanese life.
    Construction has been big business linked to the old boys. It is logical for huge industries spanning many generations to re-label their service. Now it’s reconstruction.
    Follow the money…. nothing has changed.

    One more, very important issue in the Japanese psyche is that they cannot leave.

    There are a few who could, and have, there are some who are working on leaving, but for most it is not an option.

    Simply bashing the Japanese people is thoughtless and ignorant.
    Did you experience the earthquake and countless tremors? Did you experience the tsunami in all its horror? Did you experience the devistation that occurred? Did you experience not knowing if you could go outside or if you were being melted in your own home? Do you experience the sheer horror of not knowing if you are contaminated and if so by how much?
    Do you live with the daily horror of not knowing what is safe to eat or drink or whether or not everything not in a can or imported is contaminated?
    Do you fear the rain?

    I understand it is a perfect opportunity for change in Japan, but the old boys still hold the purse and the culture remains strong. People are damaged by these events. Psychologically, physically, emotionally traumatised. 

    Academic, intellectual, conceptual theories may be logical but can you facilitate them through the average Japanese traumatised mind?

  4. Not to appear trite but this reminds me of the pink bath ring in ‘The Cat In The Hat’. It got bigger and messier the more they tried to clean it up. What a shambles!

  5. The milking of plant beyond it’s depreciation lifetime,an established hypothetical best practice abandoned so as to turn more profit like there is no tomorrow.

    They succeeded,there is no tomorrow.

    When will this problem be recognised as the failing of corporatism?
    The day after tomorrow?

    It’s like Mr Gundersen mentions,it can happen everywhere and it does.

    And why is it allowed to continue?
    The shareholders,those contriving promotion,and those who’s ability to control their own destiny has been reduced to Zero.

    The drive to have more than everyone else by those who contribute the least.

    To set the majority into Kamikaze roles.

    It could happen anywhere and it does,this is the problem and the nuclear industry isn’t anything special.

  6. Of course the cesium levels will continue to climb. The breakdown is so slow, and the output continues. This is not just the fault of some greedy corporates. The fault trickles down to every one of us. Our own personal growing consumption of the products they produce(electricity)is what drives these. If nobody bought the electricity they generate there would not be
    a use for the nuclear reactors. So think about that every time you just have to have that newest electrical gadget, toy etc.
    Your own constant need to consume more power is every bit a part of the problem.

    1. Sorry, but that doesn’t quite cut it.

      It’s the industry and the military that have the greatest demand on electricity. In addition, if working hours for everyone were cut to more reasonable hours of 4-5 hours daily, work spaces would also need less electricity.

      BTW, personally I do not have a car, a TV, any of the new Apple gadgets. Currently I do not even have a cell phone.
      But even if I did, I do not appreciate the attempt to put the blame back on the people.

      The blame rests with corporations and with the military, especially in the US.

  7. MX draws very close to the truth here. The real crises that needs to be overcome is the question of capitalist production in toto.

    The productive process, what we decide that we need to produce,the costs upon our bodies, humanity’s needs or and the environment we live in , cannot be conducted within the capitalist economic framework….We must begin to realize this and begin to demand and formulate that economic decisions, productions systems and the decisions as what and why we need to produce…..become dominantly made be the actual workers, whose live are the ones really affected…in production…only then can a new social and holistic ( if you will) social reality, begin to have the room to breathe and grow.

    How long will it be before we realise that capitalism is economically incapable of re connecting us with our lives and real needs….Any “progressive” role or capacity played historically by it …has long since past. It now and for the last 100 years lays like an albatross…

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