Breaking News: Neutron ray measured in Tokyo

Neutron ray was measured in Tokyo.

This is the screen shot of the moment when they measured it in a car, around Toranomon, where is near Tokyo tower.(10/18/2011)

Before 311, average neutron ray was 4 nSv/h.

After 311, it’s 464 nSv/h (116 times higher than before 311).

Neutron ray is emitted from Uranium 235.

In one of the worst hot spots in Chiba, Kashiwa shi, citizens detected Uranium 235.

It was right beside a bench in Matsuba daiichi kinrin park.

10/11/2011 9:40 AM ~ 10:30 AM

1.2 m high from the ground

  • Background 0.372 μSv/h
  • 80.0 keV, Unsorted type of radioactive material = 254 Count
  • 191 keV, LEU(low enriched uranium = 180 Count
  • 594 keV, Cs-134 = 221 Count
  • 655 keV, Cs-137 = 208 Count

15 mm high from the ground

  • Background 0.628 μSv/h
  • 30.2 keV, Cs-137 = 621 Count
  • 188 keV, LEU(low enriched uranium = 156 Count
  • 594 keV, Cs-134 = 467 Count
  • 654 keV, Cs-137 = 412 Count

In Kashiwa, even from the height of 1.2, they can measure Uranium 235.

They are all scattered on the ground and they all emit neutron ray.

Here is the video of the moment when they measure neutron ray.(In Tochigi)

Neutron ray can not be measured by most of the Geiger counters.

and it’s way more harmful to human body.

According to the worst pro-nuc safety standard ICRP60:

  • Tumor risk: 3~200 times higher than gamma ray
  • Possibility to shorten your life by cancer: 15~45 times higher than gamma ray
  • Genetic transformation: 35~70 times higher than gamma ray
  • Chromosomal abnormality: 40~50 times higher than gamma ray
  • Genetic impact for mammal: 10~45 times higher than gamma ray

This is why I warned that dosimeters makes you blind.

There have been a lot of the cases such as nosebleed, fatigue (bura bura disease), immune trouble etc..

They have been labelled as “harmful rumor” because “air dose” is too law to cause those symptoms.

However, this measurement of neutron rays makes everything clear.

Fear is always in the blind spot.

Now Uranium 235 is all around in Tokyo, which came from MOX with Plutonium.

They keep emitting neutron ray.


  1. Thank you for chasing this down Mochizuki-san… how will the people ever be safe as long as the governments keep allowing this? People need to be evacuated to safe areas…to hell with the economy-we will grow food in clean areas and survive at least. This way? Just stay and ignore? Will generate untold harm to humans, to their children, to their future generations. I think those in power will not be content until 1/2 of earths population are sterile and another quarter are too terrified by potential deformities to have offspring. This is some way to control the population huh?

  2. TEPCO Homer and Japan Government Marge in Bed

    TEPCO Chairmaniac Homer Simpson says “OOPS, we got 3 nuclear meltdowns while I was having my donut. Sorry about that, forgot to fix those problems listed in the fake safety reports years ago.” Japan Government Premiere Marge Simpson (in bed with Homer), says “Oh my gosh! Isnt that very dangerous?” TEPCO Homer Simpson: “Ha ha ha, not to us, because were nowhere near. Only those fools in northern half of Japan will have radiation.” Japan Government Marge: “Oh My? Isnt radiation very dangerous?” TEPCO Chairman Homer: “Its not dangerous at all if your not in northern half of Japan. HA HA HA.” Japan Government Marge: “Shouldnt we worry about all those citizens and kids with radiation all around?”. TEPCO Maniac Homer: “Well we already made our billions and your stupid government is repaying the billions we lost in Fuckushima, so who cares about those losers with radiation?” Japan Government Marge: “Yep, your right, who cares about all those stupid taxpayers, lets just rip them off for tax funds for you dear, and lets not tell them anything about this scary radiation accident.” TEPCO Charmaniac: “Yes, lets just keep this little sceret between us. Lets just tell them the radiation was just a tiny tiny little bit more than normal, and by the way, its not harmful anyway. We always say that lie. HA HA HA. Actually its 1,000,000 times more than we said, but those idiot citizens will never know. And even if they find out, who cares? We already bought off all the politicians.” Japan Government Marge: “Dear, why is that geiger counter in your briefcase with all that money making all that noise? I though you said we were safe here?” TEPCO Chairmaniac Homer: “Duh? OOPS.” as he dies of radiation sickness. Japan Premiere Marge: “Oh my, isnt that cute, TEPCRAPPO is killed by their own crappo. ha ha ha. Oops, whose going to give us all that bribe money now? Honey Tepcrappo, please wake up you stupid fat dead fish Tepcocrappo…”.

