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Ecology Food contamination

Radioactive density in tapwater higher in Tokyo than Miyagi in first quarter of 2014

Photo : The campaign of Tokyo Metropolitan Government to drink Tokyo tapwater. They also sell it as bottled tapwater. [URL]   Cesium-134/137 density in tapwater is higher in Tokyo than

Effects to be confirmed Health

Pro baseball player possibly had nosebleed during a game – photo

A professional baseball player was seen with a paper plug in his nostrils during a game on 7/4/2014. The player is Kataoka from Yomiuri Giants. The picture above was posted on

Natural disasters

M5.8 earthquake hit N-E offshore of Japan / Seismic intensity 5 –

The earthquake of M5.8 hit North East offshore of Japan in the morning of 7/5/2014, according to Japan Meteorological Agency. The epicenter was Iwate offshore. The depth was 50km. It

Contaminated water crisis Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Unknown groundwater started breaking into common pool as storage facility of SFP4 fuel

Contaminated groundwater has started breaking into common pool, to where Tepco is transferring the fuel assemblies from Reactor4 pool. From Tepco’s announcement of 7/3/2014, they found groundwater was leaking into