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Natural disasters

“Strongest level” typhoon NEOGURI may hit Fukushima plant area on 711

↑ Satellite imagery at 17:30 UTC 7/7/2014   According to Japan Meteorological Agency, “very strong” typhoon NEOGURI may hit Fukushima plant area on 7/11/2014.   The central pressure is 930

Effects to be confirmed Health

Cesium-134/137 detected from the body of 20 citizens in Kashiwa city Chiba / 11 are under 6 years old

On 7/3/2014, Kashiwa city of Chiba announced they detected Cesium-134/137 from 20 citizens.   Kashiwa city government supports the citizen under 18 years old and pregnant women for a part

Contaminated water crisis Fukushima Plant

Preceding “frozen” water wall not frozen over 2 months – Video

Following up this article..   Preceding frozen water wall hasn’t worked since April [URL]   Related to this article.. Fukushima worker “Frozen wall was originally designed to stand with clay

Fukushima Plant Plant hazard

Tepco no clue to reboot coolant system of Pool of Reactor 5 / Gaining time by emergency measures – Photo

Following up this article..   Spent fuel pool of Reactor 5 suspended for coolant system failure / Tepco “We have 9 days to go” [URL]   On 7/6/2014, Tepco announced