  3. This event appears that it can only mean the end of Japan. Perhaps not immediately but once the disease starts to appear from this fallout it will begin to spiral downward.

    When people finally realize the gravity of what has happened it will have been too late. I worry for myself even though I left Tokyo on 3-14. I came back 2 weeks later to pack up my home and leave. At that time I foolishly swept the balcony of my mansion in Setagaya-ku so it would be clean before leaving. I wore a kaze mask but it does nothing. In reality I should have simply used a bucket of water rather than sweeping, to keep the particles on the ground and to wash away.

    I hope that the people of Japan will rise up and take action against EVERYONE who is responsible for this: TEPCO, Japanese government, Japanese media (journalists, reporters, anchors, executives, etc …ALL) and the nuclear industry. This was a traitorous act against Japan and the people.

  4. no wonder polimaster told me back in march there was a world shortage of H3 tubes for the neutron detectors. had to keep that under the rug until people got used to Cs…
    yeah, they lied to us in the beginning, anyone who doubts transuranic and transplutonic elements in tokyo is a)asleep b)unsure what transuranic means c)an ass hat and needs a clear plastic belt buckle for a better view.
    Data is slow in coming but I will be incredibly surprised if my 30kBq/kg sample from a school zone is not carrying in the neighborhood of 200Bq/kg Pu and God knows how much Ur as there has not been a good surrogate relationship established yet.
    Is this good news? in my layman’s opinion, no. Is it bad? Also a layman’s opinion, no worse than the whole picture already published. The fact that we still have measurable airborne Cs in central tokyo is enough reason to consider this place contaminated.
    I still believe with careful food sourcing and appropriate local action, this city can be a safe place to live for those not in dire straights from compensating for the loss of lifestyle already.

    1. Actually, it will not be safe in Tokyo or anywhere that it rains because your watersheds are increasingly contaminated with aerosolized and particalized radionuclide contamination. Internalized radionuclide contamination (through drinking, eating, breathing it in) cannot really be avoided. Unfortunately, internalized radionuclide contamination is cummulative overall and is many hundreds to thousands of times more toxic and consequential than external exposures, even to external sources that are far more energetic or higher in radioactivity. The reason for the invasion of Libya, as willy nilly a NATO event as it was, was for the Great Lakes volume of fossil water (uncontaminated by surface rains, so far, since the Ice Age) with developed infrastructure for access just completed, called the Great Man Made River Project in Libya. For the richest only. This invasion of Libya was planned by the U.S./NATO initially in May (05/01/1986) after Chernobyl 25 years ago, after that “accident” and contamination of much of the European watersheds.

  5. The end was never just round the corner but, every time I get level with the ability to condense, assess, another surprise turns up.

    The detection of 235U should not have been a surprise: plutonium has been accepted as detected in fallout. But, as made clear here, it is not that easy to detect neutrons (mainly because they carry no charge and interact less than the alpha and beta particles).

    This is another game changer. The problem for the authorities is that they could dismiss 131I, because of its short halflife, and 137Cs (and friends) mainly because the public at large is unfamiliar. Plutonium and the transuranides are more of a problem for the authorities should they be seeking to cover up presence of same, because the news media, and the educated public, have more extensive folk knowledge of the presence of Pu in the reprocessing plants, atomic weapons, and other areas.So each revelation proved more problematic for the cover uppers.

    Uranium is a step up though. Almost everyone knows about uranium. Suddenly, you can imagine people saying, URANIUM has been found. The fact that it is a neutron emitter would be lost on the unacquainted, but that matters less because neutron emission to the acquainted is seen as just as deadly as the presence of uranium is to the less educated.

    So, this is a big shock, and irretrievably so.

    This to me has to be the moment when somebody swings into surveys big time.

    That would be a defining moment for Japanese society.

  6. Everyone I know knows someone who has gotten cancer in the last 6 months, and at least two with rare types of tumors. We got heavy doses of radiation (according to computer models) here on the east coast of USA after 311. No one is looking for radiation, but I’m wondering how one would detect “hot” particles and neutron rays. Txs!

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