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Ecology Sea contamination

370 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134 / 137 from 5 ~ 6 km offshore Fukushima plant

Photo : Wikipedia   From Tepco’s fish contamination report released on 7/18/2014, 370 Bq/Kg of Cesium-134 / 137 was measured from fish outside of Fukushima plant port. It’s “Okamejei“, a

Misinformation Politics

GOOGLE maps indicates an irrelevant power plant 50km north of actual as Fukushima nuclear plant

Photo : This wrong “Fukushima plant” that Google tells you would not affect Tokyo even if additional explosion happens because it’s over 250km from Tokyo (Actually it would).   Google

Cover-ups Fukushima Plant

Over 1,000 Bq/Kg of I-131 measured from sewage sludge in Northern part of Fukushima prefecture

Photo : Graph of I-131 and Cs-134/137 reading in sewage sludge from Northern part of Fukushima prefecture   According to Fukushima prefectural government, high level of Iodine-131 was measured from

Fukushima Plant Plant hazard Spent Fuel Pools

Reactor 5 pool without coolant system leaked its coolant water

Photo : Leaked SFP 5 water before pumped up.   According to Tepco, SFP 5 (Reactor5 Spent Fuel Pool) leaked its coolant water on 7/19/2014.   Unidentified water was found