Tepco to use Windows XP on 48,000 computers connected to Internet until 2019

Tepco plans to use Windows XP until 2019.

It’s on 48,000 computers. These are connected to Internet.


Japanese government has requested to update it for 3 times but Tepco has been ignoring the request.


Tepco states they warn all the employees about the risk and provided variety of the technical measures with their intranet and computers.

Also, the control system on power generating is separated from exterior network, so there won’t be any effect.






You read this now because we’ve been surviving until today.


Français :

Tepco va garder Windows XP sur 48 000 ordinateurs connectés à Internet jusqu’en 2019


Tepco prévoit d’utiliser Windows XP jusqu’en 2019.
Ceci concerne 48 000 ordinateurs. Ils sont reliés à Internet.

Le gouvernement japonais leur a déjà demandé trois fois de se mettre à jour mais Tepco a ignoré ces demandes.

Tepco affirme qu’ils avertissent tous les employés sur les risques et qu’ils ont fourni divers moyens techniques à travers leur intranet et leurs ordinateurs.
De plus, le réseau système de contrôle de la génération du courant est complètement séparé du réseau extérieur, donc il n’est pas concerné.


Vous pouvez lire ceci parce que nous avons survécu jusqu’à aujourd’hui.

  1. It’s OK. They only have to enter a reg tweak, instead of properly licensing Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 for updates til 2019.
    Cost cut. Sorry MS. Check’s in the FAIL.

    1. Lol I didn’t even do that (but it sounds like I probably should), and one of the computers that I use 99% of the time –this one– is still alive and well and has been used for semi-dubious purposes time and time again lol! The other one is more powerful, is newer and thus joins the ranks of the Win7 army. I personally enjoy XP more and grew up with it, so I can kind of understand inEPTCO; however, when the GOVERNMENT (a technophobic body if I ever knew one) suggests that you start using a more up-to-date software, you KNOW you’re in trouble lol. Seriously though, this somewhat highlights the extent of their cost-cutting, in my opinion.

      1. Their spending appears irrationally exhuberant.
        What do they need 48,000 PC’s for, Bitcoin mining?

  2. Lets see. 48,000 desktops consuming on average 140W (for 2005 hardware) 12hrs/day works out to an average draw with all running of 6.72 MW.
    A 24 hour period would see 80.640 MWatt-hours consumed.
    A month’s consumption (30 days) could be 2419.2 MWh’s.
    A year’s consumption could average 29433.6 MWh’s.

    You see, they will not spend any money on more power-efficient Operating Systems or hardware, because they keep wasting it on the electricity bills (etc).

    Cue the Homer –> D’OH!

    1. This whole article is lolzworthy to me for some reason, and find quite interesting the power specs that you posted. I wasn’t even aware that an OS can have an effect on power consumption – is that true?

      I’m still going to use XP, though XD!

      1. For up-to-date comprehensive updated DriverPacks for NT5, find [Nightlies] @ http ://forum.driverpacks.net 🙂

        I still use XP too, but not for internet. For that, i use a linux Live disc.

        1. Here is the appropriate search for the latest NT5 DriverPacks:
          http ://forum.driverpacks.net/search.php?search_id=1690233938

          DriverPacks may be installed to a running system utilizing SAD3.
          Be data safe, and make appropriate backups for any irreplaceable data, at least.
          http ://forum.driverpacks.net/viewtopic.php?id=5336

          HINT: you need DPs_BASE to integrate MassStorage drivers for AHCI, RAID, SAS controllers during the initial textmode.
          http ://driverpacks.net/applications/driverpacks-base/10.06

          Build your image, then use WinSetupFromUSB v1.0 beta8 (tested version) to create a USB thumbdrive with multiple OS support for speedy installs.
          http ://www.winsetupfromusb.com/downloads/

      2. Can the OS be detrimental to power efficiency?
        **Do not use Windows 2000 on a notebook.**
        Note that Win8 (banned from Civil Service in the Middle Kingdom) is allegedly the most power efficient.

        1. Operating Systems:

          Windows 2000 was OK, except for inability to shut it off. Kept restarting itself. No other power related issues, that I recall. The HARDWARE consumed more power back then. And then there were the industrial espionage/sabotage problems with the electrolytic capacitors. Siemens, Matshusita & others were deliberately sabotaging USA computer manufacturers; with defective board level discrete components. What a bunch of AHoles! Caused a lot of grief with laptops for individuals, corporations and governments.

          Bad Karma

          1. On further review, Windows-98 was the OS that would not shut off. Had to wait until the exact right second, in the shutdown sequence and ‘pull the plug’. Win-98 setup asked do you want to use this computer as a PC or a Server. Simple as that, plus an XOver wire, if a server.

            Since then Windows has been selling reduced functionality, instead of improvement. Windows Millinium and Win8.0 were both utterly useless Operating Systems. Win8.0 is not useful for multitasking and is basically spyware. What a worthless piece of DOGSHIT.


            1. Had previously confirmed that on the same hardware, Win2000 consumed up to 100% more Wattage than WinXP for at least one notebook at idle (60W instead of 30W for XP on same HW).

              The recommendation to avoid Win2000 for notebooks is to avoid overheating them, including shortining a laptop’s expected “life-span”.

              1. Is that a general Win2000 issue, or a spike due to background processes? Sometimes Win2000 would ‘Crank Up’ to 100% CPU Processing Resource Use while doing virtually nothing. Not sure what that was about …

                Could possibly crank up a Win2000 server, laptop and maybe a tower; but would have to dust the cobwebs off of them.

  3. I usually have an XP and a Win-7 operating side by side. Win-8 is garbage. Took it off after a few weeks. Useless.

    1. In that case, your Win7 partition is vulnerable from the XP side. Ms is crying loud & far with that too. For XP including XP Mode, it’s all a matter of how long activation servers run, unless one has a (licensed) coroporate edition.
      Prolly best to let XP not have network access, if you don’t mind my humble opine.

      1. XP (NT5.1) doesn’t natively support increased cipher strength included with 7 (or NT6.1).
        Then again, some of the latest malware cannot run on NT5 period.
        Also, some malware remain dormant in virtual environments to avoid “white-hat” sleuths.

      2. 2 separate computers: normally connected to different ISP

        Each with: IE, Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox

        Can USUALLY stay on-line; if the attacks are not too intense. Sometimes some pack of liars; thieves and cheats, (such as Team Nuke, or a government entity) can get quite aggressive.


        Bill Duff

        1. Keep the reader and myself on a “need to know” basis.
          I don’t really need to know anybody’s details.

          Just hoping to support by helping. It’s either that or i support Fukuppy by eating … pussy. 😛

          When access goes sideways, try changing your DNS settings.
          I use primarily OpenDNS (, servers and Google’s DNS (,
          Both offer a speed increase over my ISP’s DNS, which is slow like frozen molasses.

          I hope some of this info is helpful.

  4. Bill Gates is SUCH an Asshat.

    Gates and Microsoft were the biggest (USA) infringers of patents AND the most prolific filers of BOGUS (Troll) patents. Then Gates and several utterly braindead, corrupt politicians VOIDED the USA patent system. The former USA innovation industry was a $10T sector of the USA economy; which has been in freefall ever since. If you need something new; do it yourself. The USA is OUT of that business.

    What a total asshole. IMHPO, ALL of the Microsoft & Gates patents and copyrights should be voided; for FRAUD on the Patent Office and courts. Then to PRISON with the prick; and the Microsoft license to do business in the USA cancelled.


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